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  1. Financial Report
  2. Haliburton Street Garden
  3. Great Neighbourhoods
  4. Movie in the Park
  5. Community Yard Sale
  6. SECA Constitution
  7. Hilton Hotel
  8. Parade
  9. Derelict Building
  10. Robin’s Grove
  11. Other Business:

1. Financial Report: S. Larocque requests $432/+tax to purchase 24 Large and Xtra Large T­Shirts to complete our Inventory of Merchandise. To contribute to offsetting the cost of these shirts, Monet has donated her proceeds of $120 from the Community Yard Sale.

At today’s date there is $2,650.86 in the General Fund and $2,901.40 in the Picnic account.,

A motion to release $432/+tax to S. Larocque for the purchase of T­Shirts was made by Pat

Portsmouth and Seconded by Chris LoScerbo. Passed unanimously.

2. Haliburton Street Garden/Samaritan House – Update: Michael and Ben Geselbrecht attended to update us on the Haliburton Food Forest proposal for the City ROW behind Samaritan House. They presented the proposal that will be given to City and backgrounded us on the Site Plan. In finalizing the proposal, they fully considered the input received from Community Members around the following: Safety, lighting, parking at the top of the lot for use by Samaritan House, inclusiveness, creativity, food security, sustainibility, watering/drought tolerance/rainwater collection, cleaning of the site, social care and connection, visibility, types of plantings – nut/fruit/herb/bee/butterfly, open to all, potential use as gathering/shelter space. Slides were shown to orient people to the lot and Maps were provided to show the proposed composition of the space. This Map will go to City for approval of the Site Plan. It was determined that:

  • ­The space will need to be watered – a Rain Barrel is needed.
  • ­Sub­committees need to be created to handle signage, picnic table, bench/es, etc.
  • ­Assistance in acquiring the proposed plant material is needed
  • ­Jack Anderson of Samaritan House will be the interface between City and the Site Plan for the Garden.

Ben Geselbrecht requests that, if any Community Member has more input, he be contacted immediately as the proposal will be presented to City very soon.

3. Community Safety/D. LaBerge: Constable LaBerge reported that they have had a very busy summer and year and that calls have increased throughout the City. In regard to our Neighbourhood policing he reports that:

  • they feel they are stemming the flow of South Victoria/Milton St. Auto thefts.
  • that there has been a rise in the number of discarded needles and more drop boxes may be needed
  • there has been a rise in crime sources coming from the Lower Mainland to the Island
  • the Patricia has been leased to a third party. They are experiencing some ‘bumps’ but are trying to run the venue responsibly
  • the Newport owners are considering possible uses for the property. Foreign Student Housing is one of the uses under review.
  • if a property has been ‘designated’ nuisance calls to that property are billed to the owner

Discussion: P. Portsmouth brought up a concern regarding over­loud motorcycles speeding through the area.

4. Council Candidate: Karen Hovested, City Council Candidate, attended to background us on her qualifications and the basis of her campaign. She:

  • Has been a member of the Departure Bay Community Association for 12 years.
  • Has lived on the Island for 20 years
  • Owns and runs her own business
  • Is a Community­-minded, proactive decision-­maker

5. Great Neighbourhoods Contest: The Meeting was updated on our nomination to the Great Neighbourhoods Contest. The Contest, held annually by Planning Associations throughout Canada, provides national regcognition to neighbourhoods that work under Neighbourhood Plans and are actively engaged in providing safe, socially inclusive and attractive environs for the enjoyment of all residents and the benefit of the community at large.

  • The City of Nanaimo felt that our Neighbourhood was a good candidate and suggested we submit an entry.
  • Shaw Cable will interview D. Hardie or designated representatives of SECA in the park on Thursday, September 5.

Discussion: Many thanks to Kathryn Hazel and Joan Carruthers for their hard work in creating a great submission for the Contest.

Members are encouraged to vote often in support of our Neighbourhood.

6.  Movie in the Park: Our first family “Movie in the Park” was held on September 5 with the showing of Mrs. Doubtfire in tribute to Robin Williams. It was a lovely evening and a great success, with 50­60 attendees. Thanks to P. Beltgens and S. Larocque for their work in organizing the event and making popcorn for the masses. In view of the response to this event, another movie night is being considered – September 13 has been suggested as a possible date, with ‘Ratatouille’ considered as a possible movie.

