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Meeting is on Monday, March 4th, 7 pm at the Mt Benson Room of the
Nanaimo Conference Centre

The coalition of stakeholders are hosting a public town hall meeting
to discuss the proposed development to Nanaimo Boat Basin. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.
For more information


or phone: 250 741 7540

Webpage: saveourharbour.wordpress.com

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Agency will help deal with nuisance properties

Tamara Cunningham, Daily News

Published: Monday, February 25, 2013

A new provincial agency targeting B.C.’s most troublesome properties could be a big help to Nanaimo city officials, who say it’s about time the government stepped in.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

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Controversial bar will open again
TAMARA CUNNINGHAM TCunningham@nanaimodailynews.com 250-729-4230
Nanaimo Daily News
22 Feb 2013

Nanaimo’s controversial Newport property will reopen its pub this spring under a high level of police scrutiny. The manager of the Newport apartments confirmed this week that the Haliburton Street watering hole will reopen to customers this March as…read more…

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Gary Prendergast’s film is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV–e1IlP2c It is also on the website http://www.saveourharbour.com

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Muriel McKay Ross – A lovely memorial to her, with many people attending including SECA members. She will be truly missed. A strong supporter of SECA, we have special memories of her at the Miners Kiosk ceremony. Douglas will do article for the blog. We should plant a tre in memory of her.
Nanaimo Centre Stage.   SECA sent a letter of support that we will put in the blog. A good presentation in support of NCS was made at City Council. There is a need for fund raising and perhaps a second look at the costs deemed necessary to get building up to scratch. The theatre is important to us as it is part of the revitalization of the South End.
Boat Basin – City Council has made a motion in support of preserving the iconic aspects of the harbour. Protection Islanders have launched legal action and have created an alternative proposal. A documentary is made of the port struggle and other actions. So far there is no legally binding contract with the developer. Everything is still in the air. Problem is the Port Authority is answerable to know one – no democratic accountability.

White House – coming along fine. Possible SECA tour of building at some point. We are cultivating a dialogue with NYSA.

Neighbohood Plan – Chris Sholberg is going to the SCA Executive meeting to do an update on the plan. Micheal Carpenter has done a list of possible SECA volunteer actions. This will be put on blog. Nothing to report on traffic light at Haliburton and Nichol. Should have party when installed.

Coffee House – planning happening, but no date yet. Perhaps one in Spring and Fall

Litter Pick-up – need to do one as an increase in litter. Art bins help a lot, but still some messes.

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Opportunities exist in south end

This waterfront neighbourhood might one day be Nanaimo’s next cash cow, say real estate agents

Ben Ingram, Daily News

Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To read the entire article, click here.
I’d LOVE to know what you, as one who lives here, thinks!  Consider commenting below?

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Read article here from Mid Island News about the Nanaimo Boat Basin and the pontoons from the Hood Canal Bridge –


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To Whom It May Concern
The issue of funding upgrades for the exterior building of the Nanaimo Centre Stage was discussed at a recent meeting of our association and we decided to write this letter of support for this valued neighbourhood resource. The theatre has made a significant contribution to our neighbourhood since it began operating and many of our residents have enjoyed the diverse, affordable and rich artistic and cultural events that it has hosted.

The South End Neighbourhood Plan identified the promotion of arts and culture as an important element in our long term vision for the south end. We were delighted by the City’s decision to purchase the building and support the development of this particular small-scale niche in the city’s arts and cultural life. In our view the Nanaimo Centre Stage has successfully delivered precisely what was hoped and intended for the facility. Theatre staff have worked hard to engage with our community, attending our meetings and inviting our participation in the project’s development.

Many of our residents are unable to afford the ticket process at the City subsidised Port Theatre and greatly appreciate the local, affordable alternative that the Nanaimo Centre Stage provides. Also, the redevelopment of this old south end building has been significant in bringing life to an area that has been historically challenged by social problems related to mental health and addiction issues. The theatre has spawned other arts and cultural activities around it and this location has evolved into something of a mini arts district.

We hope that a way can be found to address the building up-grade issues and that this valuable community resource can continue to flourish.

Douglas Hardie
South End Community Association
Tel: 250 754 0677

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Douglas Hardie, SECA chair gratefully receives the donation of two
 new art bins from the Lifeworks Program, a life skills program 
operated by Nanaimo Family Life Association.  Part of the 
program involves a community project and the youth decided 
to contribute 2 art bins to SECA and 2 more to the Junior 
Alternative school site that hosted their program.  Many 
thanks to all the youth involved, and the bins are proudly 
stationed at the corner of Haliburton and Needham 
and on 7th street by the Co-op housing.




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Robert Barron, Daily News, Published: Friday, February 01, 2013

Muriel MacKay-Ross, a long-time volunteer dedicated to making Nanaimo a better place to live, died peacefully last week at the age of 90.

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