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Officials consider dog-free park areas
TAMARA CUNNINGHAM Tcunningham@nanaimodailynews.com 250-729-4230
Nanaimo Daily News
8 Mar 2013

Nanaimo city officials are calling on residents to weigh on in potential dog-free parks in a new survey released this week. The City of Nanaimo recently launched its annual dog park survey to test the public appetite for its growing network of pooch…read more…

I am posting this b/c it talks more about the survey I posted about a few days ago (read below or in the article for the link to the survey.)
If you want to have Deverill Park looked at, this is your chance to have your voice heard.
(Grumbling later to people who can do nothing will….amazingly….not get you where you want to go….:)

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The initial paint lines have been drawn for a water pipe upgrade project on Irwin Street between Farquhar and  Milton.  It’s still budget dependent and nothing will happen for certain until after Aug 10.  If it’s a go, plan for 4 weeks of construction.

At the same time, Parks and Rec have requested that the yellow concrete blocks at Irwin and Milton be removed and that a cul de sac bulb with grass and curb be installed…woo-hoo!

While the water main work is being carried out on Irwin, Parks is planning to work with Engineering to build a trail along the Deverill Square Park frontage on Irwin and to upgrade the parking along the Irwin Street park edge (including the creation of 4 universally accessible stalls).

If you want to see a copy of the plan, click here.


Deveril Park improvements are complete for this year and we hope that they have been enjoyed by the neighbourhood this summer.  However, parks is still considering small public art projects including  new murals on the washroom building murals.


Sunday Morning Soccer is one of Deveril Park’s newest additions. Last Sunday, the Gillespie Street Gang waged a mighty and valiant battle against the Irwin Street Eagles!!!  Fun was had by all!!!  Remember, we play the first and last Sunday of each month at Deverill Square Park at 10 am sharp!  We play for about 45 minutes.  All ages and skill levels are welcome.  We’re here for a good time!!  For more info or questions, contact Ed at fernville  [at]       telus.net

Expecting some burly bully footballers?   Remember, we're the South End...inclusive and we play well with others!
Expecting some burly bully footballers? Remember, we’re the South End…highly inclusive and we play well with others!


At the Balmoral Hotel, the old strip club bar has been done a total “about face” and now houses offices for Income Assistance and the Homeless programs, which are now operating.   Plans are now underway for the next phase of renovation–tenant suites.


Local sign guy James Younger recently headed to the corner of Bowen and Labeaux  to install a thermometer sign to track the funds donated to the Haven House Society. He’s one of the many workers, contractors and suppliers that have dug deep into their pockets to make this building happen.
James figures his volunteer efforts were worth about $100 and has invited others to  top his offering.  “If there is one cause we should all get behind and that is to end violence of all kind. The Haven House fund raising effort is almost 1/2 the way to it`s $1,000,000 goal. Let`s make it happen together.”

Robins Gardens engineers have contacted the city as they begin to work on drawings to ensure that the ultimate site (now 8 lots) has proper drainage so both the trees and buildings will be safe.  Still a long way to go, but in progress.


The condo development at 119 Haliburton is in the working drawing/pro forma financials/getting financing phase.  Baby steps, but heading forward.


Welcome to Matt Baker, who is our new resident RCMP bike cop.  And best wishes to Cam Thompson who is settling into his new position in Prince Rupert.  (And a “you’re not getting away from us even tho’ you’re in PR now” to Anne Thompson, our blogging expert who helps us out here when we trip over our own technology..:)


IPI is rumoured to be moving their glass operations to Duke Point, at least temporarily.  Click here to link to the article in the Aug 1 Nanaimo Daily News.



Thanks to our resources:  Park Planner Kirsty McDonald,  Heritage/Community Planner Chris Sholberg,  Development Approval Planner Gary Noble, Christina Martens from the CMHA, Norm Abbey from Nob Hill, James Younger, and Ed Chan.

If you would like to comment, just click on the title and the complete article along with a comment box will magically appear…:)

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Neighbourhood Plan Delayed

In light of the current economic situation, city officials have been pouring over their budgets, trying to get as much for their dollar as possible.  One of the possible budget lines on the chopping block was the 2 neighbourhood plans slated for this year.