7. Community Yard Sale: The Community Yard Sale, held on Saturday, September 6, was successful and brought $120 in donations to SECA made by Monet , her entire proceeds from the event. Thanks, Monet! Other donations are still coming in.

8. SECA Constitution: 

  • ­Kathryn Hazel and Cathy Torjhelm have completed their review of our Constitution.
  • They have remediated some outdated language and made other minor changes.
  • ­The revised Constitution will be brought to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  • ­Doug Hardie is looking into the mechanics of the change.

9. Hilton Hotel: Gord Fuller spoke regarding the project, outlining the developers requests for increased density by allowing greater height and their desire to lease a portion of Georgia Park to accommodate their vehicle access needs, stairways and possible outdoor cafe/seating area. He states the following:

  • ­A public referendum should be held on this proposal. Referendum rules require 10% of those responding to successfully oppose a variance.
  • ­The height variance may be being requested so the developers can include Strata Suites
  • ­The proposal is going before Council too quickly to allow for adequate understanding of the ramifications.

­He requests that we write a letter to slow down the process by stating SECA’s opposition to the leasing of public parklands.

Discussion: P. Portsmouth informed that she objects to the leasing of public parklands by private interests and has written a Letter to the Editor expressing her viewpoint. Her Letter was read to the group by C. LoScerbo. It was pointed out that a Public Information Session was held on this proposal at the Convention Centre back in May, so this proposal has been on the radar for a significant amount of time.

­G. Fuller points out he wants a Letter to stop the process, not a referendum at this point. The issue was raised that the developer’s request concerns parkland that is not in our Neighbourhood. In keeping with SECA’s policy of a neutral, non­political stance on issues not directly affecting our Neighbourhood, it is questioned whether the requested Letter to Council falls within our Mandate.

Pat Portsmouth moved that D. Hardie send a Letter to Council on behalf of SECA, objecting to the leasing of public parkland for private purposes; to be read at the 3rd Reading of the Hilton proposal which will be heard at the Council Meeting, tomorrow, September 4, 2014. Seconded by Gord Fuller.

Passed by vote of 8 aye, 4 nay by Members present.

D. Hardie, Chair, stated that the proposed variance concerns parkland not in our Neighbourhood, and that, in view of the Associations’ Mandate and historically neutral position, a Letter to Council is inappropriate in his view and he would not author it.

It was then moved by (?) and seconded by Larry Gambone that C. LoScerbo, Vice­Chair, send a Letter to Council on behalf of SECA, opposing Leases of Public Parklands to private enterprise; to be read at the 3rd Reading of the Hilton proposal on September 4, 2014. Passed 8 aye, 4 nay, by Members present.

10. Bathtub Parade: The participation by our Tea Wagon and Wonderland Characters in the Bathtub Parade was successful, fun and brought attention to our Association in the public eye.

11. Derelict Houses: 

  • Derelict properties on Gillespie, Strickland and Haliburton Streets have be demolished in recent days.
  • ? , private citizen, asked the group for input on his plan to build a second house on his Irwin Street property. Rezoning would be required, so he requests feedback from the Community.

12. Robin’s Grove – update: Chris LoScerbo contacted the developers of the Condo being constructed at the site for status regarding the Stop Work order issued by the City. She was informed that it had been issued in response to a paperwork issue that would hopefully be speedily resolved. They hope to finish construction this Fall.

13. Bee Hotel: Thomas ? attended to inform the group regarding ‘Bee Hotels’ and their beneficial role in pollination. He is interested in making a Bee Hotel himself and would do a workshop on their construction if there are parties interested.

Discussion: Interest was shown by some present. Concerns were aired regarding the possible attraction of hornets and wasps. Information on Bee Hotels will possibly be posted on the Blog.

14. South Downtown Waterfront Committee: Doug Hardie was appointed by SECA to represent us on this Committee. The City has indicated an interest in continuing the work of the Committee to oversee implementation of the Waterfront Plan.

Doug seeks the approval of SECA for his continuing presence on the Committee. Approved.

14. Southend Citizen Award: It was suggested that Jill Stanner be presented a ‘Southend Citizen Award’ such as that presented posthumously to David Livingston.

14. Joy Leach Memorial: Pat Portsmouth informed the group that a Memorial will be held at Beban Park in honor of JoyLeach.

Joy Leach was the first and only female Mayor of Nanaimo, she brought in the first Community Plan for Nanaimo. Information regarding the Memorial will be posted on the Blog.

