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  1. Introductions
  2. Financial Report
  3. Food Forest
  4. AGM reminders
  5. C. Torjhelm
  6. Nob Hill Park – Guest S. Lorenz
    Other Business:
  7. Suspicious Activity @ Victoria/Milton
  8. Idling Bylaws
  9. Terminal/Nicol Re-imagined Initiative
  10. Morden Mine Preservation

Call to Order by Chair who reminds us that the land on which we meet is traditionally that of the Snuneymuxw people.

3. Food Forest: We are reminded of the next work-party on Saturday, November 14 from 10am-­4pm. The remaining half of the lot will be cleared of roots, mulched and pathways laid out. Volunteers are needed and are reminded to bring their own tools. Donations of food are also welcomed and lunch will be provided as well as coffee.
Thanks were extended to the ACT team and Janitor from Samaritan House who maintained the irrigation system and kept the plantings watered. B. Geselbracht will submit expenses to the Treasurer.

4. AGM reminders: A reminder that the AGM will be held on December 2. We start at 6 pm with a potluck and social time. The Revised Bylaws will be presented for approval. The bylaws are essentially the same but language has been cleaned up and our Mission Statement clarified.
In advance of the AGM in December, Chair D. Hardie announced that he will step down as Chair. He urges any who feel qualified to assume the Chairmanship to step forward.

5. C. Torjhelm: A dear friend and member of our community is now living in a care home facility. Wishes of comfort are sent to C. and C. Torjhelm.

6. Nob Hill Park – Guest S. Lorenz: Nob Hill resident S. Lorenz attended to inform us of their initiative to obtain changes to the bylaw governing dogs/off-­lease in Nob Hill Park. To this end, she and others circulated a petition, obtaining 200 signatures. The petition was presented to Parks and Rec who responded by creating a Committee, led by Kirsty MacDonald of the City (Parks and Recreation), to conduct an on-line survey on the issue and then have a Community meeting in early December. She asks our support in sharing a survey site to create options for an off-­lease dog area. General approval was expressed by the group.

7. Suspicious Activity @ Victoria/Milton: A resident brought forth concerns about drug activity and harassment in the Victoria/Milton block. Complaints have been lodged but sporadic surveillance has yet to result in actionable evidence. RCMP has limited resources to bring to bear.
The resident is advised to be proactive and to continue to call authorities every occurrences as outlined in the SECA Safe Neighbourhood Guide (Reporting how-to). Copies are available at meetings or from a member of the Executive. Additionally, Chair will contact Const. LaBerge to inquire about the current status of their investigation.

8. Idling Bylaws: A resident updated us on the progress of her initiative to encourage the adoption of a City Bylaw outlining idling restrictions. She informs that her presentation to the Committee for Environmental Sustainability, supported by letters from VIHA, First Nations, SECA and Paul Manly, was generally well received, although reservations were expressed regarding the difficulties associated with enforcing such a bylaw. To further examine the possibilities, the Environmental Planner and the City Fleet Manager will be visiting various associations to call attention to the concern.

9. Terminal/Nicol Re-imagined Initiative: Pam James attended to inform us that there will be an MOT information meeting regarding traffic concerns flagged by the project on November 21 at the Acme restaurant building; 2-4pm.
There may be a trial of off-­peak parking and this will come up for discussion at the meeting.

10. Morden Mine Preservation: A resident inquired regarding the upcoming meeting to elect a new Board for the Mine Preservation Association. The meeting will be held on November 16 in the meeting room above Country Grocer.

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On Nov. 21, time and place TBA, there will be a meeting about Terminal-Nichol Street Re-imagined. (Remember the great event of September 23rd?)  We would like to know from the public “did we get it right?” and “what would you like to see?”

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