Now we’re not really sure about those other guys, but we believe that there is NO neighbourhood in the city undergoing as much change as the South End right now.  A neighbourhood plan will:

  • Allow us to plan for less light industrial and more residential.
  • Give us the clarity to get involved in issues like wharf lands development.
  • Help us better partner with downtown to deal with safety issues and Nicol Street improvements.
  • Ensure that if/when the Sandstone and Cable Bay developments south of town ramp up, we won’t become the default high-traffic corridor to downtown.

So we sprung..er, sprang to action (dictionary.com says both words are good, so we did both..:)  SECA board member Pat Portsmouth presented our case to City Council on March 16, and our board members attended council meeting on March 23.   Pat reminded them that: 1) we’ve been very busy since we applied for the plan back in September 2007,  2) that we’re ready to go and that 3) we’re a thrifty bunch of volunteers.  She and board Vice Chair Gord Fuller have been lobbying to get the votes we need from council to stay on the budget for this year.  We’re optimistic…as usual…!

News coverage:

South-End Residents Want Promised Plan

Thanks to Matt Hussman at the Downtown Nanaimo Partnership for writing a letter of support for our plan.


Deverill Square Park Improvements


You may have noticed some upgrades to the washroom building at Deverill Square Park.  The Parks Recreation and Culture Department has been working to make them safer and universally accessible. The upgrades are nearing completion.

In addition, families in the South End can look forward to a new tricycle trail and spray park for summer 2009.   Underground works will begin this April while paving and above ground work will be completed by June 15th (in time for the warm weather and Miner’s Picnic).  The conceptual water park design and elements are pictured below.

Parking and road end upgrades along Irwin Street are also planned for fall 2009.

~Kirsty MacDonald
Parks and Recreation


Omni Foods Moves To South End

Omni Building

The building at 106 Fry Street has been spiffed up and now houses Omni Foods.  Omni Foods warehouses and distributes a wide variety of food items to convenience stores including Shell, Husky, Esso, Gas n Go, and the General Stores and Markets.

Originally located on Boban Road, they outgrew their former location and moved to the South End in December.  Welcome to Barry, Donna, Dave and the rest of your staff, and thanks for the great reno job!


Nanaimo VIPs attend SECA Meetings

We’ve been really fortunate over the past few months to have some great resource folks attend our meetings and give us updates.  We’d like to say “thanks” to:

  • Chris Sholberg, who is our neighbourhood plan expert
  • Dave Laberge and Cameron Thompson from the RCMP, who have attended the past 2 meetings to give us updates on their efforts
  • Matt Hussman from the Downtown Nanaimo Partnership, who has been keeping us abreast of their activities
  • MLA Doug Routley, who dropped in in February
  • Councillors Fred Pattje and Jim Kipp, who were great resources at our March meeting.

We know it takes extra time for you to come and attend, and we are really grateful for your ongoing support in the South End!


Haliburton Loses a Bit of Traffic

Two houses containing illegal suites at 45 & 47 Haliburton Street were the source of inspection by the fire department, leading to tenant evictions.  As well, the RCMP executed a search warrant at 47 Haliburton St on March 18, resulting in the arrest of numerous individuals and the seizure of drugs, money and weapons.

Links to news articles:

From the Nanaimo Daily News:

Hazards prompt fire chief to evict downtown tenants

Evicted tenants scramble to move :Fire department orders occupants to vacate dangerous illegal suites in downtown home

From the Nanaimo News Bulletin:

Tenants forced out of unsafe Nanaimo rental suites



Fencing Guys Not Impacted by Recession!

Once upon a time this whole part of Esplanade had shrubs and was a problem area that attracted litter and vagrancy.

This fence has been recently installed; going all the way from the harbour truck entrance at Crace and Esplanade around the corner at Front Street.

Dog inspecting new fence just before christening it (if you know what I mean!)


Laneway Clean-up Started

A small, creative group of folks met a few weeks ago to talk about the problems in the lane between Nicol and Haliburton Streets (200 block.) Five property owners took up our invitation to meet with a few SECA Board members, our Bylaw officer, Bill Kiselbach, and Chris Sholberg and John Horn from the City Planning Department.

As happens so often here in the South End, the discussion dealt with a very tough issue with loads of cooperation, good sense, empathy, creativity, and even a measure of fun!  The group will begin forming a more detailed plan in the next few weeks, including both short- and long-term ways to deter drug-related activity in the lane.  Look for some aesthetic improvement very soon!

