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Last Sunday nine South End residents dug into the Chase River Estuary Park. Not digging for treasure or berries, rather to get rid of a load of ivy. Picking a hard to reach patch where ivy was already invading the trees, the party dragged out 8 tarps full of ivy.

This first try-out (meant to measure the difficulty level of this kind of activity) was all positive: (almost) no rain, no one cut his own fingers, lots of ivy got out and the celebration cake was easily digested by the entire party.

Thank you (in alphabetical order) Anita, David, Joan, Keith, Lorraine, Michaela, Sidney, Signey and Rebecca!
Thanks to Nanaimo Parks Department Deborah and Gail for their advice and gear.

To be continued..
Till soon!
Thomas, your volunteer park warden for Deverill Square and Chase River Estuary Park




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Update! We’ll meet this Sunday afternoon at 1pm at the parking lot Chase River Estuary, behin the Bold Knight.
We’ll keep going roughly untill 4pm.
All extra helping hands are welcome, for any amount of time you can spare. Please give Thomas a call on 250 797 0682 to confirm, or email at thomas_mol [AT] Yahoo.com.

Please bring garden gloves and dress for the rain.

See you then!

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Present: Gord F, Rosie, Joan, Douglas, Moni, Ron, Connie, Pat, Signey, Sandra, Larry, Charles, Thomas, Chris, Michael, Jacquie, David, Nico, Vanessa, Linda, Roy, Linda, Lisa, Anita, Floyd, Fred, Ron, Ed
2.Financial: $2784 general $4204 picnic; all cheques have cleared; liability insurance is due ($700)
3.Linda Hamilton-recipient of Friend of the South End, by-law officer (retired)
4.White House: NYSA has bought it and will run as rooming house for youth (12-14 units for working adults); Steve Arnett and Mike Hunter came to board meeting; Arnett gave commitment to operate responsibly and with accountability; Sandra spoke positively about the project, Bladerunners; NYSA did a clean up on Saturday and did a great job, a/c to Sandra; if we engage young people in this project, it could be a positive project for our neighbourhood
5. Possible presentation: Could we have Steve Arnett & Mike Hunter come to give a presentation to a larger meeting?
6.Deverill Park: Thomas Molineaux is our volunteer park warden. He has performed admirably and in Deverill Park & Chase River Park. Thomas: “VIP provides know how and permission to play park warden. You go to park weekly, prompt people to follow rules, clean up garbage, observe damages. Acts as Park Ambassador, reminds to clean up after themselves. Bottle cages have been installed and used. City is responsive to litter and vandalism. Anyone else can join in, doesn’t need coordination. Chase River has invasive plants that are close to the street (ivy damages trees). Can we organize an ivy pulling day at Chase River? Two workshops on invasive species coming up (free! with free BBQ Nov 17, 10-1)
7.Dog use in Deverill Square. Possible off leash area behind basketball court. Is it possible to get doggie doo stations at Chase River Park?
8.Port Authority. PNMG 30 year lease of Nanaimo Port is a done deal. Protection Island NA
9. Meeting: Could NA’s arrange a meeting with Bernie Dumas?
11.Needham/Haliburton redevelopment: Patricia and Jolly Miner activity has calmed down in the past month; Floyd’s plan would like to do definite changes on property. Eventually, would like to build apt or office building. They have to know what the rest of the neighbourhood is going to do. Floyd wants to look at housing for all price points (higher and lower). Has been working on Dalton (Dominion) Hotel in Victoria (upgraded all power transformers; 3 ½ year process). Built Liquor Express in Tillicum Mall. If SECA could lobby Nanaimo City Hall to make building development process go quicker that would be great for the developer.
12.Patricica. Bar Watch (If you’re barred in one bar, you’re barred in all Bar Watch bars) program has been started. There are ebbs and flows.
13.Traffic Lights Haliburton & Victoria. Community Plan is now 2 years old. Idea have controlled traffic light at that intersection. 12-15 people have been canvassing, a signing day was held at the Southgate Credit Union, Doug Routley has been helping (liasing with City Hall and Ministry of Transport). This intersection is next on the M of H list, but without political pressure this could take an indeterminate length of time. Routley has letter of support from Mayor. We have 500-600 letters . On Nov 19 (2 year anniversary of passing Neighbourhood Plan) Pat thinks we should present petitions to City Council and Prov Govt
14.Oct 11, Nanaimo Community Kitchens, Burger & Beverage Night, at Courts, $15, veggie option available,
15.Nanaimo Centre Stage hosting Haunted House (3 stories on Victoria), looking for sponsorships from businesses or organizations, also need volunteers, info on the blog

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No trial date for Hells Angels clubhouse case

By Jenn McGarrigle – Nanaimo News Bulletin
Published: October 10, 2012 7:00 AM

Almost five years after the province seized the Nanaimo Hells Angels’ clubhouse, no date for a civil trial has been set to determine the fate of the property.