9:15 pm – Adjourned

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  1. Financial Report
  2. RCMP bike partol Report
  3. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Success
  4. Samaritan House Green Space Project
  5. South End Yard Sale – Aug. 23
  6. Chalk Hop
  7. Great Neighborhood Submission
  8. Demolition on Gillespie
  9. Block Party/Haliburton Street
  10. Miner’s Kiosk
  11. Other Business:
    Gung Haggis Fat Choy
    Grocery Receipts – Country Grocer

1. Financial Report: S. Larocque, Treasurer, reported the following balances/expenses:

  • General Account – 2,750.81 after Promotional T­Shirt costs
  • Picnic Account ­ 3,138.93 before Thank You ad and other misc. Costs are deducted.

Discussion: The Picnic Account is lower than usual this year.due to a decrease in donations.Without the generous contributions by Quality Foods and Coastland, the balance would be much lower. To avoid this next year, it was put forward that fund­raising should begin earlier.

2. RCMP ReoprtConstable D. LaBerge reports that the RCMP is experiencing a busy crime summer. He emphasized that the South End is not a particular hotspot; crime is up throughout Nanaimo. For our information, he provided figures from a Crime Analysis Study covering the last two months.

There were a total of 842 Police Occurances of which 578 were actionable. These broke down as follows: 38 crimes against persons, 150 property crimes, 25 drug offiences, 46 bylaw infractions, 17 traffic and 71 other crimes.

He gave a particular heads­up to those with older vehicles not protected with immobilizers/alarms as these are the vehicles targeted, He reminded us to always lock vehicles and remove valuables to discourage theft.

The new management of the Newport evicted the last known drug dealer from the rental rooms. He is seeking more suitable tenants. The same owner holds the license for both the Newport and the Patricia. The Patricia’s new 3 patrons and improvement is being seen.

The demolition of the Old Manson Store is delayed due to it’s unsound structure which is complicating the removal of contaminated materials. Approaches to the problem are being considered.

3. Mad Hatters Tea Party: This years’ Tea was a very successful event. It was very well attended and enjoyed by all. Thanks were extended to all the volunteers who channeled their inner Wonderland Characters! Thanks and gustatory appreciation was also given to all those who contributed scones, cakes, cookies and assorted yummy treats! $55.55 in donations was received and 8 T-Shirts and an apron were sold. Pictures of the event appear on the Blog. In discussion it was suggested that planning should begin earlier.

4. Samaritan House Green Space Project:  ­The Geselbrecht’s were not present to discuss neighborhood suggestions regarding the plantings for the City ROW being developed in conjunction with Samaritan House.

  • It was agreed that the site should be designated as a Memorial for David Livingston.
  • Chris LoScerbo collected plans/suggestions brought to the meeting by community members. She will deliver them to the Geselbrechts for their information in finalizing their submission to the City.

A PDF of the Site is available on the Blog for any who wish to contribute ideas or view it

5. South End Yard Sale – Aug. 23: The Permit is in place for our Yard Sale. It will be held from 9­-2ish on Saturday, August 23, with set­up beginning at 8 a,m. In the grassy area.
­The charge of $10 per spot will go to SECA to support our neighborhood objectives.
­Vendors must provide their own display materials. egs. Table, tarp, clothesrack
­Posters will be created to advertise the event.
­Popcorn will be sold and Gord Fuller will be asked if he wishes to offer hotdogs.

6. Chalk-HopS. Robertson and P. Beltgens met with Diane McGonnegal, Principal, Bayview Community School to discuss plans for a chalk­drawing event to be held to welcome students back to school. Subsequently, the PAC of the school presented ideas to expand the scope of the Welcome Day.
Sydney and Paula now plan to postpone Chalk Day, possibly offering it in the Spring.

7. Great Neighborhood Submission: K. Hazel reported that the final version of our submission is complete except for the addition of pictures representative of the five criteria; Social/Economic activity, Character/History, Design/Architectural Features, Accessibility by multiple modes of transport, and how the neighborhood reflects local culture.

  • S. Larocque, P. Beltgens and K. Hazel will select 10 or so to submit from their archives or from interested community members.
  • K. Hazel reminds us to limit the number of pictures and to give them clear, descriptive titles.. Judges do not appreciate being overwhelmed by too many pictures and are grateful for titles/descriptions as opposed to ‘numbers’ which can cause confusion
  • ­Deadline for submission is August 19
  • Chris Sholberg reviewed our draft submission and expressed his positive opinion of the submission with a correction of the number of miners lost in the disaster.

