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* Chair, D. Hardie absent. Vice­Chair, C. LoScerbo conducting.
Guest: Karen Kronstal, City


  1. Introductions
  2. Friend of the South End Award
  3. Financial Report
  4. Harbourview Rezoning
  5. Food Forrest upcoming Workparty
  6. Idling Restrictions
  7. Tea Wagon
  8. MyStreet Follow-up
  9. Other Business:
    • Fundraising
    • Morden Mine

4. Harbourview Rezoning: Karen Kronstal attended on behalf of John Horne, City Planning, originally scheduled to attend, but called to moderate elsewhere.  She introduced herself as our new contact at City Hall for the South End.  

Regarding issues of concern presently before Council, we are informed that the Harbourview Rezoning Application has had 3rd reading, and that City will be examining options for use of the land purchased at the Gabriola Ferry site.  Mr. Horne will attend our November meeting to further update us.

5. Food Forrest upcoming Workparty: Volunteers are Needed!  Come out to work on the back half of the Haliburton Street lot on the 2nd Saturday in November.  That’s November 14th from 10-4.  In keeping with established tradition, tasty fuel for volunteers will be provided.  Any time you can donate to this effort is greatly appreciated!  The Food Forest initiative by MICDC (Mid Island Community Development Committee) in co-operation with SECA has yet to be formally named.

6. Idling Restrictions: A local resident informed the group around her concerns with extended idling in her neighbourhood and elsewhere in the RDN.  When the concern was first brought to our Association, we advised contacting the City Bylaw office.  When contacted, City informed that there was no bylaw currently on the books dealing with this concern and there was a perception that their ‘hands were tied’ lacking such a bylaw.  

The resident subsequently performed substantial research into both the bylaw enactment process and the percentage of CO2 emissions due to vehicular exhaust in the RDN (70%). A pamphlet was found, produced by the Ministry of Natural Resources, outlining procedure for starting a bylaw process. Additionally, our Neighbourhood Plan has some included provision around this issue.  Contact with R. Lawrence of the Environment Sustainable Advisory Committee resulted in a request to present the concern and fact-finding results to them on October l4.  Another resident with similar concerns offered to attend the meeting also.  

In discussion it was pointed out that many cities have bylaws addressing noxious emissions.  In support of an initiative to pass such a bylaw, VIHA is providing a Letter of Support.  The resident requests that SECA also provide a Letter of Support.

A Motion was made by Blake McGuffie, Seconded by S. Larocque that a Letter of Support for a bylaw process be provided by SECA.  Carried.

7. Tea Wagon: Our Community Vehicle, the Tea Wagon, needs engine work/maintainance and the wonderful paint job executed by our Members needs a protective topcoat.  Additionally, a tarp to protect the vehicle from the elements is required (cost approx. $60).  An allotment of $350 is requested to begin (and hopefully, complete) needed repairs is requested.  Motion by Blake McGuffie to provide $350 for maintainance of the Tea Wagon.  Seconded by S. Larocque.  Carried.

8. MyStreet Follow-up: S. Robertson and P. James de-briefed us on the results of the My Street event and the further work to implement improvements on the South End section of Nicol Street.

There were 160 respondants to the on-line questionnaire requesting feedback on their vision for the area after experiencing the possibilities demonstrated.  Responses were thoughtful and generally positive.  

City is listening carefully to feedback and have been very co-operative around the Terminal Nicol Street Re-imagined initiative for enhancement of the artery.  That stated, some parts of the permit process are complicated, particularly in the area of traffic flow, parking and walkability needs to support commercial/community tenants of the storefronts.  On a positive note, new crosswalks seem to be on the way to approval.  Crace, Finlayson and Farquhar have been noted as desired locations.

The following potential approaches have been fashioned in response to the feedback received at My Street and from the on-line Questionnaire.  These potential solutions would be presented to the NSR Committee:

  1.  Off-peak parking on alternate sides.  Crosswalks.  Peak hours being before 10am and after 4pm
  2.  One side off-peak parking, one side w. concrete planters for safe walking.  Crosswalks.
  3.  Planters both sides as safety barriers.  Crosswalks.

A Letter of Support for these approaches is requested.  Motion by S. Larocque to provide a Letter of Support regarding the potential solutions presented. Second: S. McClellan.  Carried.

9. Fundraising: It was suggested that some renamed version of ‘Gung Haggis Fat Choy’ be held again this year.

We are asked to bring forward suggestions for this fund-raiser.

10. Morden Mine: We are notified of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Friends of the Morden Mine on November 18 at Country Grocer.  Details to follow.  We are requested to attend in support of the initiative to save a site characteristic of our local history.  MLA D. Routley is proposing an initiative to get Trades on-board in restoring the tipple.


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Hear a little from our SECA Vice Chair, Chris LoScerbo, and Karen Hovestad (Departure Bay Neighbourhood Association) on what makes neighbourhood associations advantageous and successfull!

See the 30min ShawTV video clip of “Head On!” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2i9QVdNFjg&feature=youtu.be

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Hey South Enders!  You’ve only got a few more day to get your feedback in about Nicol Street!  Please, please, please go to:
as soon as humanly possible, and tell them what you want.  It takes less than five minutes.
Off-peak parking may be a possibility, but only if we ASK for it.  This is our moment!

*Ensure your thoughts are heard and our Nicol high street becomes a reality*

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