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A Great sadness for the loss of Chief Viola Wyse surrounds us all.  Such a remarkable woman and an exceptional leader.  To her family and community:   You will take many steps as you move toward life without her.  Our thoughts are with you as you travel this difficult road.

If you missed any of the media articles, here are a few links:

A tribute in  the Tuesday August 18 Daily News, click HERE.

Coverage of the the ceremonies on Friday August 21, click HERE.


The water pipe upgrade project on Irwin Street between Farquhar and  Milton got started right on time and has been progressing along smoothly.  They are testing the new pipe now before they switch services over.

In the meantime, one tree had to be cut down to make space for the cul-de-sac that is planned at Irwin and Milton.

Irwin and Milton binInterestingly, during the work, the [illegally placed] much coveted ArtBin that was [illegally] fastened to the  curb blocks had to be unfastened.  It  could have been either confiscated by City do-gooders or filched by nefarious no-gooders.  But there it sat.  Do we all secretly know it belongs there now?

We’re talking with both Parks & Rec and neighbours living near the intersection about how to turn the new cul-de-sac into a city-repair style neighbourhood hub.  Stay tuned. (if you’re unfamiliar with city-repair stuff, click HERE to for the slide show from last month’s post.


IPI is rumoured to be moving their glass operations to Duke Point, at least temporarily.  Click here to link to the article in the Aug 1 Nanaimo Daily News.


The Nob Hillers have been having their own version of  “laneway woes.”  Different from the SE, one side of their problem lane has mostly businesses that serve many of the most troubled folks in the area, some with only lane access.  They started off with a laneway walk-through, and then after a clean-up start, held a laneway sale on Aug 1.

Some good positive progress.  But this work is like playing  “Snakes and Ladders.”  A shot of dubious press can undo all the hard effort by residents.

Norm Abbey responded with an excellent letter to the editor (click HERE to read it) , as did Graham Shuley  (click HERE to read it) and the cycle starts again.  It’s one slow step at a time…trudge, trudge.


Thanks to our resources:  Park Planner Kirsty McDonald, Norm Abbey from Neighbours of Nob Hill, and of course, the local newspapers who make us a LOT more interesting.

If you would like to comment, just click on the title and the complete article along with a comment box will magically appear…:)

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Mayor is concerned about noisy company

15-year-old recycling centre’s work keeps up the neighbours

Derek Spalding, Daily News

Published: Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mayor John Ruttan wants a south-end recycling company to either comply with his noise restrictions or face the wrath of city bylaw officers who can crack down on the company that has been on the Eaton Street property for 15 years.

Managers at International Paper Industries had one month to implement a list of recommendations following an April meeting with neighbours who have long complained about the constant noise of glass being smashed at the facility, which is located in a residential area. In a strongly worded letter to the company, city staff told the company to reduce the volume of glass recycled at the site and operate within the allowed business hours set out by the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Click here to read the complete article.

You can comment on the article in the Daily News.  Or to make a comment here, just click the title, and you’ll see the comment box.

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Next SECA Meeting set for Wednesday May 13

The next SECA meeting will be delayed one week, and is set for the usual time (7 PM) at the Princess Royal Centre.  We’ll send out a reminder in advance.


Laneway Makeover set for Saturday April 25 at 10 AM

Cpl Dave Laberge explains the finer points of CPTED design on April 9

Cpl Dave Laberge explains the finer points of CPTED design on April 9

Oh that poor tired and neglected laneway that is bordered by the 200 block of Haliburton and Nicol!  She’s dull, drab, frumpy and not attracting the right kind of suitors!

If you like those makeover programs, then this may be right up your alley (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun…:)

Come and join us at 10AM on Saturday.  We’ll work until till noon, then in true South End fashion, we’ll hold a lane party — to step back and admire your work and hang with the coolest neighbours in Nanaimo!