Thanks to John Cross for providing the meeting space!

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stairs11What’s Missing from this Picture?

If you guessed the  problematic stairs at Deverill Park, you’re 100% correct.  Plus, the newly extended fence will allow the  “At Play” paintings to grow around the perimeter of the park.

According to Kirsty MacDonald of the Parks & Rec Dept: “Parks is looking forward to finishing the playground improvements for summer use including installing a new spray park, paving a tricycle path around the play area and improving the site furnishings.”

Arlene On You Tube

You might have guessed that also missing from the picture is Arlene,  our red-jacketed regular from the corner of Milton and Haliburton. She’s featured in a video on You Tube titled “Gutsy Mama”.


No word yet on whether she’s been asked to used her pad of paper to sign autographs!

New By-law Enforcement Officer Bill Kiselbach

billMost of Nanaimo’s by-law enforcement officers work all over the city, but there are a few areas where a dedicated officer is located.  One of those areas stretches from Comox Avenue in the north to Milton Street in the south, and includes downtown, Nob Hill, and parts of the South End and old City Quarter.  Bill Kiselbach took over the position of “downtown bylaw officer” earlier this month and works out of the Community Policing and Service Office located at 18 Victoria Crescent.

Bill’s job is to ensure that Nanaimo’s by-laws are abided by: that buildings, residences, and public areas are safe and being used and maintained in the way they were intended.  He patrols public areas.  He assists property owners who request help for the removal of squatters from their property.  He assists the police and other agencies during investigations of nuisance properties and grow ops.

Then there are the more complicated situations where by-Laws and city departments work in tandem. For example, Bill works with the Engineering and Building Departments around new building construction, and he deals with illegal suites and houses that may be deemed unsafe.

I asked Bill to list the top issues he’s been dealing with over the past month.  He said:

“Every day is SO different!  But what I see most right now are issues involving property maintenance, such as garbage all over yards.  The other one is squatters – people on city or private property that have no legal right to be there.  I try to spend about 1.5 hours daily in the downtown parks and parkades, being the eyes and ears for the police.  If I see something illegal, I’ll call them.”

So, Bill, when people have a specific problem in their neighbourhood, who should they call…the city department or by-laws?  Either is fine, according to Bill.  The downtown Community Policing and Service Office intends to make things easier for downtowners and south enders to report problems that may be straddling both city by-laws and the law.  If you aren’t sure who you should be calling, the Community Policing and Service Office will channel your call through to the right place.  You can reach the Community Policing and Service office at (250) 753-3777 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Bill, we know that if nothing else, you’ll NEVER have a dull moment working in the South End!  May EVERY day continue to be different!


Speaking of Community Policing, the new Director of the Downtown Nanaimo Partnership, Matt Hussman, attended the February SECA meeting.  He moved here a little over a month ago from Washington DC, and is trying to get a handle on the most critical issues in the downtown area.  One of the biggies is safety.

To that end, they they would like to hear from people who are living/working in/around the downtown area, or people who walk to downtown on a regular basis.  They’ve created a survey; we’ll bring some hard copies to the next SECA meeting.  Or you can e-mail Sharon Welch and she will send you one: Sharon.Welch@nanaimo.ca

Are you a Green-thumbed Organizer?

Tucked away in a sunny corner beside the Princess Royal family centre is a little patch of heaven…well admittedly there are one or two weeds…ok, quite a lot of weeds actually…but the point is we have an uncultivated treasure, an oasis of hope, a symbol of renewal, crying out for a firm hand on the plough!

A brief history:

  • the garden has been around for many years and was originally cultivated by John McKay and other teachers at the school.
  • It was briefly an exercise yard  for Maggies’ goats, who demolished all available greenery but were a big hit with the kids.
  • Eileen Bennewith, community nutritionist, took up the mantle when VIHA took over the school and did a power of work to get it going and incorporate it into the community kitchens program.
  • Various SECA members have chipped in and helped out, Signey Parkin in particular, but what has been lacking is one or a few local residents  to really take the project on.

The purpose of a community garden is to provide local residents who perhaps have no access to a garden with an opportunity to share in the production and harvest of fresh organic produce at a fraction of the cost.  The Princess Royal Family Centre lease the garden and make it available to local neighborhood residents to develop as a community resource.

