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  1. Introductions
  2. Financial Report
  3. Minutes
  4. Neighbourhood Security – D. Laberge
  5. Miners Heritage Picnic – update
  6. Robins Grove – update
  7. Recycling Plant – proposed new location
  8. Nanaimo Arts Council – presentation
  9. Chalk Festival/’Happy’ Videos
  10. Other Business:
    Tea Wagon
    Scotch Broom
    Safe Neighbourhood Brochures
    Culture Day
    Rowe House Welcome Event


1. Introductions: Judy Nielsen – Nanaimo Arts Council, Victoria Drakeford – Robins Grove and David Laberge were present to speak on different topics.

2. Financial Report: The Treasurer reports the following balances:

  • Picnic Account – $4,882.93
  • General Account – $1,508.77

The estimated cost of the picnic is $7,022.60 including all fees and insurance.

3. Minutes: Procedures for approval and publishing of Minutes were restated. Minutes of the General Meetings are approved by the Executive and then published to the SECA Blog.

4. Neighbourhood Security – D. Laberge
Constable Laberge updated us on the following:

  • The Patricia has re-opened under new Lease. Mike Sargeant remains the owner of the building.
  • There is a pending sale of the Jolly Miner to be finalized in about a month. Tenants have already received notice to vacate.
  • Property crime is increasing throughout Nanaimo due to many new residents. The North End is experiencing this increase also.
  • Drug Houses continue to be targeted. Residents have been removed from a problem property on Finlayson.
  • He reports that the Suneymux’ new Chief has contacted Police regarding problem areas on Eton and Robins Streets. The RCMP will make this area a focus over the next month.

In discussion it was suggested that:

  • The new owners of the Patricia should be invited to attend a General Meeting to become aware of our group and it’s goals.
  • Attention was called to the overgrown condition of the lot behind McDonalds. As it is their property, the RCMP will request that they clear it.

5. Miners Heritage Picnic – Update: Donations continue to come in with most Donors matching their usual contribution.
Volunteers are still needed to:

  • pick up the orange drink/urns from McDonalds
  • pick up/return Recycling Bins from the NRE. This job can be handled by a full size pickup truck. A volunteer is urgently needed for this important task.
  • If no one is able to get the NRE bins, a volunteer/s is needed to manage bottle/can separation and to monitor/empty the on-site garbage receptacles. The volunteer will be compensated by the Deposit/Return money.
  • bodies to help with set-up (7-8:30 a.m.) and tear-down after the event.
  • A volunteer to pick up articles for the Silent Auction from the LaRocque residence.
  • Maggie Woueerloot is taking responsibility for Signy’s Pet Parade this year. Participation Ribbons cost approx. $60 and permission to purchase them was requested. Approved by concensus.

At the picnic, an Art Bin Project will be held in the Art Tent area to refurbish a number of existing bins and hopefully paint some new ones. More locations are also needed for bins. C. LoScerbo will take charge of this activity. Quality Foods Corporate will be supplying all the food for both the Pancake Breakfast and the Laura Ramsey Memorial Tea. Thanks to S. French for facilitating this. We are reminded that Salads will be served instead of Pot-Stickers as a health-concious alternative.

6. Robin’s Grove Update: Victoria Drakeford, the landscape architect working with the group developing Robin’s Grove, attended the meeting. V. Drakeford, D. Hardie and C. LoScerbo have met with the new Project Manager, at his request. He would like to attend one of our Meetings to hear our ideas on how the Project can best fit with Neighbourhood plans. V. Drakeford informed us that efforts are being made to preserve the unique plantings and trees on the Site and to incorporate them into the overall Site Plan. She also indicated that a major re-thinking of the project is presently underway. The building currently under construction is scheduled for fall completion.

Several attendees felt that a dedicated walkway to the downtown core would be a welcomed feature as it would link the areas and promote exploration by visitors/cruise ship passengers. The possibility of incorporating a Community Space was raised and those present were in agreement that this would be another positive and welcomed inclusion.

