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By Chris Hamlyn – Nanaimo News Bulletin
Published: November 17, 2011 7:00 AM
Updated: November 17, 2011 8:30 AM

In an attempt to encourage more involvement in the political process, a number of Nanaimo organizations are thinking outside the box to get voters to the polls for Saturday’s (Nov. 19) municipal election.

The South End Community Association compiled community input from a 2008 blog on neighbourhood concerns and posed the top three to this year’s candidates for mayor and council on an online forum.


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Historically, the South End has been 2 separate communities living in one neighbourhood.  Of course, there is a blurring of lines as many First Nations folks do live off reserve and in the South End, and there are support services for them in the neighbourhood.  We have been working over the past few years to build and strengthen our relationship with SFN; it has made us aware of some of the challenges that they face.

And so we asked this question:

3.  How would you support our First Nations population in Nanaimo?

Answers posted here.

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Answers to the second question posted to candidates is now up on the South End Votes blog.

A little framing fist:   We in the South End are absolutely ecstatic about our shiny new neighbourhood plan.  Yes, it’s ambitious…over 100 action items.  Capable Chris Sholberg and his team led us through the planning process, which they made very clear and easy.  And we want to work with the city to help execute it.   But the process toward that isn’t so clear. So the question we asked was:

2.    The South End recently completed its Official Neighbourhood Plan.  How do you see Council’s role in supporting its implementation?

For answers, click here.

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Epicure Spices  bags of spreads sell for $20 each. They are ideal as a Christmas gift. Epicure is a Vancouver Island business. If you wish to sell these and raise money for SECA Contact Sandra at 753-1394

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A trio of hardy SECA members, as well as the beloved Tea Wagon, showed up at World Planners Day at the Nanaimo Museum this Tuesday. Though it was cold and wet, the free coffee was hot, the Nanaimo bars (also free) were scrumptious.  The City Planners and visitors were cheery in spite of the drizzle.  A big thanks to Chris Scholberg  for inviting us.

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