We have a possible benefactor in the generous form of Helen Phelps who owns a shop called “Dream With Me” downtown on Commercial.  She has offered to fund the purchase of various plants and seeds and SECA has funds available also. If you’re interested or would like more information, please come along to our next SECA meeting at 7pm on March 4th at Princess Royal.

Amber Alert!

Missing….one of the neighbourhoods more colourful characters!  We don’t think that she would leave the South End on her own and without a fight.  We say that because she has no arms, legs or feet..:)  We’re talking, of course, about one of our Art Bins, which if you’ve been paying attention, are starting to pop up all over the place.  Except one of them seems to have been bin-napped from Sandra’s Head-to-Toe Salon.

We won’t show the photo of it here, because it might simply have been an error in judgment, someone thinking that the bins are there for the taking, and we don’t want to embarrass you.

Serena Omm, who will calm your fears and eat your garbage at the same time.  A true multi-tasker.

Serena Omm, who will calm your fears and inhale your garbage at the same time. BREATHE deeply now...all is WELL!

Eye-leen: she sees all, she knows all, she eats all.

Eye-leen. She SEES all. She KNOWS all. She EATS all.

So let’s take a moment and tell you HOW the Trashy Art Bin project works.  While many of the original bins were generously funded and created by residents, not everyone is in a position to buy their own garbage can.  So with some much-appreciated support from the City of Nanaimo, and some generous donations of paint and time, we’ve (SECA) moved to buying bins for people to

Ernie the Environmentalist.  Comes with photo of Dr David Suzuki.

Ernie the environmentalist. Comes with photo of Dr David Suzuki

FOSTER.  That means we own it, and you look after it. We provide you with a chain so it doesn’t wander off.  If you and the bin don’t hit it off, we’ll find another home for it.

So far, all the bins that are painted (including these) are either hanging out around the South End or getting ready to go to their new foster homes.  But stay tuned…we hope to have a few more colourful personalities ready for the NEXT newsletter!

And if you WOULD like to foster a bin, call Sandra at 753-1394 to get more information.

Balmoral Update

Fresh off the press, from the Feb 27 Nanaimo Daily News.  Click here.

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Never a dull moment in the South End…as they say, and 2008 has been no exception. My sincere thanks to the SECA Executive and the many members of the association who have been so very generous with their time and efforts on behalf of the association. As you can see from the list below, it’s been a busy year and we have continued to grow in the scope and reach of our many activities.

2008 15th Annual Miners Heritage Picnic

Our marquee event was as big and successful as ever, sponsored by local business that contributed close to $5000 that paid for a wonderful day for south end children and families.

Chase River Estuary Park Day

S.E.C.A continues to promote public awareness and use of this lovely park. Our annual celebration includes guided walks, “fishing” in the river for smelt and family bbq

Litter Campaign

SECA is tackling the litter on our streets in three ways. Our annual litter pick up, sponsored by the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange, is a one day large scale community clean up which annually collects an amazing amount of trash from our streets and lanes. In addition we have instituted a monthly, (last Saturday of the month) pick up for approximately one hour, with local restaurants hosting our breakfast gathering and then disposing of the litter collected.

Thirdly, the Art Bin Project continues to grow and develop. A recent community painting day has added a further 12 bins to the ten already located throughout the neighborhood. It’s a great little project that just keeps growing…

The SECA monthly Newsletter

Many thanks to Barbara and Larry for all their hard work in producing such a fabulous on-line newsletter and community blog. This project has really revolutionized the way we connect and share information in the neighbourhood and beyond. We also produce a hard copy for the non-computer savvy that is available at various locations in the neighbourhood

2008 South End Election Blog

The South End Community Association hosted an on-line forum for prospective mayoral and council candidates in the lead up to the recent civic elections. This innovative strategy allowed South End voters to pose questions to candidates regarding issues of concern to us. It was an excellent process that informed the voting public and raised our profile as a neighborhood association with the new administration. Many thanks to Anne Thompson and Barbara for their great work on this project

Balmoral Hotel

CMHA and VIHA amended their plans for the old Balmoral Hotel following widespread opposition within the neighborhood to locate the Living Room at the site. The neighborhood came out in force and was duly heard. Thanks to Councilors Diane Brennan, Merv Unger, CMHA and VIHA for responding to our concerns and we look forward to supporting and sharing in the success of the new social housing project.

