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Seems to me that a sense of belonging is something that many of us want in our lives…it’s so easy to get isolated in the busy-ness of life and the world of technology.  But this neat little article, sent by Madilynn Rotar from R-U Computing, who was one of the initiators of the Lavender Lane project gives some easy ideas for simple ways to get connected with your community.

Some of them we’re already doing in some ways  i.e. by coming together to solve a problem, the Lavender Lane folks have managed to get to know each other, and are now planning monthly potlucks…not just for the people on the lane, but for the neighbours in their area that want to get connected to each other.

In my own block on Irwin Street, Sydney and Pam have organized both Halloween and Canada Day events, where we have blocked the street off, and let the kids and dogs have a great time.  I try to organize the odd event that allows people to stop by, get reconnected/caught up and then go on their way (or at least I talk about doing it…sorry neighbours…:)

The recent block party hosted by the folks over in the 300 block of Kennedy last Saturday is a prime example of what can happen when proactive people get connected.  Pulled together in well under 2 weeks, the full-day event had a street yard sale, street games, live entertainment, a BBQ. And it was capped off  as 100 kids watched movies and ate popcorn in a vacant lot, with a screen made from a wooden frame and a sheet, while their parents got to hang and enjoy the evening.

When I stopped by and talked to one of the organizers, she said that the whole event was  infectious…that while it started simply as a street sale, it grew and grew as neighbours created ways to get involved.  The turnout was huge, but beyond that, the sense of connection that came out of it was…as they say in the credit card commercial…priceless.

And that’s kind of how community works…often someone just needs to plant the seed and it starts to grow.

  • Are there any community-building efforts in your little corner of the South End?
  • Do you have any community builders that you would like to appreciate?
  • Or are you new and looking to get connected to some of the community building “movers and shakers” in the neighbourhood?
  • Did you help out at Lavender Lane and want a potluck invite?

If so, I’d like to hear from you!

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Oh what a day it was!  Over 50 people showed up over the course of the day to work on Phase 2 of Lavender Lane.

But the work wasn’t just the day of…it started before, with much preparation.

The night before, a bunch of neighbours got out into the laneway and watered everything down so we’d be ready to lift sod in the morning.
Then, the next day, we pulled up sod, painted fences,  dug holes (and more holes), and ultimately got everything planted.

Took a break for lunch in the middle.

And then capped the day off by hanging signs on each end of the lane.

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We couldn’t have taken on this effort without the generous donations from:

The local businesses who provided both product and advice

Hazelwood Herb Farm… lots of lavender and a variety of herb and medicinal plants

Longlake Nursery..20 large lavender plants

VIU Horticulture Program…. variety of plants

Cinnabar Valley Garden Centre Supplies….bark mulch, top soil and bone meal (and a lot of invaluable advice)

Buckerfield’s ….Lavender Plants

ABC Restaurant / Days Inn….Sprigs of lavender for the invitation envelopes.

Art Knapp….$50.00 gift certificate

Home Depot….$50.00 gift certificate

Sharecost Rentals….sod lifter

Dulux Paints …5 gallons red solid hide stain (doesn’t it look terrific?)

Rona…Paint brushes

And the local businesses who provided sustenance for the day:

Thrifty Foods …$100.00 gift certificate


Dairy Queen…Dilly Bars and ice

Tim Hortons…Donuts and coffee

Country Grocer …$25.00 gift certificate

To the creative folks who helped us put our mark on the lane:

Graham Eyford...Lavender Lane sign

Sidney Robertson…Lavender Lane sign

The Haven Society….24 Bird Houses

And to Tom Grauman…$10.00 cash donation.

Thanks to the media:

To CHEK TV for their feature on the evening news

And to Rachel from the NanaimoNews Bulletin for coming out and covering the day.

Whew! And finally….

Thanks as well to R-U Computing ….printing all the news stories, invitations and providing all of the envelopes.

And……Barbara Densmore ….for designing the awesome professional invites, creating awareness of the Lavender Lane Project on the South End website, inviting the news and providing tons of encouragement to carry us through!

And to everyone who showed up.  More than thank you…how inspiring it was to have people who don’t even live on the lane to come and help us.  This is community at its very best.

Angie Eyford

[Editor’s Note: huge huge kudos to Angie Eyford, for her tireless determination and effort.  Angie found donations, picked up plants, door-knocked, pulled together all the invites, and made everything come together. Angie, you have an invisible halo over your head.]

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Stayed tuned for follow-ups.

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Finally catching our breath after an AMAZING day on Saturday.  Over 50 folks came from near and far to really bring Lavender Lane to life.

More coming, but for now, here’s a link to the News Bulletin article.  It’s excellent!


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Well, it looks like it REALLY is going to be a lavender lane!

We’ve got a sod lifter coming, and a WHOLE bunch of soil, and we’re going to prepare the laneway (bordered by Needham, Victoria, Watkins, and Nicol) to truly be a lane full of lavender.

We’re also going to do a bit of fence painting.

And we’ve got some birdhouses for kids (and kids at heart) to paint…they will be positioned along the lane.

A great chance to come and meet your neighbours and make a real difference in the ‘hood.


  • spades or shovels
  • wheelbarrows
  • paint rollers and trays

There will be Starbucks coffee available in the morning  (start @ 9:30 AM).

And we’ll end with another BBQ lunch.  Bring a potluck dish if you can.

If you have any questions, just call Angie @ 753.8279

Hope to see you then/there!

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Community Beat: Neighbours come together to complete south-end alley cleanup

Group now has big plans to continue to beautify their Nanaimo neighbourhood

Krista Bryce, The Daily News

Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Angie Eyford unlocked her gate into the alley behind her Needham Street home in Nanaimo for the first time in five years on Saturday.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

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