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Our Annual General Meeting will be at  6:00 PM  Weds.  December 1 at the Princess Royal School, corner Farquhar and Haliburton.

Please bring pot luck finger food. We will try  and keep the business part short – a review of the past year and election of the Board of Directors.

Any member wishing to join the Board of Directors please get in touch with Douglas  or Gord.

Don’t forget, but the AGM is time to renew your memberships.

Our beautiful 2011 calendars will be available at the AGM and at Sandra’s Head to Toe Salon and RU Computing.

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…to see this querky installation built by local residents Chris and Michael.   You’ll be amazed by the imagination they have used to create:

  • a chair/loveseat totally made of bicycle parts
  • paintings on the fence made from woven bike inner tubes
  • a community bulletin board from old doors held together with old bike tires

Kind of gives the phrase “South End biker hangout” a whole new meaning…?!  (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the cheeky remark!)

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And…guarding it all, a colourful Art Bin they have christened “Hunderwaster”.  His words of wisdom are “One’s trash is another’s treasure“.   Ooooh, a wise bin…!

It’s fabulous, funky, and fun!  Strickland @ Robins.

Kudos to Chris and Michael both!

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to confirm that the South End Neighbourhood Plan was formally adopted by City Council on Monday, Nov. 22 and now forms part of the City’s Official Community Plan.  I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you once again for participating in the committee process and for your insight and support.  Now the work begins with respect to the plan’s implementation.  I have already created an implementation file and will be in touch with you in the near future with respect to next steps and the role of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee as we move forward.

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Dear Friends,

Dec 1 Update

Dear Friends!

The Very Best News!!!  Jocko is home and lying beside me, busily working on a bone as I type this (photos attached).  I know that many of you in Nanaimo have been actively, physically looking and others have been providing other kinds of support and prayers so I wanted to let you know this news right away!

Early this morning we got a call from someone who’d seen Jocko go through his driveway and into a park very, very close to our friends’ house where Jocko originally left from over two weeks ago.  David and I went to look immediately and our friends joined in soon after.  Whether through his own good dog sense or through hearing our friends calling as they walked back to their house, or both – the magic of all our hopes and prayers and visioning came to fruition and Jocko walked into their driveway around 9:00 this morning. He is much skinnier but in good health, hungry, affectionate and raring to go!

It is not possible to fully express my gratitude for all your help and kindness over the past two weeks.  To have a dog, cat or other animal as a companion is such a wonderful gift and also a responsibility to ensure they are safe, loved and well cared for.  As tough as it has been over the last couple of weeks worrying whether or not he was suffering, the experience has been balanced by an overwhelming sense of community and connection with people who have reached out in so many ways to help us bring Jocko home – tramping the streets and woods, flyering mailboxes, postering, emailing, phoning, announcing, making a TV segment, holding intention, encouraging and generally talking it up.  Someone even created a Vision Board for Jocko (photo attached).

We have been deeply touched and inspired by people’s compassion and assistance and just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

Please put out the word that Jocko is found and we’ll start taking down all the posters around town!  YAY!!!

All the best to all of you and thanks again!

Paula and David

Jocko will be featured on Shaw cable soon!  Watch for details.  (Pawtographs may be available…:)


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Teenager wounded in accidental shooting in south end

Danielle Bell, Nanaimo Daily News

Published: Tuesday, November 16, 2010
It’s not a long article, it’s just been posted twice.  The end of it reads:

The south Nanaimo community is known for its neighbours-taking-back-the-streets approach, which has seen massive improvements in an area once plagued by crime, mostly drugs and prostitution.

“I think we’re concerned to hear of an incident like that,” said South End Community Association spokesman Douglas Hardie. “We’ve seen a big improvement in the last couple of years.”

Police are continuing their investigation, including trying to trace the handgun, believed to be stolen.

The gunshot victim is expected to recover.

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Once upon a time, there was a neighbourhood bookshelf that wanted to retire.  And its caretaker thought: “if I wish hard enough, maybe a fairy godmother/father will make a new one appear.”  But then she realized that maybe there was another way…maybe she just needed to ask…because she knew she had a LOT of terrific neighbours.

And so Margret across the street designed the bookcase.  And John both supplied the wood and the build it!  Sydney came up with the new name.  Yvonne the artist lent us some of her paint. Margret painted it, with the help of MaggieHarold did some sawing.  Yves made the sign.  Sydney did some emergency sanding.  Sue volunteered Len to attach the doors.

Then came launch day!  Ron (and Amy) came to help move the bookcase across the street.  There was a lot of jiggling as the guys fit it into its new home.  Sue provided the colour commentary and took photos. Everyone loaded the books into the fancy new “South End Library – Main Branch.”  And then they all ate homemade pizza to celebrate.

The new bookshelf, hopefully, will live happily ever after, in its new home. And the caretaker learned that fairy godmothers/fathers DO exist, and that a whole bunch of them live right in the neighbourhood!  The end.

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Balmoral Article

Derek Spalding, Daily News

Published: Friday, November 12, 2010

The reader comments are as interesting as the article itself!!!

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