Thanks was expressed for the fantastic work of Kathryn Hazel and Joan Carruthers in creating our submission.

8. Demolition on Gilllespie: One of the three derelict properties on Gillespie Street has been demolished.
­While this news was positive, questions were raised regarding plans for the remaining derelict properties on Gillespie and elsewhere in the South End.
­D. Laberge informed the group regarding ‘residual value’ considerations where derelict properties are concerned when cost to demolish/remediate contaminants exceeds property value. This makes cities reluctant to appropriate such properties due to the cost to the public.

9. Haliburton Block Party: Put on the ‘back­-burner’ for now. Volunteers did not come forward in support.

10. Miner’s Kiosk: Cathy and Charles Torjhelm report having visited the site and note that the City has tidied up the site with new gravel. Blackberries remain to be cleaned up. They also report that the condo under construction near the site has been served with a stop­-work order.

11. Gung Haggis Fat Choy: Early planning for this event includes finding a suitable venue and determining the event date for this year.
­Possible venues suggested were Harbourfront Theatre, Nanaimo Entertainment Centre and the old Princess Royal gym building.

  • S. French volunteered to request Quality Foods to supply the Haggis for the event.
  • S. Robertson will explore dates and venues and report back.

12. Grocery Receipts – Country Grocer: S. Larocque has set up our organization with the Country Grocer reward program.

  • Every 1,000 in receipts gives SECA a donation of $10
  • Members are encouraged to save their receipts and give them to her. She will redeem them when enough are collected.

S. French indicated that Quality Foods has a similar program. Receipt values are tabulated at checkout and applied to the organization automatically. He will set it up.

8:00 pm – Adjourned

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  1. Financial Report
  2. Recycling Depot/Guests: Sheila Herrera, City Planner, Paul Shorting, Regional Recycling
  3. Samaritan House/Guests: Jack Anderson, Planner/Samaritan House, Jill Collinson, Planning Assistant, City of Nanaimo
  4. Other Business:
    Great Neighborhood Contest
    Picnic Thank You’s
    Bathtub Weekend
    Neighbourhood Garage Sale
    SECA T-Shirts
    Chalk Hop

1. Financial Report: Treasurer, S. Larocque reported on current balances.

General Account – $2,716.53
Picnic Fund  – $2,938.00 – after all expenses paid excepting the “thank you” advertisement for donations.
Revenues/Donations Breakdown:


  • $4,825.00


  • 634.28/Hot Dog Sales
  • 691.75/Silent Auction
  • 373.00/T-Shirts/Aprons
  • 144.00/Popcorn

2. Recycling Depot: Sheila Herrera, City Planner, attended to background us on zoning/use of L1 designations in relation to the OCP.
-The City is currently looking at changes to all L1 designated zones to allow use for recycling facilities to include, in addition to bottles, appliances, electronics, styrofoam and paper products provided they are stored inside.  Exterior storage, such as that at the NRE would not be allowed.
-She points out that this change would be in keeping with OCP corridor development guidelines.
-Regarding the Richardson Foods building at 839 Victoria Rd., no development permit is required for a building of 14,000 sq. ft.
-A public hearing is scheduled August 7th to outline the proposed zoning change to L1’s allowing this use.
-The City is looking for a formal response from SECA addressing the issue.

Paul Shorting, Regional Recycling, spoke to the proposal.  He cited his years of experience at their Hayes/Kenworth Rd. Facility and it’s track record as a responsible business.  He stated that:
-They plan staffing with 5 employees @ 60hrs./wk.
-Hours of operation would be 8:30-5:30, Mon-Sat.
-Baling would be done inside the building.
-There are no plans to expand the footprint of the building.
-Pick-up needs are estimated to be met using 3 trailers per week.
-The proposed new location is 1k from the previous site to accomodate residents concerns.

-Concerns were again aired regarding increased traffic, both car and truck, on Old Victoria Rd. As well as the absence of Traffic control at both the Highway intersection and at the junction with 7th St.  Mr. Shorting pointed out that Kaltire and other businesses are presently located there.  He estimates additional automobile traffic of 100-135 cars daily.

