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SECA Meeting  Wed July 1 @ 7 pm

Princesss Royal Centre

On the Agenda

  • IPI update
  • Neighbourhood Plan Update
  • Miner’s Picnic Follow-up

Lane Makeover Featured on Shaw Cable (Channel 4)this Week

The story of the “Cinderella lane” (ok, that’s a bit of a stretch, but she DID get some fancy new duds and a party), will be featured on The Daily on Shaw Cable this week.  Whodathunk that the lane would be the focus of positive news…?

The feature is scheduled to air on between  6 PM Monday June 29th and 6 PM Tuesday June 30. It plays around the 12 and the 42 minute mark.

Then it will air once per hour from 6pm Saturday July 3 to 6pm Monday July 6. Should be the same timing as above.

We mentioned in the filming that this is a long-term project, and that if we want to ensure success, we’ll have to keep working on it.  We’re in the process of planning another painting/clean-up party…stay tuned..!

Long Range Plan For Board of Education

The Board of Education is beginning a process of developing a long range plan for facilities in School District 68.  The Board wants the long range facilities plan to reflect the values that the public has for its school facilities.  They would like to receive your input.

If you’ve got a few minutes, please follow this link to provide some feedback:


Birdbee Summer Art School

Adventures in Art and Theatre

July 13-17 Monday-Friday

Nicole’s Drama Class will include theatre games, character creation, costumes & PLAY!

Times are 9-noon for ages 9-12 & 1-4 PM for ages 6-8

Yvonne’s Art Studio will include drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, mural making & art cards!

Times are 9-noon for ages 6-8 & 1-4 PM for ages 9-12

Sign up now for half day studio classes in theatre or visual arts!!! Or better yet, bring a lunch & sign up for the day! Immerse yourself in the creative process, use your imagination, create new stories, paint new images & have loads of fun!!!

Bird Studio

32 Gillespie Street

(house with bird gates!)

Yvonne (250) 754-0677

kooi   [at]     telus.net

Nicole (250) 754-5294

busbyjohnson [at]          gmail.com

435 Irwin Street

call or email to register

  • $100 for half day
  • $175 for full day

We will walk children between houses & supervise lunch; all drop offs and pick ups at Bird Studio.

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A Humongousminer's_2009_012miner's_2009_056 Success!

Hi all, just wanted to acknowledge the fantastic day on Saturday.  We had our biggest attendance ever and the day was just a tremendous success on so many levels.  Well done the many folks who worked so hard to pull it off.  I really felt proud to be part of our neighborhood, I think we have something  quite special here in the old south end, and it is growing every year. Thank you to the Women of Moose Lodge for their hard work with the Pancake Breakfast.  Charles Torhjelm, take a bow for having the vision and energy to get the ball rolling on this event, 17 years old and counting.  We salute you!

Douglas Hardie,  SECA Chair

Numbers still coming in, we’re thinking there were around 1,000 people attending this year.  Yay South End…

A special thank you to the Women of Moose Lodge for their hard work with the Pancake Breakfast.

Photo album of the picnic click  HERE.

Bracelet Lost!

A silver eagle bracelet was lost at the Miner’s Picnic. Please contact us if you found it and we’ll put you in touch with the owner.

The event’s success was partly due to our GENEROUS donors:

Thrifty Foods

Robinson Rentals

Harbourview Days Inn

Mid-Island Co-op

Advantage Fitness

Calico Cat Tea House

Gallazin and Sons

Northwest Wire Rope

Jack Daniels Automotive

Sun Ray Aluminum

Linde Canada

Dority Heating


Chevron Canada

Chilo Transport

Coastal Community Credit Union

Country Grocer


Firehouse grill

Nicol St. Hostel

Heritage Cycle

Mototech Automotive

Newport Bar and Grill

Canadian Mental Health Association

Royal Bank

Dream With Me

Fred Wicks

Richardson Food Group

RU Computing

Pat Portsmouth

Sandra’s Head to Toe Salon

Victor Svacek, Defense Lawyer

Fitness Edge

Harbour Chandler

Buy, Sell & Trade

Barry Hall

AC Taxi

Muriel Ross

Women of the Moose

Coast Mountain Truck and Marine

Harbour Heights


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(Taken from “Names of Nanaimo Streets and Their Origins” which was transcribed from a 1934 newspaper article entitled “History of Nanaimo”)

CRACE STREET – After H. Winfield Crace, secretary of the Vancouver Coal Company.

EATON STREET – Named after Samuel Eaton, chief of the Snuneymux First nation.

ESPLANADE – So named because of its panoramic view.

FARQUHAR STREET – After James Farquhar, cashier and accountant of the Hudson’s Bay Company when the transfer to Nanaimo Estate was made.

GILLESPIE STREET – Named after an old director of the Vancouver Coal Company.

HALIBURTON-STREET – Named after Judge Haliburton, the author of “Sam Slick”, who was chairman of the Vancouver Coal Company’s first board of directors.

HECATE STREET – After the H.M.S. Hecate, which was employed in these waters in 1863 and 1864 (Proper pronunciation, Hec-a-te)

IRWIN STREET – Named after J. V. H. Irwin, a director of the Vancouver Coal Company.

KENNEDY STREET – After His Excellency Governor Kennedy who held office in 1864.

MILTON STREET – After Lord Milton, a large shareholder in the Vancouver Coal Company.

