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  1. Financial Report
  2. Gung Haggis Fat Choy
  3. Gord Fuller
  4. C. Davis ­ Litter
  5. Community Safety – D. LaBerg
  6. Deverill Park – Summer Program
  7. Community Facility
  8. SECA Storage
  9. Other: Downtown Waterfront Initiative continues

Ms Charlotte David, Mgr – Sanitation & Recycling, City of Nanaimo
Ben & Michael Geselbracht – David Livingston Food Forest/ Samaritan House Gathering Place, (MYCDC)


1. Financial Report: The Treasurer reported the following balances:

  • General Account ­ 3,075.67
  • Picnic Account ­ 2,808.54
  • Proceeds Gung Haggis ­ 813.91

2. Gung Haggis Fat Choy Fundraiser: Thanks was extended to all the volunteers with special mention to Sandra, Joan, Chris, Blake, Kathryn, Kenny and Michelle for their work. Thanks also to Sydney and her dancers and to Ed… ‘thanks for all the fish!’ Quality Foods again supported SECA events generously. The success of this event was due to the hard work and support of all.

3. Gord Fuller: The group was backgrounded on Gord Fuller’s accident and improving condition.

Attention was called to the donation site on the Net. The web address will be put on the blog for individuals who wish to contribute. The group discussed what assistance SECA might give to him and his family.

Motion by E. Chan, Second L. Gambone; That a $200 grocery gift card from Quality Foods be presented to his family.

4. LitterIn response to the on­going problem with casual dumping in the neighbourhood, Charlotte Davis of City Sanitation attended to background us on the City’s policies and programs around litter and casual dumping:

  • Report dumping in the neighbourhood to City Sanitation – they will dispatch a worker to remove it.
  • To report dumping on railway property contact the Island Corridor Foundation.
  • For problems with excess garbage/litter at a residence, contact R. Churchill, City Bylaws officer. He will direct cleanup by the owner.

Programs offered by the City are:

  • Community Litter Pick Up Program. Twice yearly. City provides $50.00 plus cleaning supplies to neighbourhood groups. RDN accepts waste free for the program. Must have own insurance coverage. Apply for specific Streets/Areas. Applications currently being accepted.
  • Re­use Rendezvous. Once yearly curbside exchange of unused items. She indicated that this program is under­-utilized.

Comment was made that under­use of Re­Use Rendezvous is because City does not pick up items not taken. It was pointed out that ‘Free­cycle.org’ is used by some southend residents for such items.

Ms. Davis told the group that the Regional Solid Waste Program is currently under review. As a Technical Advisor, she is collecting feedback from the population on waste issues such as; recycling at multi­-family sites, yard waste, waste collection for the disabled, and ‘disposable’ diapers. She will e­mail the Chairman with a request for suggestions.

She pointed out that the status of the NRE is currently in limbo. We can best support NRE by voicing our viewpoint at the Public Hearing.

Comment was made that the new Recycling Depot seemed to be working well. It was pointed out by one resident that noise was a problem.

Finally, she requested e­mail submissions to ‘Nanaimo Recycles’. Give the reasons you feel recycling is important.

5. Community SafetyD. LaBerge – The Police Department fielded 35­36,000 calls last year. Due to budget cuts, the Department has a shortfall of 20­25 Officers. They have requested 3 additional Officers. Constable LaBerg indicated that property crime is up significantly throughout BC. In Nanaimo, an increase in property crime is occurring throughout the City The South End is not experiencing more growth than the North. This rise may be due to drug problems with crystal meth, heroin and phentonal (a pharmaceutical analgesic 100x stronger than heroin) currently on the street.

Conditions around the 7/11 and McDonalds have improved somewhat.

Bill C36, enacted in December, targets sex­trade clientele as opposed to workers.

The Patricia and the Jolly Miner are now closed except for the apartments above the Jolly Miner.

Increased foot traffic along the railroad tracks due to the homeless bringing bottles etc., to the new recycling depot may cause an increase in break­ins. It is illegal to use railways as pedestrian walkways and this can be used if there are complaints.

6. David Livingston Gathering Place/Food Forest: Ben and Michael Geselbrecht attended to alert the group to the need for a work party at the site in February to:

  • dig out the remaining blackberry roots. A roto­tiller or bush hog would be helpful for this task and it was suggested that Robinson Rentals be approached to see if they would donate the equipment for the day.
  • Trim the lower branches of the Maple tree.
  • Demarcate the planting beds with stakes.

February 28 from 10am-­4pm has been selected as the date. Hot drinks and lunch will be provided for the blackberry rooters.We need to advertise the work day effectively to garner the needed volunteers. Information will be posted on the Blog and the Membership Secretary will email all members asking for their help.

