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Gino’s Tree at the end of it’s first spring blossoms. Nice new photo below (thanks Ed)
Artist Yvonne Van der Kooi has completed the third wall on the Deverill Square Park washroom

Canada Post New Address

If you’re headed to Port Place Mall, the Post Office has relocated to 140 Terminal Avenue.  That would be in the strip mall directly across from Mrs. Riches restaurant. Permanent signage coming soon.

Doug Routley’s Nanaimo Office Now Open

Logistics are as follows:

Unit 112 50 Tenth Street, Nanaimo, BC  V9R 6L1

Telephone 250.716.5221

Fax 250.716.5222

Interim hours are Monday – Friday 10 am – 2 pm.

Flaming Figgy Found

Her lid a block away from her base, found chained to a hydro pole, and with an obvious case of amnesia (from concussion, perhaps?),  Figgy is now home and resting/recuperating before she heads back to work.

If you have NO figgin’ idea what we’re talking about, click here.

Loaves and Fishes Board Members spent the holiday weekend painting the outside of the building

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In my search for ongoing updates, I stumbled across a new blog, titled NanaimoCityHall.com.  I connected with them and they responded with what they believe are the most current links to the planning commission.  (I actually had these earlier but didn’t post them because I figured there might be something newer…these are almost a year old.)

Nevertheless, if you haven’t had the chance to see them, they are here:



They have also written a post on the blog about their own understanding of the development.

The architects presented redesigned drawings to the Planning Advisory Committee on Thursday May 27.  Some of the key issues/changes that you as a resident may be interested in:

  • a private road (“High Street”) through the development, entering and existing at roughly the existing entrance points.  The original plan of a traffic circle at Front Street has been cancelled.
  • The Italian Fountain will be the central focus for a plaza area at the front entrance.
  • A planned bike lane along Front Street (proposed by the city) has been nixed by retail tenants because it would eliminate 58 car stalls.
  • A high rise tower, originally planned for the south east corner of the site, has now been moved to the north east corner.  It is planned to sit beside 2 buildings facing the High Street, which will contain retail (including hoped-for restaurant/pub operations with rooftop decks) and an extra story to residential (now up to 6 storeys.)  The high-rise tower is part of future planning, and will require an application for rezoning.
  • Two buildings at the south-west corner of the property near the New Hope Centre are planned to house a restaurant and perhaps a bank.
  • The casino is owned separately and was not presented as part of the plans.

The Planning Advisory Committee accepted the changes as presented.

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Quirky People Get United

Quirk Works is a group of interested (and creative) South End folks who want to

  • further explore revitalization and enhancement projects for the neighbourhood,
  • and gather community interest and resources to implement the projects.

It’s so new that we haven’t even figured out how to spell it yet…Querk Werks?  Quirk Works?  Well, anyway, you get the point.  Either way, it functions under the umbrella of the South End Community Association.

While much of our work in the past has been working to solve neighbourhood problems, we have reached a pivotal point where we can now create the new, and put our energy into building not only a strong community, but a beautiful one, too.

Some of the ideas that have been bantered around include:

  • Regular and frequent social gatherings – drumming, art exhibits, dancing, outdoor movies, skits and spaghetti, games
  • Intersection modification, traffic calming.
  • Expanding the Art bins effort i.e. The Bin Reunion “Bin there done that”  (art bin facelifts)
  • Paint-in at Miners Picnic
  • Lantern making – solstice parade
  • Creation of gathering places (e.g. community centre, or small outdoor amphitheatre at Deverill Square Park)
  • Construction and addition of cob benches, neighbourhood “communication stations”
  • Tree planting and greening efforts
  • Community garden sites
  • Basketball or multi-use court at Deverill Square Park.
  • Expanded banner program along Nicol Street.
  • Interactive, public art in neighbourhood parks and open spaces that builds awareness of the neighbourhoods mining history.
  • Enhancement of heritage interpretation in neighbourhood with specific focus on existing heritage walk route.

Whatever projects we choose to work on, we want to raise neighbourhood pride, and build community by working together.

This is the "Before" picture

One of our biggest problems is that we have no home base, no regular office/meeting place that is open to community gatherings.  So we decided to take community out into the neighbourhood.  We’ve purchased a 1983 Grumman step van, which will become both an Art Car (hey, you wouldn’t expect less from the South End, would you?) and a tea wagon for community events.

We’ll be painting and decorating it over the summer…you’re invited to join in, too!  And watch this space for future events and happenings!

~ Thanks to David Scott


SECA meetings May and June

Much of the May SECA meeting was spent bringing people up to speed on “Quirk Works”, and getting approval to buy the van.  Members were given a full colour presentation on the past, present, and future of neighbourhood revitalization in the South End.

The next SECA meeting Is Wednesday June 2 @ 7 PM. Princess Royal Centre, corner of Irwin and Farquhar.  We’ll spend much of the meeting in last-minute planning for the Miner’s Picnic (see separate post.)  If you have some time to help at the South End’s big event of the year, please join us!

