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The South End Cob Co-op continues! FREE work parties this August!

Announcing your next opportunities to get involved, learn and work with cob in the South End. As many of you know we started our first South End Cob project off with an oven and now we have the two attached benches to finish off! Please join us this August during the following dates to get an intro to basic foundations and cob mixes.

These work parties are much less formal than our previous Mudgirls workshop – feel welcome to drop in and out during the open time slots whenever you can make it and get a very quick intro and task to work on at whatever stage of the building we are at. T

hese work party times are also a perfect opportunity for those of you who are curious about the South End Cop Co-op and haven’t yet signed up – Join us!

August 11th, Thursday 11 – 3pm
August 17th, Wednesday 6 – 9pm

August 20th, Saturday 2 – 5pm

August 21st, Sunday 5 pm on! *Celebratory Cob firing – bring something to bake in the oven!

If you’re interested in coming by and haven’t yet been to the site please email clauren1@gmail.com to get directions!
Please Bring:
  • water bottle,
  • sunhat,
  • weather appropriate clothing,
  • closed toed shoes,
  • garden or leather gloves,
  • and snacks if you (or your children) will require snacks while you are working
Be Prepared:
  • You will get dirty!
  • Be respectful of gardens, pathways and animals at all times.
  • This is an all ages event – everyone welcome!
  • Parents/guardians are completely responsible for and expected to look after younger ones safety.
For more information on our South End Cob Co-op, click here.

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From Cris LoScerbo, our South End Cobbing Cobbler Maven….

The first project was a huge success and we had over 25 participants and visitors over the course of our three day workshop!

THANK YOU to everyone for your participation and support!





We learned about cob basics, foundations and roofs, oven details and over all skill building, while enjoying all local food from the Wednesday Bowen Road Farmer’s Market and our own garden!

If you’re interested in reading up on cob ovens (our previously built cob project), heres the book for you: Build your own Earth Oven – Kiko Denzer!

Interested in joining the South End’s Cob Co-op?

Sign up today!

Come to a workparty or workshop and get an intro to what you could also build on your property with your South End Neighbours!

Together we are creating more beautiful expressions and displays of what make our neighbourhood unique, inviting and exciting to be a part of!

We have 6 co-op spaces available and we want you to join us!

Please read the details of our Cob Co-op and choose to be one of our lucky neighbours: Sign up to be a Cob Co-op share holder!

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Derek Spalding, The Daily News

Published: Thursday, June 23, 2011

South-end residents found yet another way to make their neighbourhood stand out from all others in Nanaimo.

Chris LoScerbo leads that charge as she prepares to teach people from at least 10 other households how to create cob sculptures that have practical functions and help inspire people to get to know their neighbours.

Click the link above to read more…

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