Another work party will be needed in March to:

  • feed the beds with manure and cover them in cardboard for weed control.
  • Plant and mulch the beds with leaves
  • create pathways with cedar mulch.

A water tank/irrigation system for passive watering of the fruit trees/plantings will need to be acquired. B.Geselbrecht will cost out the totals for the elements of the plan.

7. Deverill Park/Summer Program: The Summer Day Program usually funded by the City will, in all likelihood, be withdrawn due to dwindling attendance. The park itself is well­used by Day Cares and families coming with their children. The City would fund 1 or 2 youth to run a small program or act as ‘ambassadors’ in the park. In past FoodShare has provided lunch for the Day Program; would this continue? The Parks Department would like our suggestions.

8. South End Community Facility: The group was informed on the purpose of the Committee, formed to explore the options for acquiring a Community space. A handout was provided outlining the purpose, scope of responsibility and reporting practices for the Committee.

In discussion, the impact of the possible designation of Bayview as a Community School was examined.

9. Downtown Waterfront Initiative continues: Chair, D.Hardie reported that he is still serving on the Downtown Waterfront Committe tasked with creating a charter to guide waterfront development in the coming years. He indicated that the Committee is working to engage the Snuneymuxw in the process, but have not yet met with success. He informs also that a guest from the Seattle Waterfront Development Committee will be attending one of their meetings to demonstrate how such initiatives can work.


Adjourned. 8:50pm

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  1. Financial Report
  2. Gung Haggis Fat Choy
  3. Community Facility
  4. Litter
  5. Robin’s Garden
  6. Bee Hotel Workshop
  7. Traffic on Haliburton

1. Financial Report

2. Gung Haggis Fat Choy Fundraiser: Plans are coming together for this event, to be held at the old Caprice Theatre on Jan. 24 – volunteers begin work at 4:30 doors open at 5:00 pm.
VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to pick­up/return tables, provide salads, desserts,etc., man the door, serving tables and to assist with set­up and clean­up. Please contact S. Larocque at 250 753 1394 if you are able to help in any way.

S. Larocque is in charge of food for the event – contact her if you are able to provide a salad, dessert or side dish. Nesvog Meats is cooking roast beef (C.Torjhelm will pick up), and veggie burgers will be available for those on special diets. S. McLellan is working on a donation of the Haggis from Quality Foods. Petra DeGroot will take charge of desserts, and Michelle will take care of coffee and tea. Blake McGuffie will handle liquor stock/sales. Sydney Robertson will book the Piper and organize entertainment.
Lisa Martin will head the Clean­up Crew. The clean­up will start by 11pm and be completed by 12 midnight.
We anticipate a 6pm start of the Procession. Kathryn Hazel will make the Toast to the Bard following Dinner. She reminds all those who have tickets for sale that she needs any extra tickets as well as the money generated by sales, to be turned in by the Thursday before the Event (January 22).

3. Community Facility: The group was backgrounded on the progress of the Committee looking into the possibility of acquiring a Facility for use by the Community. S. McLellan reports that a survey/questionnaire will be developed by the Committee as a tool to explore the desires of the Community as regards having a South End Neighbourhood Facility and what uses could be incorporated. It was pointed out that the City has provided approx. $10,000 for use as we see fit for enhancement in the neighbourhood . Perhaps such a project would be good use for those funds. Additionally, it was noted that some Councillors, when asked informally, were supportive of this initiative.

4. LitterBarbara Densmore reported that garbage and general dumping of refuse has been occurring at Milton and Esplanade. She contacted Randy Churchill of City report the situation. She queried whether this was a City issue. Who should remove this garbage?
Regarding garbage in the neighbourhood in general, the following points were brought up:

  • ­ Focus on educating Schools about litter
  • ­ Do we have fewer ‘Art Bins’ out? Do we need to look at providing more?
  • ­ McDonald’s and 7/11 are cleaning up around their locations.

It was suggested that we contact Randy Churchill and request him to attend a meeting to discuss the Community concerns with the state of litter in the neighbourhood.

5. Robins Gardens: Landon Homney reports that construction on the Robins Gardens project has resumed.

6. Bee Hotel Workshop: Thomas – Ambassador for Chase River Park, would like to present a Seminar on Bee Hotels on March 21. He is looking for a location at which to hold it.

7. Traffic on Haliburton: S. Larocque expressed concerns about traffic on Haliburton and would like to see Radar used to ameliorate it. She reminded that the South End Neighbourhood Plan promises improved traffic control.



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