Deverill Square Park Improvement Project

This project has been the cornerstone of our efforts to build upon our strengths and resources as the best way to address the social problems that persist in the neighborhood. Thanks to tremendous support from the City, the project is now well under way with new equipment being installed, floodlit soccer and lacrosse most nights of the week, $10,000 donated by the Gyro Club towards the project, $50,000 by the Rick Hansen Foundation, other fund raising pending. Many other upgrades in and around the park are planned, including a redevelopment of the Irwin / Milton barrier with a possible art installation and community bulletin board. Thanks to Kirsty MacDonald for all her efforts on behalf of Parks and Recreation.

Beer and Burger Fund Raiser

Our second annual fund raiser for the association was held just last weekend at the old Jolly Miner, now the Filling Station, and raised an astonishing $1500 dollars for the association. They have both been great events, bringing together the neighborhood as well as raising invaluable funds for the association. We are now required to carry insurance for the association at an annual cost of approximately $700, so this kind of fund raising is increasingly important.

S.P.A.C. Grant

SECA applied for and received $2000 from the City to support our activities in the neighborhood. This has been placed in our general revenue account and has contributed to recent art bin costs as well as other administration costs so far. We now have a healthy balance in the account and we can afford to fund some new projects that support our mission.

S.E.C.A. T shirts and art cards.

Yvonne vander Kooi’s Haliburton Street inspired image adorns the new and extremely popular SECA “T” shirts that have been selling like hot cakes. $20 for a T shirt and the cards sell for $3. See Sandra for details.

R.I.P. Gino Sedola

Gino passed away a couple of months ago and is sadly missed by many of us who cherished his friendship, wisdom and encouragement. He was a great champion of the South End, was enormously proud of his neighborhood, and spent his life giving to the community in a way that can inspire us all. SECA plans to honor his memory by planting a tree in Deverill Square Park

Looking Forward to 2009

Neighbourhood Plan

Subject to final council approval we will shortly be embarking on a formal neighborhood plan for the South End. We have been working towards this for many years and it is a unique opportunity for the neighborhood to shape a vision that will guide planning and development in the south end for many years to come.

Drug Problems

The number one concern in the neighborhood is the entrenched street level drug activity which has anchored itself in the alley between Nicol and Haliburton. SECA is committed to working closely with the RCMP and the City to address this complex problem. We are interested in hosting a forum of property owners and residents who live adjacent to the lane with a goal of addressing some of the physical characteristics of the lane that contribute to the problem. Thanks to the RCMP and By Law Services for there continued support. Our job is to continue to strive for the kind of neighborhood that promotes pride and caring as the best way to deter this kind of activity.

International Paper Industries

This company and its expanded recycling operation continues to create an intolerable noise and air pollution for those that live adjacent to it. SECA plans to renew our efforts to seek some redress for these problems in the New Year.


Wednesday January 7 at 7 PM. Princess Royal Family Centre.

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Deverill Park Update


Kirsty MacDonald, Parks and Open Space Planner for City of Nanaimo Parks Recreation and Culture Dept reported in on the playground progress:
…safety surfacing for the playground [was] installed Thursday November 13.  The playground [was] open for play right after that.  We will be back in the park early 2009 to install the spray park and trike trail.

On a related note, we’ve been hoping to create a neighbourhood island at the intersection of Irwin and Milton Streets (where the barricade is). Douglas came up with the brilliant idea of planting a tree there in memory of Gino Sedola.  Kirsty’s response was:

The idea of planting the tree and creating a neighbourhood node of information at the road closure at Irwin and Milton is doable.  We can’t do [a] bench (we no longer have a memorial bench program) but certainly trees, art, and a bulletin board are possibilities.

Engineering is planning utility upgrades along Irwin for 2009 and the node at the road closure and accessible parking for the park along Irwin will be completed then.  So, it would not be an immediate opportunity, but certainly one for next spring or fall.

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It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of a fine gentleman and one of the south end’s greatest champions.  Gino Sedola passed away after a courageous battle with cancer, a battle that he fought with the quiet dignity that characterized his life and made him such a great friend and neighbor to so many.  Gino was immensely proud of the fact that he was born and raised in the south end and he was happy to pass his last years back in his old family home and in the neighborhood that he loved.