We hope to:

  • clean up  litter and debris
  • remove some of the brush and overgrowth
  • create a flowerbed or 2
  • cover up grafitti
  • paint some South End character on/around the lane
  • put some art bins in place

What to bring:

  • gloves, a few grocery and/or garbage bags
  • if you’re the gardening type, a weedeater or some  snippers or shovels
  • some yogurt tubs for paint would be appreciated

And for the party part:

  • lawn chairs
  • a few folding tables for the food
  • we’ll provide BBQ hot dogs and beverages, bring a potluck dish to round out the lunch if you are able.

If you have any questions, please call Sydney at 753 1584 or Barbara at 740 0123.

Before and Afters

No makeover would be complete without before and after shots.  If you can’t make it on Saturday, come back  here NEXT week to see the bee-you-ti-full changes!

Getting ready to paint. We made up a bunch of  paint containers for the youth at Snuneymuxw FN, who will be painting their first 6 art bins this week.

Sorting paint colours

The rest will be used to paint the laneway on Saturday.

Thanks for Ken Jones Painting for their GENEROUS paint donation…we REALLY appreciate it!

And as usual to the folks at Nanaimo Recycling Exchange…you’re the best!

Kudos to McDonald’s for their help with coffee, disposal and manpower.

And to the RCMP and city staff for all your ongoing support.


The IPI Problem – A Step Forward

Oh the joy of living in a neighbourhood with light industrial!  For years, residents endured the noise of Harris Rebar before they blessedly moved to Duke Point.  But neighbours around the south end of Haliburton are still struggling with the IPI (International Paper Industries) plant as it bursts at its seams, delivering and crushing class and cans from all over Vancouver Island.

Finally, something is happening.

After an initial meeting with Mayor Ruttan and key city staff on April 3, a formal meeting was held April 21 at the Conference Centre.  The panel included:

  • Mayor John Ruttan,
  • Chief Viola Wyse of the Snuneymuxw First Nation,
  • Douglas Hardie of SECA,
  • Dennis Trudeau of the Regional District of Nana
  • Randy Churchill and Toby Seward from By-law Services
  • IPI General manager Ed Walsh.

Also present at the meeting were MLA Doug Routley and city councillors Fred Pattje, Jim Kipp, Bill Holdom, Loyd Sherry and Bill Bestwick.

A hush fell over the room when a representative of the RDN stated that work hours were 7AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday only.  Wow…who knew that one?  And that if IPI wanted to extend the work period there would have to be consultation with the neighbours living next to the operation. These regulations, previously unbeknownst to local residents were perhaps the most surprising statements at the meeting, especially given that summer operations appear to have historically fallen well outside these limits.

MLA Doug Routley who has been actively involved, pointed out the need for a solution that will benefit everyone. He emphasized that if a solution were not forthcoming, the neighbours might then engage in some sort of unspecified direct action to rectify the situation with IPI.

Perhaps the most important point raised was the need to think long-term and to consider eventually moving the recycling plant to a more congenial location, both for them and for the neighbourhood…one that will allow IPI to expand and create more jobs and a better work environment for their employees.

Some key points from the meeting:

  • Douglas delivered the South End Community Association position on the IPI situation, followed by a supportive statement, emphasizing traffic problems, from Chief Wyse.
  • Ed Walsh then read a report giving IPI’s viewpoint.

  • Mayor Ruttan and Randy Churchill were both emphatic about the need to find a solution to the problem by working together as a community.

  • Toby Seward stated that it was necessary for IPI to properly fence their south lot.

  • Mayor Ruttan pointed out that it was illegal for trucks to park in most areas along Eaton Street and asked if it was possible for IPI to park their trucks in their yard.

  • Ed Walsh of IPI said that parking will be within IPI property and semi-trailers are to be loaded on the south lot.

  • Discussion from the floor involved first-hand accounts of the noise and truck problems and responses from several IPI employees.

  • A number of residents said they would hold IPI to account, and video-tape their activities when they went beyond the stated guide-lines.

In closing, Mayor Ruttan emphasized the need for action and asked Ed Walsh of IPI to consider a thirty day period to address the problems outlined in the meeting.  Mr. Walsh agreed to do so.

Click here for the Nanaimo Daily News article on the IPI meeting. Readers can add their comments at the end of the story.

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