NEEDHAM STREET – After Justice Needham, of Victoria, a large shareholder in the Vancouver Coal Company.

PINE STREET – So named, as the name implies, because of the abundance of pine trees which grew there.

PRIDEAUX STREET – After Prideaux Selby, a director of the Vancouver Coal Company.

ROBINS STREET – Named after Samuel M. Robins, superintendent of the Vancouver Coal Company for many years.

SABISTON STREET. – Named after John Sabiston, an early pioneer who owned and sub-divided the land where the street now runs.

SELBY STREET – Named after Prideaux Selby, a director of the Vancouver Coal Company.

STRICKLAND STREET – Probably after a director of the Vancouver Coal Company.

Hmm, 10 out of 17 streets named for a mining boss. Had the streets been named after any of the Chinese workers (many who lost their lives), our streets would likely be “78 street”  or “213 street”  because workers weren’t given names.  But that was unlikely to happen!

You can see some of the names of the “unfamous” miners on the memorial at the corner of Esplanade and Milton. We wrote about that last month.  If you missed it, click here to read.

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Date:  Saturday June 20

Time:  8:30 to 4:30

Place:  Deverill Park Location:  south of Milton Street, between Haliburton and Irwin Streets.


Sure, we’d love to have you visit ALL day!  But, just in case, here’s the planned schedule of events for the day.

For everyone:

Free Pancake Breakfast:  8:30 to 10:00

Welcoming Ceremonies:  10:00 to 11:00. We have much history in the South End, and our welcome ceremony will include it.

  • A blessing and shawl dancing by Snuneymuxw First Nation
  • Chinese Lion dance: 2 lions!!

SECA 20th Anniversary Celebration  12:00. It’s the 20th Anniversary of the South End Community Association.  And what better way to celebrate a big event than with a big cake…yay!

Kids love the free entertainment

Kids love the free entertainment

For the kids:

Yvonne’s Art Tent:  10:00 to 3:00. Kids become mini Picassos with the help of talented local artist Yvonne VanderKooi.

Rides & Inflatables:   10:00 to 2:00. Includes the El Paso Train Adventure, the Bouncy Castle, the merry-go-round.  All free…does life get any better..??

Petting Farm: 10:00 to 2:00

Pet Parade:  1:30. Show off your loved ones and win a prize (maybe.)

The Fabulous New Water Park and Playground are open all day (bring towel!)


The Nanaimo Fiddlers          9:00 AM

Shane Philip                        12:00 PM http://www.shanephilip.com/

Trinitude                                     2:00 PM

For Adults

swapping stories at the Strewberry Social

swapping stories at the Strawberry Social

Heritage Walk:  11:00. Listen for the bagpipes…that’s Chuck Pierce’s sign that the Heritage Walk is about to begin.  Led by Jill Stannard, the tour is chock  full of stories.   This year includes a stop at the old Balmoral Hotel and features the old Number One Mine.

Silent Auction:  11:00 to 4:00. In a fun and quirky neighbourhood like ours, there’s always something out of the ordinary to bid on. Proceeds to the South End Community Association.

South End Stories: 1:00 to 2:00. A storytelling session – share your favourite memories or come and listen.  Hosted by Laura Ramsay, author of The SouthEnders.

Strawberry Social:  2:00 to 3:30.  The perfect place to meet old friends and keep the stories going, over strawberry shortcake, donated by the Nicol St Dairy Queen.

Displays: 10:00 to 4:30


All events are free!

Hotdogs & Drinks: Gord Fuller’s world renowned ( if you think we’re kidding — just try one)  gourmet BBQ hotdogs and a drink for the low, low, yup lowww, price of $2.50.

For more info and pictures from last year, just scroll down a few articles!

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Next SECA Meeting  Wed July 1 @ 7 PM

Princess Royal Centre  (Farquhar @ Irwin)

All welcome

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Of course, we ALL won…the city got their plants in in time for the Kid’s Festival this weekend, and we neighbourhood associations all got to pitch in and say “thanks” for all the city’s ongoing support.

And of course, as predicted, we won our own challenge for bringing out the most volunteers…hey, “industrious” and “south end” are words that are virtually interchangeable! (along with “friendly” and “plays well with others.”)

We presented the coveted Art Bin to the #2 team, the Wellington Action Committee.  They promptly christened her “Dirty Gertie” and granted us visitation privileges.

Thanks everyone!!

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Mayor is concerned about noisy company

15-year-old recycling centre’s work keeps up the neighbours

Derek Spalding, Daily News

Published: Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mayor John Ruttan wants a south-end recycling company to either comply with his noise restrictions or face the wrath of city bylaw officers who can crack down on the company that has been on the Eaton Street property for 15 years.

Managers at International Paper Industries had one month to implement a list of recommendations following an April meeting with neighbours who have long complained about the constant noise of glass being smashed at the facility, which is located in a residential area. In a strongly worded letter to the company, city staff told the company to reduce the volume of glass recycled at the site and operate within the allowed business hours set out by the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Click here to read the complete article.

You can comment on the article in the Daily News.  Or to make a comment here, just click the title, and you’ll see the comment box.

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Development: City planners consider proposal

Darrell Bellaart, Daily News

Published: Thursday, June 04, 2009

Port Place shopping centre’s owners have submitted their plan for redevelopment of the mall and city planners like what they see.

Architectural drawings registered at city hall show a completely revamped mall with new traffic corridors to allow better pedestrian and vehicle access.

Click here to read the complete article.

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