Gino served on city council for 14 years and later on the board of the Harbour Commission.  As an alderman of the city, Gino was rightly proud of his contribution to the development of the down town waterfront and Sway-a-Lana lagoon.  Gino was in the vanguard of city councilors who acted on behalf of the environment in this city.   Gino was an artist, studying at the Emily Carr School of Art and a dedicated teacher throughout his professional life.

Gino was a great friend of the South End Community Association, supporting our many projects and events and providing invaluable guidance and encouragement along the way.  When the old house “Fernville” moved from Esplanade to its new location on Irwin and Milton, he and Leona hosted a wonderful neighborhood celebration.  The evening summed up everything that was important to Gino about living in the south end.  An important piece of our unique heritage was saved, a wonderful new family was welcomed to the neighborhood, and the street was packed with south end residents, enjoying the spectacle and each others company.

Gino probably wouldn’t enjoy all this attention and the many tributes that have been made to him.  He was a kind, humble man, incredibly generous, and a great citizen of the south end.  Gino was our quiet leader and we mourn his loss deeply.  Our very wishes go to his family.

We’re hoping to plant a tree in Gino’s honour in Deverill Park.

Douglas Hardie, SECA Chair


Click on this link for a touching tribute that describes more fully Gino’s impact on Nanaimo, from the October 29 Nanaimo Daily News:

Nanaimo’s Gino Sedola will not be forgotten


If you’d like to leave a comment, just click on the title of this article.  You’ll see the complete article along with a section where you can post a comment and read posts left by others.


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If you haven’t stopped by Deverill Park lately, you’ll be in for a surprise.  The new playground equipment being installed is spectacular.

We’ve received final drawings from the city for the new 35 unit development at 119 Haliburton.  So it looks like construction should begin as planned after Christmas.


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New Condo Starts on Haliburton

CMC Engineering has received preliminary approval from the city for its five-storey condominium project, The Aurora, at 119 Haliburton St. Construction could begin after Christmas. The project, originally planned as a 24 unit building, was presented at a SECA meeting last fall as 30 units, and now adjusted to 35 units. You can read the Nanaimo Daily News articles by clicking on these links:

Condos could revitalize Haliburton Street

Tapping potential of south end has started


Deverill Park refit Underway


The washrooms in Deverill Park are lonely, now that all the playground equipment has been removed.   The new equipment is here and should be in place this fall.

The Gyro Club has generously donated $10,000 toward park development.  A huge THANK-YOU from all of us in the South End!


The Neighbours of Nob Hill installed their new playground equipment this past weekend, with 35 people showing up to help.  Well done!


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There’s so much happening in the South End, and sometimes as an association, we feel a little run off our feet.  So we spent part of the September meeting, stepping back and taking a look at what’s important and how we’re doing. Six categories of SECA activity were suggested and we all gave our opinions on a scale of one to ten on the importance of each activity and how well we thought we were accomplishing these tasks.

Here are the priorities (in order):

1.  Activities that shape our future

Rank:  9.5

Includes the upcoming Neighbourhood community plan, on-going relationship development with elected officials, city staff, RCMP, local groups, etc.

1.  Activities that beautify, and display the character of the South End

Rank:  9.5

Includes Art in the Park murals, heritage displays and efforts, Artbins, Deverill Square Park entranceways (upcoming)

2.  Activities that entertain

Rank:  9.25

Includes Miner’s Picnic, Estuary Day, Deverill Square Park playground (upcoming),

Community picnics, and Beer & Burger nights

3.  Activities that focus on neighbourhood improvement

Rank:  9.2

Includes the annual litter pick-up, monthly mini-litter pick-ups, Artbins, Deverill Square lighting/ usage by sports teams (new)

4.  Activities that inform and educate

Rank:  8.5

Includes the new newsletter & weblog, planned sessions/information on safety, nuisance properties etc, new civic election Q&A forum

5.  Activities that advocate

Rank: 8.3

Specific advocacy issues have included: public forums i.e. Safety Forum, Balmoral/Living Room issue, IPI noise problem, Coastland Hog Burner problems

Even the lowest priority still received a high ranking from an importance standpoint.

We’ll review how we’re doing in these areas as well as specific feedback comments at the next SECA meeting on October 1.

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