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  1. Introductions
  2. Financial Report
  3. Bylaw Revisions
  4. Community Safety
  5. Milton/Haliburton Nuisance Property
  6. Needle Box Location
  7. MyStreet Update
  8. Other Business

1. Introductions: A resident attended to express concerns about industrial traffic opposite her View St. property. After hearing her concerns, Chair suggested traffic concerns be put on a future agenda for general discussion.

2. Financial Report: Our attention was called to a shortage of popular T­shirt sizes and permission was asked to spend $448.00 to purchase more T’s and Aprons for sale at our Meetings and Events. Motion: M. Larocque, Second: K. Hazel. Carried.

3. Bylaw RevisionsK. Hazel distributed copies of the Revised SECA Bylaws and highlighted changes made. They will also be available for review on the SECA blog and will be presented for ratification at the AGM. On behalf of the Membership, Chair praised the excellent work on these Revisions by K. Hazel and K. Torhjelm and thanked them for their dedication.

4. Community Safety: Constable LaBerge sent regrets as he was unable to attend. He informed Chair that, regarding on­-going concerns about drug sales and loitering in the vicinity of Nicol and Milton Sts., both McDonalds and Shell have co-­operated in supervising their properties. The 7/11 has not been as proactive.
Chair reminded us that, for the initial approval of a 24 hr. operation, a Caveat was included to revoke that status if problems occurred as a result. Chair is working to ensure that the Police and Randy Churchill of City Bylaws are on board to address this issue.

5. Milton/Haliburton Nuisance PropertyThe vandalized fence has now been repaired. The delay in the repair and clean­up of debris left by trespassers was due to restrictions on Police access. They are required to provide prior notice to the owner/landlord. It is pointed out that the lot is owned by the same individual as the 7/11.

6. Needle Box Location: Chair informs that a letter has been sent to City, requesting that the Box be relocated to the originally agreed position on the Washrooms wall.
In discussion, information was shared regarding the active support of John Horn, Social Planner for City, in working to provide homeless housing throughout the City.
We are reminded that SECA has produced a brochure, available to all, outlining recommended reporting procedures for suspicious activity, property concerns and the like. The brochure is available at Meetings or online on the SECA blog.

7. MyStreet Update: South End residents S. Robertson and P. James updated us on the work of the Steering Committee on which they sit with representatives from the DNBIA and the City. The Committee’s mandate is the Nicol St. corridor from Comox to the South End area. The Committee is planning to put on several events, such as My Street, between now and April to highlight the possibilities for improvement, development and community use of the Street. Another item on their Agenda is an application for a “zone exemption” in response to legislation prohibiting any new building on contaminated soil. Such soil underlies the corridor. Also under discussion on the Committee is consideration of a permanent parking lane along Nicol as research indicates that the Street is seen as a ‘gateway’, not highway.
Preparations for the My Street event are going forward well. This exciting Day will showcase local vendors, services, artists, musicians and craftsmen. Approval has been granted for the closure of one lane and the placement of two cross-­walks between 10-­4pm. Certified flaggers will provide traffic control.
SECA will mock­up some possibilities for a Community Centre/Neighbourhood House at 55 Victoria Rd. The membership is asked to support this initiative by volunteering or donating plants, outdoor furniture and the like. Trucks are also needed to move things on Saturday the 19th. Volunteers are needed for the event on September 20 for set­up, shifts, communications, clean­up, etc. Contact Sabrina, Volunteer Coordinator at mystreetvolunteers@shaw.ca to help!

8. Food Forest: Plantings are doing well at the food forest site.

9. Other: General concerns around traffic and pollution were discussed and the importance of ensuring that pedestrians have completely exited a cross ­walk, especially when making left turns, was pointed out.


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What will Terminal and Nicol look like in the future? What are the steps we’ll need to take to make changes happen? In the coming months, members of the Terminal/Nicol Corridor Streetscape Project Committee, stakeholders, community members and technical professionals will work together to answer these questions.

Join the Terminal Nicol Re-imagined project team at the “My Street” event from 10am-4pm on Sunday, September 20th to share your experiences, thoughts and priorities. This is the first public input event for this project and a great opportunity to get excited and re-imagine what it could be like to live-work-connect in the Harbour City! For more information please visit tnreimagined.ca


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