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From the pick-up event on March 5.

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More Hidden Heroes in the South End….

Neighbours appreciate work of cleanup crews

Kathy Torhjelm, The Daily News

Published: Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A group of South End residents walk daily along the south end of Haliburton Street and we have been delighted with the work done in clearing the sidewalks of debris and making them more walkable.

It is wonderful to live in a city where all the neighbourhoods are taken care of and we would like to thank the city workers for a job well done.

Kathy Torhjelm



And a reminder that we’re having a litter pickup on March 5.  Keep reading down for more info…..

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The snowfall this past winter really got in the way of our efforts to keep the neighbourhood clean.  So, we’re planning a Litter Picking Bee on Saturday March 5

We’ll meet at Gino’s Tree (Milton and Irwin) at 10 AM, fan out and work in small teams for 2 hours, and then return to a social BBQ once we are done.

It’s a terrific way to meet new neighbours and feel good about cleaning things up….!

So pencil in march 5 for now and we’ll remind you closer to the date.




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