-Claytree Society expressed their concerns regarding safety of their clients with increased traffic.
-Mr. Shorting indicated a willingness to assist with better cross-walks and signage at the      intersection with 7th.
-He stated that, in response to previous concerns, the company has examined alternative sites. He told the group that J. Richardson had approached him regarding the Richardson Foods location.
-He also informed us that Noise Abatement measures would be included and that no doorways or intake operations would be conducted on the rail side of the site.  Intake would be on the Kaltire side.  This concluded Mr. Shorting’s presentation.

Further Discussion:
-The benefit of having a South End recycling facility was expressed, as well as the added benefit of potential local jobs.  Such an investment in the neighborhood should be welcome.

-Jill Collinson, City, was asked if SECA can request the City to include a sidewalk requirement. She explained that current zoning does not require the inclusion of sidewalks and that SECA should contact the Traffic & Engineering departments for information on the issue.
-It was questioned if the Company would expand in future, notwithstanding their present commitment to maintaining the existing footprint.
-The point was again raised regarding discrepancies, in practice, between the OCP and the  previously approved Neighborhood Plans.  It was urged that the City honor these previously approved Plans.
-It was suggested that we address this issue at the August 7th hearing.

3. Samaritan House: Jill Collinson, representing the City, updated us on the zoning amendment process in relation to the Samaritan House proposal for use of the City R.O.W.  She indicated that the proposal is currently in the Development Permit process and that the design plan stage was completed with an overall positive response.  City has viewed the Food Forest proposal from B. Geselbrecht and is generally in support  provided previously outlined constraints are complied with.  The following conditions are still pending:
-A variance is required to provide an additional 2 parking spaces as stipulated by the City,   making a total of 6 overflow spaces for Samaritan House.
-An engineered retaining wall supporting the parking spaces is required.
-A dedicated pathway through the property from the Lane to Haliburton is required.
-Continued upkeep of the space is a concern of the City.
-The City asks for our comments on the Samaritan House plans as soon as possible and, also, for assurances of continuing maintenance of the site.

-A neighbor has privacy concerns as his deck is visible from the Samaritan House courtyard. Samaritan House will apply for a further variance regarding fence height, increasing it from the currently approved 1.8m to 2.9m to accomodate his concerns.
-Ben Geselbrecht will continue to liase with Parks & Recreation regarding the goals of food production in the form of tree crops and site maintenance.
-It was suggested that a Memorial to David Livingston could be placed at the site.
-The Executive will take a walk-through of the site on July 16 to address a vision and the upkeep concerns before making our comments to the City.

4. Great Neighborhood Contest: Sheila Herrera reminded us of the coming deadline to apply for the Great Neighborhood Contest and the support Gary Noble, City Planner and Chris Scholberg, Heritage, Arts and Culture liason for the City are willing to provide for our application.
-To enter, the City requires a submission and application from SECA.
            -The entry process will be discussed/delegated at the next Executive meeting.

5. Picnic Thank You’s: Doug Hardie took the opportunity to thank all the volunteers who helped to make this years’ Miner’s Heritage Picnic another great success.  Special thanks were extended to the Picnic Co-Ordinator, Sandra Larocque for her continued excellent work in organizing the Event.

6. Bathtub Weekend: SECA will enter the Bathtub Parade and our application is in process.
-The Tea Wagon will be driven and characters from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party may participate.
-If children from the neighbourhood wish to participate, they are encouraged to do so and may contact S. Larocque for information.

7. Neighbourhood Garage Sale: The City has approved use of Deverill Park to hold a Community Garage Sale at the end of August.
-Participants must bring their own table(s) if required
-Hot dogs/Popcorn may be sold
-A nominal ‘space’ charge may be requested from participants.  $10 is suggested.

8. SECA T-Shirts: S. Larocque requests funds to purchase more T-Shirts, V-neck ladies shirts and aprons.   The Executive will deal with the request at their next meeting.

9. Chalk Hop: The Chalk Event is scheduled for September 5 with a Rain Date on the 12th.  Bayview students will participate.


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  1. Introductions
  2. Financial Report
  3. Minutes
  4. Neighbourhood Security – D. Laberge
  5. Miners Heritage Picnic – update
  6. Robins Grove – update
  7. Recycling Plant – proposed new location
  8. Nanaimo Arts Council – presentation
  9. Chalk Festival/’Happy’ Videos
  10. Other Business:
    Tea Wagon
    Scotch Broom
    Safe Neighbourhood Brochures
    Culture Day
    Rowe House Welcome Event


1. Introductions: Judy Nielsen – Nanaimo Arts Council, Victoria Drakeford – Robins Grove and David Laberge were present to speak on different topics.

