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From Cris LoScerbo, our South End Cobbing Cobbler Maven….

The first project was a huge success and we had over 25 participants and visitors over the course of our three day workshop!

THANK YOU to everyone for your participation and support!





We learned about cob basics, foundations and roofs, oven details and over all skill building, while enjoying all local food from the Wednesday Bowen Road Farmer’s Market and our own garden!

If you’re interested in reading up on cob ovens (our previously built cob project), heres the book for you: Build your own Earth Oven – Kiko Denzer!

Interested in joining the South End’s Cob Co-op?

Sign up today!

Come to a workparty or workshop and get an intro to what you could also build on your property with your South End Neighbours!

Together we are creating more beautiful expressions and displays of what make our neighbourhood unique, inviting and exciting to be a part of!

We have 6 co-op spaces available and we want you to join us!

Please read the details of our Cob Co-op and choose to be one of our lucky neighbours: Sign up to be a Cob Co-op share holder!

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Welcome to the Second Annual Mad Hatters Tea Party! It was a great success last year and we’re looking forward to another gala event sponsored by SECA!

    • · There will be materials available for making hats at the event – but if you the urge moves you, come as your favourite Alice in Wonderland character! You won’t be alone!
    • · If you can, please bring a chair to sit on.
    • · A tea pot for donations will be passed around (and anything is greatly appreciated.)
    • · If you’re wondering what to wear… here are some websites with ideas and inspiration for costumes:




For pics from last year, click here.


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Hi all:  I pulled this from the DNBIA e-mail newsletter. Although the local rash of B&E’s is not in our area, I found it interesting info.



Break and Enters on the Rise
Submitted by Nanaimo RCMP Community Policing Section

The central area of Nanaimo is currently experiencing an increase in break and enters and business and home owners are asked to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

Since July 1, seven break and enters have been reported in homes in the areas of Rosehill, Townsite, Cadogan, Pryde and most recently Hunter St. In the last incident  the suspects entered while the home was unoccupied and gained entry through a rear window. Small items were taken and neighborhood inquires were negative. Most of these occurrences are happening between noon and 4:30 pm, the time when most people are still at work. Only small items that can easily be carried and concealed are being taken. Thieves are entering through back yards and going in through unlocked windows.

“Based on what we know to date, it most likely involves young teenage males who have been able to blend in with their surroundings and not be detected,” said Constable Gary O’Brien, media spokesperson for the Nanaimo RCMP.

If you see something in your neighborhood you think is suspicious, report it to the police or at least monitor it . It might be as simple as seeing someone walking up your street who seems to be more interested in looking at homes, rather than making eye contact with you. Make a note of this person and when you saw them. Watch to see where they go and share this information with your neighbors. It might be nothing or it might be the piece of information that police need to catch those responsible.

The following tips are provided for your home security:
• Report suspicious activity as soon as possible
• Most break and enters occur during daylight hours, between 10 am and 2 pm
• Thieves utilize thick foliage surrounding your property to provide them with concealment; trim them accordingly with concealment in mind
• Unlocked windows in the rear of your home are the preferred areas of entry, place a bar or wooden dowel in the window sill to prevent the window from opening all the way
• Thieves often work in pairs, be on the lookout for a person who seems to be just standing on a street corner, they are the lookout
• Thieves will often use two way radios, this is a tell tale sign that a break and enter might be happening
• Record license plate numbers on vehicles, get detailed descriptions of persons, their clothing and last known direction of travel
• When walking your dog or out for some exercise, make note of your neighborhood, who is in it, what cars are traveling on your roads and if anything looks out of place
• Start up a Block Watch
• Stay alert!!!

If you want more information on protecting your home or establishing a Block Watch, contact the Nanaimo RCMP Community Policing Section at 250-755-3257. Also, if you have any information on this recent rash of break and enters, please call the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS) or go online at www.nanaimocrimestoppers.com

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Monday July 11 night Council gave third reading to Zoning Bylaw 4500 with the following amendments:

1.    Amend Section 6.1.3 (a) pertaining to urban food gardens by adding the following sentence: “urban food gardens shall not to exceed 25% of lot area on lots 2400 sq m or greater in area.”

2.    Amend Section 6.10 pertaining to fence height to maintain the fence height regulations for residential zones (R1/R1a to R10and R13 to R15) for side and rear yards at the same height as found currently in Zoning Bylaw No. 4000. 

 This increases the maximum size of side and rear yard fence from 1.8m to 2.4m in the stated residential zones. The maximum size of an urban food garden on lots greater than 2400 square metres is increased from 600 square metres to 25% of the lot area.

 The proposed bylaw will go to to Council AUGUST 8. 2011

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Picnic ReviewWe all felt it was another great success. A big thanks to everyone who participated. Some suggestions were made for next year; The Silent Auction should be near the Art Tent so that parents of children can participate. Some sort of traffic control needed for all the trucks and coming and going during the set up period in the morning.

Our Nanaimo. Jeremy of Nanaimo Centre Stage proposed a project for 2012 called “Our Nanaimo” and would like people from the S. End to get involved. It involves a collection of theatre pieces based on actual peoples experiences living in Nanaimo. The idea is to have audio tours of the city and listen to the play through ear phones while walking about. One major goal is to have work shops where people can create their own audio tours, thus creating an informal and approachable history of Nanaimo. The long term vision is to have an archive of these plays and tours. Aarame, who manages Centre Stage then spoke of how valuable it was as a community resource. It has been open since 2008 and the City owns the building. Rooms and the theatre are available for rent to the public. The biggest space seats about 140 people.There will be a circus taking place at Centre Stage July 30 and later a Fringe Theatre Festival. For information go to www.nanaimocentrestage.org

YNP Community Garden, Andre Sullivan of YPN told us of how pleased he was of the support of S. End residents. There are now 15 beds with vegetables planted and growing. This food will be donated to the Food Bank. Ten to fifteen new beds will be opened up for residents and five people have already signed up. Plots are $30 a year which includes water, fertilizer, and soil. There will soon be picnic benches and art bins on site.

Tea Wagon, Next step is to do design now that base coat is done. Shaw TV filmed the painting and it will be shown July 18

Bulletin Board. We now have a community bulletin board at the corner of Irwin and Milton. This was built and installed by the City. Pat Squire mentioned that he still has the timbers from the old Buckerfields site that were to be used for our original bulletin board design. It was suggested that we can still do our own bulletin board elsewhere and erect it on private property.

Cob Coop, Chris said the first project was a huge success. There were 6-8 people participating each of the three days. The first cob oven has been built and she will let people know when the firing will happen.

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There’s still time to plant a garden this summer!  And there are some beds still available at the South End Community Garden!

For the cost of only $30, you can rent one of these beds until Feb 2012.  (in other words it will pay for itself many times over, especially if you like winter vegetables…:)

Contact the YPN to find out how:

gardens  [at]  ypnanaimo.com

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