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When we found out that Dufferin Lodge nursing home had no entertainment on Christmas Day, we figured that we had “nowhere to go but up.” So a small group went up from the South End, joined by Karen Hovestad and daughter Angie from the Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network and Barbara Henoch and daughter Clare from the Neighbours of Nob Hill. About 17 people sang, told stories and delivered jokes.

  • What do you get if you deep fry Santa Claus? Crisp Cringle!

  • What do you call a bunch of grand masters of chess bragging about their games in a hotel lobby? Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer!

Pat Squire from the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive dropped off stuffed toys, which were received with great delight by many of the 100 residents.

Special thanks to guitarist Sydney Robertson, pianist Michaela Chan, emcee Maggie Wouterloot and Nico, our jokester and official “little drummer boy”.



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