2. Financial Report: The Treasurer reports the following balances:

  • Picnic Account – $4,882.93
  • General Account – $1,508.77

The estimated cost of the picnic is $7,022.60 including all fees and insurance.

3. Minutes: Procedures for approval and publishing of Minutes were restated. Minutes of the General Meetings are approved by the Executive and then published to the SECA Blog.

4. Neighbourhood Security – D. Laberge
Constable Laberge updated us on the following:

  • The Patricia has re-opened under new Lease. Mike Sargeant remains the owner of the building.
  • There is a pending sale of the Jolly Miner to be finalized in about a month. Tenants have already received notice to vacate.
  • Property crime is increasing throughout Nanaimo due to many new residents. The North End is experiencing this increase also.
  • Drug Houses continue to be targeted. Residents have been removed from a problem property on Finlayson.
  • He reports that the Suneymux’ new Chief has contacted Police regarding problem areas on Eton and Robins Streets. The RCMP will make this area a focus over the next month.

In discussion it was suggested that:

  • The new owners of the Patricia should be invited to attend a General Meeting to become aware of our group and it’s goals.
  • Attention was called to the overgrown condition of the lot behind McDonalds. As it is their property, the RCMP will request that they clear it.

5. Miners Heritage Picnic – Update: Donations continue to come in with most Donors matching their usual contribution.
Volunteers are still needed to:

  • pick up the orange drink/urns from McDonalds
  • pick up/return Recycling Bins from the NRE. This job can be handled by a full size pickup truck. A volunteer is urgently needed for this important task.
  • If no one is able to get the NRE bins, a volunteer/s is needed to manage bottle/can separation and to monitor/empty the on-site garbage receptacles. The volunteer will be compensated by the Deposit/Return money.
  • bodies to help with set-up (7-8:30 a.m.) and tear-down after the event.
  • A volunteer to pick up articles for the Silent Auction from the LaRocque residence.
  • Maggie Woueerloot is taking responsibility for Signy’s Pet Parade this year. Participation Ribbons cost approx. $60 and permission to purchase them was requested. Approved by concensus.

At the picnic, an Art Bin Project will be held in the Art Tent area to refurbish a number of existing bins and hopefully paint some new ones. More locations are also needed for bins. C. LoScerbo will take charge of this activity. Quality Foods Corporate will be supplying all the food for both the Pancake Breakfast and the Laura Ramsey Memorial Tea. Thanks to S. French for facilitating this. We are reminded that Salads will be served instead of Pot-Stickers as a health-concious alternative.

6. Robin’s Grove Update: Victoria Drakeford, the landscape architect working with the group developing Robin’s Grove, attended the meeting. V. Drakeford, D. Hardie and C. LoScerbo have met with the new Project Manager, at his request. He would like to attend one of our Meetings to hear our ideas on how the Project can best fit with Neighbourhood plans. V. Drakeford informed us that efforts are being made to preserve the unique plantings and trees on the Site and to incorporate them into the overall Site Plan. She also indicated that a major re-thinking of the project is presently underway. The building currently under construction is scheduled for fall completion.

Several attendees felt that a dedicated walkway to the downtown core would be a welcomed feature as it would link the areas and promote exploration by visitors/cruise ship passengers. The possibility of incorporating a Community Space was raised and those present were in agreement that this would be another positive and welcomed inclusion.

7. Recycling Plant Location: The developer is considering the Richardson Food site on Victoria Rd. Just past Kal Tire. This site is in the South End neighbourhood. The Claytree Society, with its Special Needs clientele, feels increased traffic to the proposed site would endanger its clients as there is no traffic light at that intersection. The currently proposed new location would also increase traffic at the other end of Victoria where the promised light at the intersection of Victoria Rd., Hwy 1, and Haliburton St. has still not been installed. The dangerous nature of this intersection and the poor sight lines there are cause for ongoing concern. Increasing traffic to this area would only exacerbate the problem.

It was suggested that a Protest be organized to get the attention of the M.O.T. focused on this issue. This possibility will be raised again after the Miner’s Heritage Picnic.

8. Nanaimo Arts Council: Guest, Judy Nielsen, attended to inform the group of current changes under consideration for their organization. They are working to engage more fully with the community to promote the Arts in Nanaimo. To facilitate this goal, they are seeking to relocate from North Town Centre (the old Rutherford Mall) to a more central/active site and are currently exploring options.