7. Recycling Plant Location: The developer is considering the Richardson Food site on Victoria Rd. Just past Kal Tire. This site is in the South End neighbourhood. The Claytree Society, with its Special Needs clientele, feels increased traffic to the proposed site would endanger its clients as there is no traffic light at that intersection. The currently proposed new location would also increase traffic at the other end of Victoria where the promised light at the intersection of Victoria Rd., Hwy 1, and Haliburton St. has still not been installed. The dangerous nature of this intersection and the poor sight lines there are cause for ongoing concern. Increasing traffic to this area would only exacerbate the problem.

It was suggested that a Protest be organized to get the attention of the M.O.T. focused on this issue. This possibility will be raised again after the Miner’s Heritage Picnic.

8. Nanaimo Arts Council: Guest, Judy Nielsen, attended to inform the group of current changes under consideration for their organization. They are working to engage more fully with the community to promote the Arts in Nanaimo. To facilitate this goal, they are seeking to relocate from North Town Centre (the old Rutherford Mall) to a more central/active site and are currently exploring options.

Several sites in our area were suggested to her as possible venues: 55 Victoria Rd., the vacant Treasure Island store on Haliburton and the site beside Robinson Rentals, also on Haliburton, were brought to her attention. A possible collaboration with our group to share space was also suggested by attendees. It was suggested that the Arts Council could be a presence at the Miner’s Heritage Picnic to give information to the public on this initiative. Questions were raised regarding the possible support of funding organizations such as Canada Council, BC Arts Foundation, City of Nanaimo, etc.

9. Chalk Festival/’Happy’ Videos: A Chalk Festival Event will be held in September in co-operation with Bayview Elementary School. The event will welcome students back to school and will include a bouncy castle and other activities to provide a fun first day of school for the children. Paula Beltgens encouraged those present to undertake “Random Acts of Chalking” over the summer to beautify our sidewalks and show pride in our Neighbourhood. To facilitate this, a recipe for home-made chalk will be posted on the blog. An initial Happy Video has been created and can be viewed on our Blog to encourage participation by community members.

There are 3 ways to participate in this fun activity:

  • Produce videos at the Miner’s Heritage Picnic and/or Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
  • Contact the Blog to gather participants for a video
  • Submit a video you have done to the Blog.

10. Tea Wagon: It was suggested that the Tea Wagon could participate in the Bathtub Parade. Our SECA Banner could be carried by neighbourhood children, who have little opportunity to participate in a parade, providing a memorable childhood experience. It was also suggested that costumed characters from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party could march along, showing our Neighbourhoods fun, community character. The opinion was expressed that the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is a small event and should not grow too much.

11. Scotch Broom: The Scotch Broom infestation was called to the attention of the group and people were encouraged to tackle any “Broom in Bloom” on their properties before seeding occurs. In discussion solutions were asked about – were there any organized attacks on the problem planned. None were brought forth.

12. Safe Neighbourhood Brochures: Kathy Torhjelm brought the new Nuisance Brochures, printed for us by the City, to the meeting and presented them to those present. She will bring a supply of the brochures to the Miner’s Heritage Picnic for distribution to the public.

13. Culture Day: Judy Nielsen reminded the group of “Culture Day” coming up at the end of September.

14. Rowe House Welcome event: The possibility of providing a BBQ or other event to welcome the young residents of Rowe House to our neighbourhood was again presented. This will go on the Agenda for our next meeting.

8:20 pm – Adjourned

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More on Art Bins

Special ‘art bins’ help deal with litter woes in south-end neighbourhood

Abuse threatens the innovative community-led solution that has helped brighten up neighbourhoods

Robert Barron, The Daily News

Published: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Click on title to read the whole article.