To read article, click here.

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Many in area say they want to see traffic lights installed that will improve safety

Julie Chadwick, Daily News

Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Members of the South End Community Association have started a petition to push Nanaimo council to take action on a “dangerous” intersection they say needs traffic lights before another accident occurs.

Click here to read the full article.

You can download a copy of the petition letter by clicking here.  If you support this project, would you consider printing off a paper copy and signing it ?

You can drop your copy off at Sandra’s (721 Haliburton), Sydney’s (163 Irwin) or Pat’s 934 Highview Terrace.

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After intending to call for ages, I ran into Vlado Brcic, the President & CEO of Dakova Management Group, the developer of the new condo project down at Robins Gardens last week.  He happily provided an update on the project.

This project, which by the time it is complete, will be  a $30 Million project, will be a real game changer in the South End, IMHO.

If you drive by, you’ll see that the first building is well on its way.  Four stories tall, the construction quality is superb (he didn’t say that…I’ve been watching as I walk the dog past).  Concrete based, the building will have a stone and brick exterior, dormers on the top floor, and an elevator.  This building will have 14 suites,with ocean views from most suites.  The average suite size will be 800 SF on the main floor, and 1200 SF above.  So far, over 50% have been committed to a variety of buyers.

The next building will be started shortly, and will be similar.

Planned for later are the buildings toward the back of the property.  They will be smaller, around 800 SF, and more likely to appeal to a different type of buyer than these initial ones.

A professional arborist came and assessed the trees at the start of the project, and was able to determine which of the trees were originally planted by Mr. Robins, and which were local varieties, sprouting from windborne seeds.  Most of the original/rare ones will stay, and a tree service firm should be coming in shortly to trim them.  The ones at the Fry/Esplanade end will be part of a park on the property, which Vlado says should be started soon.

In the meantime, the sidewalks are mostly in place and a brick fence with lighting should be going up in front of the first building soon.

I’ll try to provide more regular details more regularly…:)

In the meantime, I have had a few people ask me how this project will be marketed.  For now, the best way is to call the developer directly.  I’ve added the phone number to the slide show, below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Urgently Needed!!

Host Families

Nov 2 – Nov 5th, 2012

The students are 15- 17years old from Japan. They are looking to experience life with a Canadian Family.

Host Families will be required to:

  • Pick up and drop off at John Barsby School
  • Attend a Saturday Night Event
  • Provide 3 meals per day
  • Drop off at John Barsby School

$112 compensation for the weekend

Please contact MLI NOW!!

Virginia Fenton

Ph: 250-714-2893



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Character of the city’s south end proved attractive for consultant

David Scott and his wife moved to Nanaimo from Vancouver four years ago

Julie McManus, The Daily News

Published: Saturday, October 06, 2012

The first article in a series featuring people who have chosen to move to Nanaimo features a proud South Ender.  Read the whole story here.

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Nanaimo Residents,
Thank you for joining us today and allowing us this opportunity to get to know you. We intend to answer all of your questions with regards to the revitalization of the Nanaimo marina. Below are some frequently asked questions for your reference. Please also refer to www.pacificnorthwestmarinagroup.ca    for the full scope of the project and future updates. by is the Nanaimo marina being redesigned?
Originally built in the 1940s, the existing marina requires significant structural upgrades to meet the needs of today’s recreational boaters and area residents.

What has the Nanaimo Port Authority (NPA) done to revitalize the area to date?
NPA has upgraded the surrounding foreshore with the Seaplane Terminal, Swy-A-Lana Lagoon fishing/walking pier, Visiting Vessel Pier and W.E Mills Landing, Pioneer Waterfront Plaza shops and walkways as part of a revitalization of the downtown waterfront consistent with Nanaimo’s Official Community Plan and their recently announced ‘Path 2025.’ Path 2025 is NPA’s newly released strategic planning document that outlines much-needed commercial and transportation upgrades and modernization over the next decade or so.

What are the community benefits of the new marina?
The revitalized marina will provide benefits for recreational boaters and area residents alike including:
• A flagship gathering spot for locals
• Improved waterfront aesthetics and access
• Beautiful public walkways and observation points
• Waterfront restaurants and coffee shops
• A venue for seasonal events
• increased size of waterfront walkway (with the addition of a secondary walkway on the water)
• Access for persons with disabilities
• Increased tourism revenues for local businesses
• Direct and indirect employment for locals

How long will the revitalization take?
PNMG’s strong financial position will allow them to complete the harbour revitalization over a 16-month period, beginning in the fall of 2012

Who is the developer?
The developer, Pacific Northwest Marina Group (PNMG), is a partnership between The Marker Group and Marinaco Holdings ULC. PNMG recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Nanaimo Port Authority to work towards a 30-year lease to take responsibility for the operation of the Nanaimo marina.

