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  1. Introductions
  2. Presentation – Friends of the South End
  3. Development Presentation – Strickland St./Haliburton St.
  4. Nicol Street – Block Builders
  5. Constitution
  6. South Downtown Waterfront
  7. Picnic
  8. Mad Hatter’s Tea
  9. Neighbourhood House
  10. Samaritan House
  11. Columbia Street ROW
  12. Nob Hill Garage Sale
  13. Financial Report

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1. Introductions 🙂

2. Presentation – Friends of the South End: Principal D. McGonigal of Bayview Elementary was presented with a ‘Friend of the South End’ citation in recognition of her commitment to the Community and her focus on integrating the school within the South End.

3. Development Presentation – Strickland St./Haliburton St: F. Basciano, Consultant, attended on behalf of Owner, H. Hopper to inform the Community of current development plans being considered by City.

A 4-­Plex proposed for Haliburton Street is in the Development Permit process.

A Strickland Street/Harbourview multi-­use single-­family/townhouse proposal is in the final Development phase. Current R8 zoning of this property allows for 300 units but the Developer intends less density, proposing a maximum of 60 lots, mixed housing consisting of single-­family dwellings, townhouse and condominiums. Mr. Basciano informs that they are doing a traffic report to assess the impact on existing residents. Estimates are that the current traffic count during peak hours for Strickland/Ranier Streets are: East – 24/hr, North – 12/hr, and South – 22/hr. They anticipate their development will generate 40-­50 more vehicles at peak hours. A more accurate report will be given when the survey is complete. He indicated that intentions are to keep development to the middle of the property, preserve the natural rock wall feature and to save as much of the natural vegetation as possible.

In discussion questions were raised about the increased traffic, sidewalks, preservation of parkland, services routing along Strickland and density of traffic on Strickland.

Responding, Basciano indicated that they are giving 25% back to parkland though 5% is the minimum requirement.

4. Nicol Street – Block Builders: S. Robertson, J. Carruthers, P. James and Michela Chan are spearheading an initiative to demonstrate an alternate vision for the Nicol Street corridor by holding a ‘Block Building Event’ on Sunday, September 20th. This event will show possibilities for improvement of the section of Nicol St., south of the junction with Victoria. The Neighbourhood Plan calls for curb lanes and cross­walks in this area.

The group wants to demonstrate possibilities for enhancing the appearance of old, vacant store fronts, provide plantings, and generally create the Nicol Street envisaged in the South End Plan.

They gauged support from business, the D.N.B.I., Start­up Nanaimo and the Chamber of Commerce.

5. Constitution: K. Hazel and K. Torjhelm have completed the final edit of our revised Constitution. They have added a preamble outlining the non-­political stance of the Association and it’s interest only in matters directly affecting the South End Neighbourhood. It also clarifies that only the Chairperson can speak for the Association. There will be a formal vote by Membership at December’s AGM to ratify the new Constitution.

6. Picnic: Preparations are underway for the 23rd Annual Miner’s Heritage Picnic on June 20th. There is currently about $4,000 in the fund. G. Fuller will do Hot Dog sales.

7. Mad Hatter’s Tea: 2016 will be the next event.

8. Neighbourhood House: The Committee is developing a Survey for the South End Community to determine their thoughts and desires around a dedicated neighbourhood space.

The Nanaimo Arts Council has approached the Committee to discuss the potential of working together out of a mid-neighrbouhdood building purchase. A viewing of the old Island Treasures Building included some members although other buildings are being considered.

Also being considered is the possibility of using Bayview Elementary on Thursday evenings as a testing event for interest and participation to host community interests/activities/workshops.

9. Community Safety: Problems are ongoing at the 7/11 and activity at night is of particular concern. SECA and Nob Hill representatives have previously met with RCMP re: 711 and surrounding businesses. 7-11 owner is aware and working to make improvements.

10. Food Forest Workparty: There will be a workparty on Friday afternoon, May 29 at 3pm at the Food Forest site behind the Samaritan House. A specific blog post and Facebook invite will be posted soon.

The goal: Irrigation. Volunteers welcome.
Also, M. Geselbrecht informs us that there is interest in planting a Food Forest on a city ROW on Columbia St.

11. Nob Hill Garage Sale: A Neighbourhood Garage Sale is being held by the Nob Hill Association. Get your bargains at Prideaux & Hecate on Saturday, May 23. 11am-2pm. Giant Freezie table and face painting will also be available!

12. Financial Report: The Treasurer reports $1,995.09 in the General Account and $4,141.87 in the Picnic Account.


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MSt long

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Our SECA Constitution has been under review and is now accessible for final edits and eventually approval. It is a mere 5 pages and hope you will look through and give us your comment. Printed copies will be available at our general meetings.
See SECA’s revised DRAFT Constitution here: DraftBylaws15

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See the original file here: Nicol Street Corridor

May 1, 2015

Dear Mayor and Council

I am writing on behalf of the South End Community Association to express our strong support for recent comments in the press by our Mayor regarding the Nicol St / Terminal Avenue corridor.  We agree with the view that this corridor has long served as an obstacle to the kind of revitalization and development that would potentially flourish along this corridor if it was placed in the care and control of the City.  The South End Neighbourhood Plan lays out in considerable detail our vision for the Nicol Street corridor. This plan is contingent upon traffic calming and streetscape design changes that are impossible to achieve under the current provincial highway restrictions.

We very much hope that Council will explore this issue further and know that they have the full support of this association in doing so.


Douglas Hardie
South End Community Association

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