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You are invited to:

The Friends of Morden Mine Reception

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of start-up work at Morden

Saturday, September 29, 2012, 1:30 P.M.,

At the Nanaimo Museum:

The Friends of the Morden Mine are hosting:

 a buffet style, light lunch.

Honouring the miners in a toast to Morden.

Accomplished author and historian Tom Paterson will deliver a talk titled

“’Coal Was Not Always A Dirty Word”.

A presentation ceremony and exhibit display are planned.

The Friends of Morden Mine are inviting descendants of the Morden Colliery Miners to pay homage to their ancestors by providing information and by adding  to a growing list of Morden miners.

The Morden Mine Exhibit will be displayed at the museum until the 3rd week in November.

Please invite your friends and associates and contribute to making this important celebration a success!

All those who plan to attend are encouraged to send an e-mail to info@mordenmine.com under the heading Celebration

Visit us online at www. mordenmine.com

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A Fall Black Track Tour

If you haven’t been on one of Tom’s tours, you are in for a real treat.
Join Tom Paterson’s final 2012 heritage walking tour of Nanaimo area old coal mining and railroad sites.  Only twenty spaces are available.
Contact cchristo@shaw.ca or phone  250-714-0377  for reservations.  Ticket prices are:  $30.00 for one person; $25.00 each for two or more in a party. 
Each ticket comes with a year’s free membership in FOMM.
Tom is the author of over 24 historical books about Vancouver Island, a long-time columnist for The Cowichan Valley Citizen, a contributor to many other B.C. newspapers and magazines, and a well-known heritage activist known most recently for his work on the successful Kinsol Trestle campaign. 
Tom donates all proceeds to Friends of Morden Mine, a registered charity, to assist in their goal of preserving Morden Colliery’s 99 year old reinforced concrete above-ground head frame and tipple, as a memorial to all coal miners on Vancouver Island.  Its 1913 structures are the earliest of two such structures  in North America.  Parks Canada has designated Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park as an “Historic Place.” 

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Marvellous Morden Mine Tours

Tom Paterson has selected two dates for his May Black Track Tours.  The first is on Sunday, May 15th.  If there is sufficient demand, he will lead another tour on Sunday, May 29th.

Tom Paterson is a well know Vancouver Island historian, author of something like 24 books, a long-time columnist for the Cowichan Valley Citizen.  He has earned comments from  tour  participants as “mesmerizing,” “captivating,”  “a great learning experience.”
Please contact cchristo  [at] shaw.ca or phone 250-714-0377 if you wish to book.   Ticket prices are $30.00 for one, $25.00 each for two or more in a party and are donated by Tom Paterson to assist in future remediation of Morden Colliery’s rapidly deteriorating almost 100 year old structures.
Notes: “Black Track” refers to those South Wellington area railway lines informally used by miners and residents as a “public thoroughfare” or walking track. Coal dust so thickly coated the lines that they became known locally as the “Black Track.”
Morden’s 1913 headframe and tipple were innovative in their use of reinforced concrete and are the only such remaining above-ground structures on Vancouver Island, or in North America we believe. Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park has been named as an Historic Place by Parks Canada and will be on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.
Tours assemble at 10:00 a.m. at Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park in front of the headframe. Transportation will be pooled to drive participants to various mine sites, but participants are asked to provide their own to and from the park.
 Each participant is asked to bring water or juice, a packed lunch/snacks sufficient to sustain them for the length of the tour, typically about four hours. Hats, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, and clothing to protect from possible brambles or wayward branches, suitable for forecast weather, are also recommended. Transportation will be pooled to drive participants to various mine sites, but participants are asked to provide their own to and from the park.

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