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Eighteen years ago, Charles Torhjelm, then President of the South End Community Association, organized the first Miner’s Heritage Picnic, and since then it has become a wonderful annual tradition in the South End.

The picnic is funded entirely by local donations, (we spend approximately $6,500 on the event) and the whole day is about bringing the neighbourhood together to celebrate our history and enjoy a fun free day.

The day starts at 8 AM with a free pancake breakfast, superbly hosted for many years by the Women of the Moose Lodge.  A band of fiddlers from the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music will entertain the breakfasters.

We have live music throughout the day, including The Cunninghams, The Owl and the Pussycat, Trinitude, and a barber shop quartet.

Other events include:

  • pony rides,
  • petting zoo,
  • climbing wall,
  • merry-go-round,
  • bouncy castle,
  • train ride,
  • various community groups,
  • Heritage Walk, (11am),
  • The Laurie Ramsay Memorial Strawberry Social, (2pm),
  • South End story telling,
  • art tent and face painting
  • Art Bin reunion
  • clowns, magicians, the pet parade and more!

It’s a South End day, but Nanaimo’s north, west and east are welcome too!

The Miner’s Heritage Day Picnic will be held Sat. June 26 at Deverill Square Park (Milton and Haliburton)

~ thanks to Douglas Hardie

*** Check back closer to the date for a complete and confirmed schedule of events.

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Loaves and Fishes Food Bank Open House

Friday June 4   ~ 11 AM to 2 PM

1009 Farquhar St.

Bake sale, Book Sale, Barbeque Hot Dogs and Smokies

Please attend our Open House.  Come and see our Renovations.  Meet our Board of Directors.

National Hunger Awareness Day.  Foo donations greatly appreciated.

1009 Farquhar St., Nanaimo, V9R 2G2.

http://www.nanaimoloavesand fishes.org

(on-line donations at http://www.canadahelps.org)

Thank you for you continued support.

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Apathy dogs floral emblem effort.

Parks and rec commission told adopting wild plant ‘wouldn’t cost a nickel’ to taxpayers

Darrell Bellaart, The Daily News, Published: Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aboriginal band weighs impact of cruise ship dock

Environmental consultant hired by Snuneymuxw finds potential pitfalls of project

Robert Barron, The Daily News,Published: Thursday, May 27, 2010

Budget crunch may end free meals

Salvation Army considers reducing programs after being told to balance its books

Walter Cordery, The Daily News, Published: Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deadlines ‘continue to haunt’ port’s cruise ship dock facility

Darrell Bellaart, Daily News,Published: Friday, May 21, 2010

Five Questions: Chris Sholberg

A peek inside someone’s life, this time our talented Community/Heritage Planner gets introspective…:)

Krista Bryce, Daily News,Published: Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crime hot spot gets cleaned up

Value Lodge is now ‘unnaturally quiet’ joke tenants who rely on motel for cheap housing

Dustin Walker, Daily News, Published: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Daily News,Published: Thursday, May 13, 2010

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How to Be a Good Neighbour

An interesting article from the Globe and Mail.

Stroll down Rendezvous Lane

The former Diner’s Rendezvous opened this month, with the original name and a spanking new image.  It brought to mind the days when the original Diner’s rendezvous was the “chi-chi” dining establishment in town.

Thankfully, some of that has been documented in an article posted on the Mid-Island News.  Pics, too.  Remember “dining under the stars?  Click here to read it..

Looking for hens for your back yard?

Thanks to Gord Bibby from Nob Hill for passing this along….

Hi Folks

Along with many other municipalities, the City of Nanaimo is now allowing residents to keep up to 4 hens – but no roosters! – as a small backyard flock. To meet the growing need for only female chickens, The Farm at Cedar Woods and Quennell Lake Livestock Conservancy are collaborating in providing started, sexed chicks for sale to the public. Chicks will be old enough to no longer require brooding under a heat lamp. All chicks will be of rare, endangered heritage breeds: Dorking, Welsumer, Minorca, Lakenvelder, as well as South American landrace chickens that mostly lay green eggs. Orders can be place now for females at $15 per bird, or males at $12 per bird.

Contact Guy Langlois at The Farm at Cedar Woods to reserve your hens. We also offer training in poultry raising.


Guy Langlois

Farm Director
The Farm at Cedar Woods
MCSEEDS for People with Barriers Society

“Helping People Grow”

Phone: (250) 323-3553
Email: guy-mcseeds [at] shaw.ca
Web: http://www.mcseeds.org

New South End Gardening Phenomenon

We’re all familiar with a common garden site:  the garden snake.

But here in the South End, we’ve discovered an anagram (same letters, different spelling)…the garden sneak…!

No, we’re not talking about stuff disappearing from properties (which of course, is what you likely thought…that reputation that may dog us for decades to come.)  Quite the opposite.

Someone snuck these wonderful plants into my work-in-progress yard. No note. No ID.  And I’m guessing that, whoever you are, you intend to remain a delicious secret.  And since I can’t thank you face-to-face, I’ll just “sneak it along.”

One more thing that makes this neighbourhood such a delightful place to live.

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