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Ok, so that’s a b-i-t of a stretch, but last week’s Harbour City News featured a terrific story about what happens when a whole community bands together to help.  Thanks to Bill Robinson for a great story.


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Dear Friends,

Dec 1 Update

Dear Friends!

The Very Best News!!!  Jocko is home and lying beside me, busily working on a bone as I type this (photos attached).  I know that many of you in Nanaimo have been actively, physically looking and others have been providing other kinds of support and prayers so I wanted to let you know this news right away!

Early this morning we got a call from someone who’d seen Jocko go through his driveway and into a park very, very close to our friends’ house where Jocko originally left from over two weeks ago.  David and I went to look immediately and our friends joined in soon after.  Whether through his own good dog sense or through hearing our friends calling as they walked back to their house, or both – the magic of all our hopes and prayers and visioning came to fruition and Jocko walked into their driveway around 9:00 this morning. He is much skinnier but in good health, hungry, affectionate and raring to go!

It is not possible to fully express my gratitude for all your help and kindness over the past two weeks.  To have a dog, cat or other animal as a companion is such a wonderful gift and also a responsibility to ensure they are safe, loved and well cared for.  As tough as it has been over the last couple of weeks worrying whether or not he was suffering, the experience has been balanced by an overwhelming sense of community and connection with people who have reached out in so many ways to help us bring Jocko home – tramping the streets and woods, flyering mailboxes, postering, emailing, phoning, announcing, making a TV segment, holding intention, encouraging and generally talking it up.  Someone even created a Vision Board for Jocko (photo attached).

We have been deeply touched and inspired by people’s compassion and assistance and just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

Please put out the word that Jocko is found and we’ll start taking down all the posters around town!  YAY!!!

All the best to all of you and thanks again!

Paula and David

Jocko will be featured on Shaw cable soon!  Watch for details.  (Pawtographs may be available…:)


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