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The steady proliferation of brightly coloured art bins throughout our neighborhood has been a joy to behold. Currently there are upward of 30 bins spread throughout the neighborhood and beyond. The bins have brought some much needed color and vibrancy to the neighborhood as well as making a huge difference to what was once a chronic litter problem in the south end. Recently a number of “art bin minders” , (those of us who host the bins and regularly empty the trash) have been troubled by the tendency of some residents to misuse the bins for regular household garbage, cat litter and other unwanted trash. One or two have even removed their bins from circulation, and others are considering doing likewise. This is an Art Bin rallying call! Stand firm oh trusty Art Bin Minders…We shall overcome! Look no further than the founding mother of the Art Bin movement, Maggie Wooterlot, who having had her bin stolen, (art theft!), sniffed back a quick tear, vented a summary curse at the injustice of the world, then painted up another can and there it stands, a symbol of south end fortitude and resilience! Over the years there have been instances of bins being battered, kicked around, dented and abused, but what have we done?….we’ve gathered them up, brought them to the Miners Picnic where they have been lovingly restored by Barbara, Harold et al, then returned to their rightful posts in the neighborhood.

The bin that I look after on the corner of Needham and Haliburton was, for a while, being used by someone to dispose of cat litter. I left a note by the bin, introducing myself, politely explaining the purpose of the bin and asking that the person refrain from disposing of their cat litter in this way. It seems to have worked and with the odd exception, the bin is now functioning as intended. Perhaps we could attach a similar note adjacent to all the cans in the neighborhood? Perhaps a hand delivered note to neighborhood residents educating and informing them about the project? Let’s talk about it at our next meeting and come up with a plan of action cheers all, Douglas

PS. Three times in a row someone has placed their domestic garbage bag in my art bin at 746 Haliburton.  I removed my bin. If the guilty party is reading this posting, these bins are not for your garbage, but for street litter. Please show a little  consideration and cease doing this.   Larry

Jan 12, a note from Blog co-editor Barbara.

Flora Green, who normally sits beside Tong’s in the 700 block of Haliburton has wandered.  She’s up in the Arbutus Books parking lot with Eyeleen.

I am not sure if she has a same-sex crush on her and rolled up on her own or if she got taken for a joy-ride.

If you are in the vicinity and have the room in your vehicle, perhaps you could tell her that the party is over and take her home to her spot at Tangs?

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Last year we set up our first “Art Bin Beauty Salon” at the Miner’s Picnic, and it was a TON of fun.  Here’s how it works:

  • We have 10 new bins purchased and getting all primed up for Saturday.  Come and release your inner artist…!  Paint a whole bin or bring along a buddy and make it a group project.
  • If you are hosting an art bin and it needs to have a little paint touch-up or get a few dints removed, bring it along.
  • Or if you want to learn more about out Art Bin initiative and how you can become part of it, talk to the folks there.

The bins that are painted at the Picnic will soon go to work on the streets of the South End (after they are christened and profiled here on the blog, of course…:)

The Art Bin Salon will be open between 10 AM and 3 PM.





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The Miner’s Picnic organizers are busy, busy, getting ready for the 25th….we’ll post info as we receive it.

2 things to begin:

1.  Art Bin Salon.  Last year was so popular that we will again be adding an Art Bin area where you can:

  • bring your art bin (if you are already fostering one) to get the paint touched up and the dings/dents removed)
  • come and paint a new bin…release that inner artist
  • get information about fostering an Art Bin.

2.  Silent Auction,  Sandra is looking for new and interesting items for the Silent Auction.  If you have something you are willing to donate, please give her a call at 753.1394

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Eyleen, the newest Art Bin to grace Nicol street, seen here with her guardian, Neal Brown, outside his store, Arbutus Books.  Eyeleen will be keeping a watchful set of eyes (because she’s got LOTs of them) on the street for litter.  (And she will, be hopefully cheering on Jean Crowder’s campaign workers next door.)

Eyeleen replaces another bin, who unfortunately met his demise at the feet of some vandals and is currently In the Art Bin Hospital, awaiting surgery.  If he doesn’t pull through, a memorial will be held at a later date…:)

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