Several sites in our area were suggested to her as possible venues: 55 Victoria Rd., the vacant Treasure Island store on Haliburton and the site beside Robinson Rentals, also on Haliburton, were brought to her attention. A possible collaboration with our group to share space was also suggested by attendees. It was suggested that the Arts Council could be a presence at the Miner’s Heritage Picnic to give information to the public on this initiative. Questions were raised regarding the possible support of funding organizations such as Canada Council, BC Arts Foundation, City of Nanaimo, etc.

9. Chalk Festival/’Happy’ Videos: A Chalk Festival Event will be held in September in co-operation with Bayview Elementary School. The event will welcome students back to school and will include a bouncy castle and other activities to provide a fun first day of school for the children. Paula Beltgens encouraged those present to undertake “Random Acts of Chalking” over the summer to beautify our sidewalks and show pride in our Neighbourhood. To facilitate this, a recipe for home-made chalk will be posted on the blog. An initial Happy Video has been created and can be viewed on our Blog to encourage participation by community members.

There are 3 ways to participate in this fun activity:

  • Produce videos at the Miner’s Heritage Picnic and/or Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
  • Contact the Blog to gather participants for a video
  • Submit a video you have done to the Blog.

10. Tea Wagon: It was suggested that the Tea Wagon could participate in the Bathtub Parade. Our SECA Banner could be carried by neighbourhood children, who have little opportunity to participate in a parade, providing a memorable childhood experience. It was also suggested that costumed characters from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party could march along, showing our Neighbourhoods fun, community character. The opinion was expressed that the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is a small event and should not grow too much.

11. Scotch Broom: The Scotch Broom infestation was called to the attention of the group and people were encouraged to tackle any “Broom in Bloom” on their properties before seeding occurs. In discussion solutions were asked about – were there any organized attacks on the problem planned. None were brought forth.

12. Safe Neighbourhood Brochures: Kathy Torhjelm brought the new Nuisance Brochures, printed for us by the City, to the meeting and presented them to those present. She will bring a supply of the brochures to the Miner’s Heritage Picnic for distribution to the public.

13. Culture Day: Judy Nielsen reminded the group of “Culture Day” coming up at the end of September.

14. Rowe House Welcome event: The possibility of providing a BBQ or other event to welcome the young residents of Rowe House to our neighbourhood was again presented. This will go on the Agenda for our next meeting.

8:20 pm – Adjourned

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  1. B. Geselbrecht _.Community Space-Samaritan House
  2. Traffic Light – Council Meeting
  3. Miner’s Heritage Picnic
  4. Irwin Street Community Gardens
  5. Daily News – Column
  6. SECA Tent – Purchase
  7. RCMP – Neighborhood Report
  8. Chalk Walk
  9. Other Business:
    Mad Hatters Tea Party
    South End Happiness Video
    Nanaimo Centre Stage
    Stand Up for the Veterans Event
    Patricia Pub

1. Community Space-Samaritan House: Ben Geselbrecht presented re-cap of the project background for all and a report on current status:

  • J. Anderson, Project Manager, has submitted a Lot Plan to the City as regards Samaritan House. Parking and Community Plantings on the remainder of the Lot.
  • it is estimated 2 months for funds for Site Clearance to be available.

Discussion: It was asked if any further constraints on the use of this City Right of Way applied other than those previously discussed. ie. Access to City pipes beneath the ground and providing clear sight lines with no “lurking” areas. No further constraints applied. It was generally agreed that B. Geselbrecht would liase with the City and J. Anderson regarding the Community Use area. He may set up a Suggestions Table at the Miner’s Picnic. Interested community members should watch the Blog for updates.

2. Nanaimo Community Garden SocietyGuest Presenters Wm. Farris and Glenda Strasner attended to introduce the goals and structure of their new Neighborhood Garden project on Irwin St. At the current Young Professionals Garden site behind RU Computing. They wish to provide:

  • the opportunity to promote local food security
  • to share knowledge among members
  • to foster community/ very relaxed, welcoming, volunteers encouraged
  • provide Organic produce with raised beds/watering system

They organize on a “work party” model with sessions on Tuesdays from 5:30 – 8:30 and Sundays from 11-2. Membership Fees as affordable. A formal transfer of the project from the Young Professionals to the Garden Society will be held on May 17 at 11a.m. On site.
Discussion: It was asked ifRU Computing had been consulted regarding the change-over. They had and are in agreement.

