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Downtown land purchase finalized
SPENCER ANDERSON DAILY NEWS Sanderson@nanaimodailynews.com 250-729-4255
Nanaimo Daily News
Mar 30 2013

The city has finalized its purchase of the 26.7-acre Wellcox Railway lands, opening the door to a potential partnership with the Regional District of Nanaimo to develop a future transportation hub. The $3.4-million purchase from Canadian Pacific Rail…read more…

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In Brief:
When: Saturday, March 30 from 9am to 2pmWhere: in Diana Krall Plaza

  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Children’s activities
  • Scavenger hunt clues on the China Steps, Old City Quarter and Waterfront areas.



Downtown Easter Spring Fling
Saturday, March 30 from 9am to 2pm
Diana Krall Plaza and throughout downtown

Once again, downtown Nanaimo celebrates Easter with a flourish. Starting at 9am in Diana Krall Plaza, the Cedar Lion’s Club will cook up a hearty pancake breakfast, there will be kid’s crafts, face painting, bouncy castles, UnReality Magic, Twiggly Wiggly the Clown and a potting station where kids can plant a seed to take home. Each child will receive a goodie bag with treats and special offers from the downtown businesses.
There will be three special treat stations throughout the downtown; one in the Old City Quarter, one on the China Steps and one on the Waterfront. Volunteers at each station will have the answer to a scavenger hunt clue, and treats for the kids. Once you have your answers to each of the three questions, bring your completed form to Diana Krall Plaza and receive a potted pansy for your window sill or garden. Each completed form will be entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize of gift certificates and products from downtown businesses.
FREE PARKING in the Port of Nanaimo Centre, under the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, on level P2 for the duration of the event.
For more information please contact robyn@dnbia.ca or call us at 250-754-8141.

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Received this from Madilynn Rotar…thanks for this!

South Downtown Waterfront Project – also known as the Wellcox Rail Yard

At Monday night City Council meeting they discussed putting together a Steering Committee in order to see, through through several phases, what will  come out of the process for potential uses for the Wellcox Rail Yard.

Once the Steering Committee has given direction as to how the process will move forward they would like to go the public with those details and then follow up in the fall with a design charrette main event to develop a high level concept plan. There will be an advisory committee and they will specify where/when the public participation will be involved.

This property is about 27 acres and will contain the RDN Bus exchange

The Steering Committee will be made up of the following groups:

RDN, Snuneymuxw First Nations, NPA, DTBA, SECA, BIA, VIU

It was commented that SECA and the Snuneymuxw First Nations are very anxious as to what happens with the Wellcox Rail Yard and Mayor Ruttan commented ‘they will have good participation’.

Councillor McKay stated that he ‘would really like to see this as the Jewel in the Crown’ – wouldn’t we all.

In order to see the live video on this City Council meeting:

under the box – click view all meetings
scroll down – choose March 25, 2013 – Council Meeting – click ‘video’ to the right
scroll down through the time – at 8:43 you will see 9 (f) – South Downtown Waterfront Plan Project
And my personal foot note:
THANK YOU to Mayor Ruttan and city council for being so inclusive in your planning.
I think I speak on behalf of all South Enders.
So appreciated.

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The Newport and Patricia Hotels – The Newport is starting up again. Will have same management as the Patricia. The business will be moved from the Patricia which will be closed. Kitchen being retrofitted and supposed to be open this Friday. The Newport is still classified as a nuisance property but problems are much less.

White House – possible tour being arranged. What can we do to welcome youth to the neighborhood?

Centre Stage – Gord made a good presentation to Council. Everything is on hold. Possibly do stories about the building in the blog.

Boat Basin – 300 people came to the Monday meeting. Website has taken off – see


An excellent documentary filmed on the struggle. There is an archival video of the port as well. Legal action to protect the harbour as well as an environmental study underway. Snuneymuxw Nation is also concerned about the port.

Neighborhood Litter Pick up will be April 13 at 9:00 AM

Addictions – On-line free conference hosted by Gabor Mate. See “Recover 2.0” we should do a list of resources for addiction problems

 Tea Wagon – Not doing so well – needs transmission work. Possible to do paining in car port.

 Banners – Banner Festival coming up. $10 per banner entry. We have 5 submissions from last year. Need more people to paint banners. Theme is “Nanaimo, the Creative City.”

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(Hamish is the son of SECA Chair Douglas Hardie)

Oz the Great and Powerful.
Oz the Great and Powerful is a new Disney movie that is actually a prequel to the old classic: The wizard of Oz. It chronicles the events of how Oscar Diggs, carnival trickster and illusionist, becomes the great wizard of Oz. As soon as I entered the theatre, I was blown away by the incredible, high definition, 3D, colourful land of Oz. Oh wait… Sorry that doesn’t come until after twenty minutes of black and white introduction. In this part we see how Oscar is part of a traveling carnival, where he lives in a cramped caravan and uses a variety of props and sleight of hand to woo the crowds. Well actually, he is often booed off the stage.

Long story short Oz ends up in a hot air balloon running from the carnival strongman when he is sucked up in a freak tornado and transported to Oz. During the tornado the movie makes a not-so-subtle change to full colour. Once Oscar enters the peaceful skies of Oz he is greeted by an enormous mountain range, stretching on for miles and miles. He then lands in a shallow river, surrounding by fantastical plants of all shapes and sizes. He takes all this in in a few short moments. Then he is not the least bit fazed when a beguiling witch in the middle of the forest explains to him that he is in Oz. Instead of panicking he immediately proceeds to flirt with her. He doesn’t even stop to take a breath when he narrowly escapes from some sort flying demon baboon. No, Oscar Diggs transfers from Kansas to Oz without the slightest falter of charm or confidence. He doesn’t question a talking monkey with wings, wonder why everyone seems to think he is king, or dwell on the fact that he is nearly killed by a wild lion.

Much of the film is about his internal struggle to be a better person. Overall Oz is a political mess involving the witch sisters Theodora, Evanora and Glinda. I thought they all did a fine job of being witches except Milan Kunis. She starts as Theodora, innocent and heartbroken and abruptly changed to murderous green skinned madwoman. On the whole it was an okay film, complete with a good old happy ending and fun for the whole family, but that it was missing the flow that makes a movie really work. I give it three green skinned madwomen out of five.

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Nanaimo’s enticing weather helped couple make decision to move here

Nanaimo Daily News
Mar 18 2013

On their 25th wedding anniversary, Calgary retailer Catherine Bezooyen and her architect husband, Paul, decided they wanted more out of life. They quit their jobs, sold their home and on a “leap of faith,” moved to Nanaimo. Six years later, the couple…read more…

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Hi Everyone,

I need your help, we have lost a little rescue Sheltie x Corgi cross. He was last seen at 5 last evening at the intersection of View and Needham. He is fear aggressive so please do not approach. PLEASE CALL and someone will come immediately.
His name is Rupert, he is black and tan. 10 years old. He is scared so may be hiding in a shed or even under a car. We have a reward for the person that spots him and keeps him in view.
Thanks for your help.

390-4377 or 250-755-5995.

We have had people out since he escaped. He will hide but if you are out and about it would be great just to have an idea of which way he went. He is a rescue and
he had just been in his new home for 3 weeks.
We’ve put it on Facebook, Kijiji, posters are out. Any help that you can give us would be much appreciated.

He is fear aggressive so isn’t to be approach unless he follows into fenced yard, in which case please call. We appreciate everyone keeping a look out for him. He will not go to kids.

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