Who is The Marker Group?
The Marker Group is a Saanich Peninsula-based business, owned by principal Grant Rogers, which specializes in waterfront development, The team at Marker prides itself on a proven track record of bringing projects to life that are beneficial and appealing to a wide variety of stakeholders.The Marker team specializes in the dayto-day project management required to efficiently and effectively deliver on a projects goals and objectives. For more information on The Marker Group, please visit www.markergroup.ca

Who is Marinaco?
Marinaco Holdings is owned by COM Investments LLC, an investment firm owned by businessman and entrepreneur Craig McCaw. Over the past 30 years he has started and developed many successful companies in the cable, cellular telephone and wireless broadband industries.
Mr. McCaw is currently a board member of The Nature Conservancy and a member of the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans. He is also President of the Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation, which supports a variety of educational, environmental and international economic development projects. COM Investments has previously partnered with The Marker Group on projects at the Sidney waterfront. Together with Marker, it is an owner of the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa and Seaport West mixed use project.

Mr. McCaw, his wife Susan and their three children are avid boaters counting the Nanaimo area and Desolation Sound as two of their favourite areas to enjoy the water.

Who will pay for the marina revitalization?’
The total commitment to the Nanaimo marina project by PNMG is estimated to be over $9 million and 100% of the capital for the redevelopment will come from PNMG.

How did PNMG end up with this redevelopment opportunity?
PNMG approached NPA with their vision and proposal for a world-class marina after completing a significant amount of research that concluded that now is the right time – and Nanaimo is the right place – for the revitalization of a marina facility. The NPA agreed to work with PNMG to enter into a long-term lease for the Marina. This is similar to all other leases that the Nanaimo Port Authority currently manages with other tenants.

Will PNMG consult the community before construction begins?
Yes. Over the next three-to-four months, public information sessions will be held and consultation with First Nations will take place. We are looking forward to sharing the vision and the renderings for the new marina with the public and hearing whatever feedback they have.

When will PNMG assume responsibility for the marina?
Upon securing all the required federal approvals, PNMG and NPA will sign a 30-year lease. Until all approvals have been granted, and the final agreement is signed (anticipated on October 1, 2012), the NPA will continue to run the marina.

How will the marina revitalization project impact the environment?
Throughout the duration of the project, the Pacific Northwest Marina Group team will work to meet the standards set by Georgia Strait Clean Marine BC. At this time, there are no plans to dredge in the harbour basin and an attempt will be made to repurpose and relocate the existing wharves where feasible. Old creosotesoaked piles will be safely removed and replaced with steel piles.

Will the revitalized marina benefit the local economy?
The revitalized marina will become a key asset for everyone in the community. It will inject significant tourist revenues into local businesses. Studies show that the average boat owner in the over 40′ range spends upwards of $25,000 per year on their vessel with 85% of that going directly into the local economy.

Will the marina accommodate large boats?
Yes, the marina will accommodate all sizes of boats with slips starting at a minimum of 25-feet. Research has shown that more people are buying larger yachts, with 40′ yachts being the fastest growing category. The largest purchasers of these yachts are in the demographic of aging baby boomers with the financial means to do so.

Is there a market need for moorage for larger boats in the area?
Yes. In a time when smaller boats were more prevalent, the existing marina structure could easy accommodate those boating needs. As most marine infrastructure in BC was built pre-1990, and the demand for larger boats has been increasing since then, a significant need has emerged for boat slips 50-feet and over.

There are a lot of that users of the marina such as the ferry, the dragon boaters and kayak’s, what about them?

PNMG recognizes the value of an active marina and varied marina users. We are working to incorporate all of these groups into the design. We want to ensure it is a hub and exciting place to be on the harbour-for boaters and residents alike.

Information Leaflet from “Pacific Northwest Marina Group”

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By choosing native plants for your garden you help combat invasive plants.

It’s the attack of the aliens! But they haven’t come from outer space, they came from … our gardens. Many of the invasive plants out there are causing giant damage to plant and animal life, are ruining farmers’ harvests and contribute to allergies.

Most of the start their path of invasion by the roadside. Because that’s where they were dumped, together with someone’s garden waste.
Here are few things all of us can do to help prevent this.

– Read about exotic plants before planting them in the garden. Do they need to be contained?
– Know your plant and seeds. Ask your gardener, merchant or friends before you put it in the ground.
– When disposing of your garden waste, clip the flowers, seeds, berries and buds off. That’s called ‘deadheading’.
– Don’t pick wildflowers by the road. Wildflowers are very strong plants that thrive on difficult sites. That’s where they should stay.
– Enjoy the overview of alternative plants that you can find next to this post. For any dangerous invasive, there are many great alternatives to choose from.
– When you feel like removing invasives, please read about them first. Find out the best way and the best season to do so. And most of all, read about how to dispose of them properly. Many invasives can regenerate from small parts.

Happy growing!

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