3. Traffic Light/CouncilS. Larocque attended Council’s Committee of the Whole to present concerns regarding the dangerous triple intersection. Also presented to the Committee were letters from AC Taxi and Coastland. P. Portsmouth spoke to the group indicating that Sandra’s excellent presentation can be viewed on the Council website under “Committe of the Whole”. P. Portsmouth also requests that the incorrect date of the original Traffic Light commitment as reported in minutes be corrected to reflect the proper date. L. Gambone will post it on the Blog. G. Fuller clarifies that the Highway at that point is Hwy 1, not Hwy 19 and is therefore technically under Federal jurisdiction.

4. SECA Tent – Purchase: Discussion was held regarding the purchase of a new SECA Event Tent to replace the one damaged while on loan. It was generally expressed that a borrower assumes responsibility for repair or replacement. It was pointed out that, in the event of fmancial inconvenience, a payment schedule could be adopted. S. Larocque reported that an equivalent tent is presently on sale for $239 at Costco. Motion: G. Fuller moved that we purchase this tent and bill the person responsible. P. Portsmouth seconded. Carried. Doug Hardie will sign a check. S. Larocque will purchase.

5. Miner’s Heritage Picnic: S. Larocque reports: reminds the group that, as the Ladies of the Moose Lodge will be tillable to provide their usual servers for the Pancake Breakfast, an additional 6-7 volunteers are needed to staff the event. She has 4 committed volunteers at present. Charles and Kathy’Ijorhelm have obtained the Toyota Tent for the Childrens Art Area. Volunteers are required for Set-up, Clean-up, Popcorn Stand (2-3), to pick up/return the BBQ and general assistance on the day L.I.T.s are expected to serve at the Memorial Tea, Valentina Cardinali offered to supervise child-child face painting if materials are funded. Paula Beltgen and David will again provide ‘pot-stickers’. N.R.E. Will again provide containers but a volunteer is needed to pick up/return them. G. Fuller suggests that a list of needed volunteers be put on the Blog.

6. Daily News Column: Doug Hardie indicates that, while he and Paula Beltgens have provided weekly column material in the past, fresh ideas and contributors are needed.
Discussion: Several members, including Kathryn Hazel, Valentina Cardinali, Wm. Ferris and P. Portsmouth, expressed their interest and ideas for contributions. D. Hardie will happily receive and vet submissions via e-mail to keep top-of-mind the difference between personal opinions/SECA positions.

7. Chalk-Walk: P. Beltgens updated the group on the proposed Spring Chalk-Walk. Bayview School would like to be involved in a Chalk-Walk Event but, rather than holding it now, they prefer to have a Fall Event at the start of the school year on September 5. They want to have a bouncy castle and make a fun welcome back event for the students. P. Beltgens and S. Robertson would still like to see a Spring Chalk-Walk also held and it was suggested that a “Random Acts of Chalking” Event for the May Long Weekend be promoted on Facebook.

8. Mad Hatters Tea Party: P. Beltgens also updated everyone on this event which will be held on August 3 from 2-4p.m. At Deverill Park and will again be scripted. Parts are still open. It was intimated that visiting dignitaries such as Toad of Toad Hall may be present. A video of last years presentation can be viewed on the Blog.

9. Happiness Video: P. Beltgens also suggested that the South End could make a “Happiness Video” to include on the YouTube site. And that Happiness Flash Mobs could be held at the Miners Heritage Picnic.

10. Nanaimo Centre Stage: The management situation was discussed briefly and it was expressed that possible solutions were being considered.

11. “Stand Up for the Veterans” Event: P. Portsmouth told the group the event will be held at the Coast Bastion on Thursday, May 22 at 12:00 p.m. It will be hosted by Peter Stoffer, Tom Mulcair and Jean Crowder.

12. Patricia Pub under new ownership: It was pointed out that the Patricia will reopen under new management on May 16. Renovations are currently underway. Their stated goal is the be a “neighborhood pub”. Kathy Tjorhelm requests that the new owners be asked to present to us.

8:15 pm – Adjourned

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Tea Wagon Featured on Shaw TV

In case you missed this on TV in July, here’s a wonderful clip about our tea Wagon!

Thanks sooo much to Melissa Hall, Video Journalist  from Shaw TV.  Lovely job!

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