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Received a copy of this letter via e-mail today.

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2013-01-18 SFN to NPA re Marina Lease


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Snuneymuxw say Douglas Treaty may halt development

Tamara Cunningham, Daily News

Published: Tuesday, January 08, 2013

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Residents unhappy with Marina plans

Public meeting Monday night in Nanaimo

Julie Chadwick, Daily News

Published: Monday, January 07, 2013

The South End Community Association has added its voice to other groups opposed to the privatization of Nanaimo’s marina, and urges residents to attend a public meeting on the issue tonight.  Article here.

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There is going to be an “Idle No More” Protest at the Waterfront Plaza prior to the meeting at the Coast tonite.  The protest is in support of stopping the proposed  Harbour redevelopment.  The demonstration will be from 6:00 to 7:00 and then those involved will march to the Coast. 

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Received this comment in the “contact” page of the blog.  Reposting it FYI.

Meeting on the Harbour Devitalization January 7 at the Coast Bastion Inn,

Dear Members of Nanaimo Neighbourhood Associations
Every so often an issue comes up that not only has an impact on our immediate neighbourhood boundaries but is of concern to the entire City. Such an issue is what is happening in the process of redevelopment at the Nanaimo Boat Basin.

This is the last public harbour on the shoreline of Nanaimo.

There is a Charter between the City and the Nanaimo Port Authority that you may know about. It was signed in 2004 and among other things states that public consultation on significant decisions relating to the Port and adjacent lands in the City is required. Significant effort has been made by impacted groups to have their concerns heard and dealt with but a situation still exists where without wording written into the agreement pertaining to public access for our neighbours on Protection Island they are in danger of losing their safest and shortest way home. The impact on their quality of life and on their property values will be huge. The fact that things have gotten this far is an injustice. Residents on Protection are collecting funds to hire a lawyer but until an agreement is actually signed between the Nanaimo Port Authority and the Pacific Northwest Marine Group they cannot take any legal action.

Also most affected are the owners and operators of the working boats in our Harbour. Moorage rates will more than double for fewer services. The loading crane is being removed in the new plan and not replaced in the new proposed, and as yet, unreleased plan for an unloading facility at the Assembly Wharf. Many working boat owners have already made the decision to relocate due to the treatment that they have received in this process where they feel that their presence in the Harbour is being discouraged and their economic contribution to this City is being ignored. Should they not have the right to moor their boats in their home town?

Many Nanaimo residents will not notice the change in the character of our Boat Basin if our working boats are replaced by shiny high end yachts moored there on a permanent basis as a static source of income for a private developer, the City and the NPA. Those of us that do notice will miss the vitality of the presence of the tugs, fishing boats and the public access to all citizens of Nanaimo at this mixed use marina. Dragon boaters, small boat owners, kayakers, and transient working and recreational boats will miss this access to town and there is nothing to say that changes made to the plan over the next thirty years will maintain any public access except possibly a walkway for the public to look at the boats. Most at stake here is public access to moorage. We would hope this will not happen but at present there is no guarantee that it will not because the Memorandum of Understanding between the developer and the NPA is not available for public viewing.

This is a human rights issue. It could put a private company’s authority in between work, school, food and services in town for Protection Island residents.

Our tax dollars have paid entirely for a place which the Nanaimo Port Authority is now preparing to make into a private economic venture rather than to maintain it as a service for the citizens of Nanaimo and its visitors.

This is a time when neighbourhoods need to band together to say that we deserve more than this from our City and Federal representatives.

A public meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 7th, 2013 at the Coast Bastion Inn from 7:00 to 9:00. Representatives from various stakeholders will be speaking in an effort to increase public awareness and participation on this issue.

Your presence at this meeting in support of the Nanaimo citizens most affected would be greatly appreciated.



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