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Our monthly mini-litter pick-up is THIS Saturday, Sept. 27.

We’ll meet at McDonald’s for breakfast/coffee at 9:00 AM, and then fan out between 9:45 and 10:00 to clean up for an hour.

Bring gloves and extra plastic grocery bags.  By 11:00, you’re on your way, and you’ve been able to meet your neighbours, help the community and do bend-over exercises at the same time..:)

The Federal Election is Tuesday October 14

CBC has a pretty comprehensive election site, including a ‘riding talk’ bulletin board. Click here to access.


  • Incumbent Jean Crowder’s NDP campaign office has opened at 107 Nicol St, in the old Hydroponics store.  Contact number is 755-1119
  • Conservative Candidate Reed Elley’s office is in Ladysmith; contact number is 1-866-668-Reed.
  • Contact Christina Knighton, Green Party Candidate at 250-753-1268 or e-mail christina.knighton@greenparty.ca
  • Brian Scott from the Liberals can be reached at brianscottlib@shaw.ca

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New Condo Starts on Haliburton

CMC Engineering has received preliminary approval from the city for its five-storey condominium project, The Aurora, at 119 Haliburton St. Construction could begin after Christmas. The project, originally planned as a 24 unit building, was presented at a SECA meeting last fall as 30 units, and now adjusted to 35 units. You can read the Nanaimo Daily News articles by clicking on these links:

Condos could revitalize Haliburton Street

Tapping potential of south end has started


Deverill Park refit Underway


The washrooms in Deverill Park are lonely, now that all the playground equipment has been removed.   The new equipment is here and should be in place this fall.

The Gyro Club has generously donated $10,000 toward park development.  A huge THANK-YOU from all of us in the South End!


The Neighbours of Nob Hill installed their new playground equipment this past weekend, with 35 people showing up to help.  Well done!


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Wednesday October 1 @ 7 PM. Princess Royal School. Irwin @ Farquhar. We’ll review our priorities get caught up on what’s going on in the neighbourhood, and of course, head to the pub for a beer at the end of the meeting…:)

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Art Bin Painting Event and Art Show


Pencil in November 8 as the date for an amazing Art Bin painting event, followed by an Official Gallery Show at &Loan Gallery on Victoria Crescent!

If you would like to paint a bin on that date, or are willing to paint one in advance, please call Yvonne Vanderkooi at  754.0677 or Maggie Wouterloot at 754.2710.

Details on the event for attendees in next month’s newsletter!


Make your Vote Count on Nov 15



The recent series in the Nanaimo Daily News offered this food for thought on the upcoming Civic Election on November 15:

Nanaimo’s south-end community has seen the impact of its local government this past year: an increased police presence to control the illegal drug activity, funding to rejuvenate Deverill Square Park, and councillors defending residents who refused to accept a homeless drop-in centre at the Balmoral Hotel. These accomplishments are a result of organized petitioning by neighbours who were eager to make their streets safer. The movement could lead to an increase in south-end voters in the fall election, as residents want to take a more proactive approach to shaping their community.

The South End Community Association wants its members to keep up their end of the democratic bargain when it comes time to vote.

“We’ve been through so much in this neighbourhood, it’s making the election a very real concept for us,” said Barbara Densmore, who sits on the community association executive committee. “People have that tendency to complain so easily, but if you don’t vote, you don’t really have a right to complain. Voting is empowering and you get a chance once to do it every few years in November, so exercise your power.”

Getting involved in local government is a responsibility of every citizen, not just for her neighbours, according to south-end resident Patricia Portsmouth. The last civic election in Nanaimo brought out 35% of eligible voters, strikingly similar to the provincial average for civic elections. That rate is “disappointing” for Portsmouth, who has worked on campaign teams at several levels of government.

“I run into some people who say they vote federally, but not municipally, which always surprises me because it’s so close to us,” she said.

“The laws and bylaws have so much impact on us and people don’t realize that.”

Neighbourhoods start push for election involvement



Also from the Daily News:

Nanaimo regularly has a long list of candidates seeking public office, which has its advantages and disadvantages…… Eight Nanaimo candidates ran for mayor in 2005 and 38 vied for eight council seats. Many lack political experience, or a realistic understanding of what the job entails. They can take hundreds of votes away from more serious candidates, confusing voters and affecting the outcome on Election Day.


So HOW do you choose a solid candidate in a city that has no ward system or parties?  HOW can you ensure that the concerns of the South End will be addressed over the next three years?  HOW can you make an informed decision?


Enter the South End Votes Blog.


Here’s how it works:

  • Post any questions you have for potential councillors or mayor between now and October 10.  If you aren’t internet savvy, call 740.0120 and leave your question/s on the voice mail.
  • We’ll select 3-5 questions that best represent the issues of the South End and send them out to ALL potential council and mayoralty candidates.
  • We’ll have all answers posted by NEXT newsletter date (November 1), both in the web and print format newsletters.
  • You’ll be able to ask questions and make comments on the web version.



We will NOT be recommending or supporting any particular candidate…that’s not our role. Our hope is simply to provide you with the information to compare candidates related to specific South End issues.



And from Pat Portsmouth, some interesting thoughts on the voting process:



When you reach the age of 18 you have the privilege of the vote.

  • So if you never want to have a pension or regulate the banks or the big oil companies, don’t accept this privilege, take no responsibility – don’t vote in the Federal Election.
  • And if you never intend using our medical services, or schools, don’t accept this privilege take no responsibility – don’t vote in the Provincial Election.
  • And if you don’t think any of the following are important – traffic lights, street lights, parks, recycling, fire and emergency services, sidewalks, water, sewerage, garbage, sports fields/ arenas, boat ramps….and on and on, don’t accept the privilege, take no responsibility – don’t vote in the Municipal Election.

Regardless of your political stripe, you may enjoy this animated version of Tommy Douglas’ Mouseland speech:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC1GtIhwpSk



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There’s so much happening in the South End, and sometimes as an association, we feel a little run off our feet.  So we spent part of the September meeting, stepping back and taking a look at what’s important and how we’re doing. Six categories of SECA activity were suggested and we all gave our opinions on a scale of one to ten on the importance of each activity and how well we thought we were accomplishing these tasks.

Here are the priorities (in order):

1.  Activities that shape our future

Rank:  9.5

Includes the upcoming Neighbourhood community plan, on-going relationship development with elected officials, city staff, RCMP, local groups, etc.

1.  Activities that beautify, and display the character of the South End

Rank:  9.5

Includes Art in the Park murals, heritage displays and efforts, Artbins, Deverill Square Park entranceways (upcoming)

2.  Activities that entertain

Rank:  9.25

Includes Miner’s Picnic, Estuary Day, Deverill Square Park playground (upcoming),

Community picnics, and Beer & Burger nights

3.  Activities that focus on neighbourhood improvement

Rank:  9.2

Includes the annual litter pick-up, monthly mini-litter pick-ups, Artbins, Deverill Square lighting/ usage by sports teams (new)

4.  Activities that inform and educate

Rank:  8.5

Includes the new newsletter & weblog, planned sessions/information on safety, nuisance properties etc, new civic election Q&A forum

5.  Activities that advocate

Rank: 8.3

Specific advocacy issues have included: public forums i.e. Safety Forum, Balmoral/Living Room issue, IPI noise problem, Coastland Hog Burner problems

Even the lowest priority still received a high ranking from an importance standpoint.

We’ll review how we’re doing in these areas as well as specific feedback comments at the next SECA meeting on October 1.

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