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  1. B. Geselbrecht _.Community Space-Samaritan House
  2. Traffic Light – Council Meeting
  3. Miner’s Heritage Picnic
  4. Irwin Street Community Gardens
  5. Daily News – Column
  6. SECA Tent – Purchase
  7. RCMP – Neighborhood Report
  8. Chalk Walk
  9. Other Business:
    Mad Hatters Tea Party
    South End Happiness Video
    Nanaimo Centre Stage
    Stand Up for the Veterans Event
    Patricia Pub

1. Community Space-Samaritan House: Ben Geselbrecht presented re-cap of the project background for all and a report on current status:

  • J. Anderson, Project Manager, has submitted a Lot Plan to the City as regards Samaritan House. Parking and Community Plantings on the remainder of the Lot.
  • it is estimated 2 months for funds for Site Clearance to be available.

Discussion: It was asked if any further constraints on the use of this City Right of Way applied other than those previously discussed. ie. Access to City pipes beneath the ground and providing clear sight lines with no “lurking” areas. No further constraints applied. It was generally agreed that B. Geselbrecht would liase with the City and J. Anderson regarding the Community Use area. He may set up a Suggestions Table at the Miner’s Picnic. Interested community members should watch the Blog for updates.

2. Nanaimo Community Garden SocietyGuest Presenters Wm. Farris and Glenda Strasner attended to introduce the goals and structure of their new Neighborhood Garden project on Irwin St. At the current Young Professionals Garden site behind RU Computing. They wish to provide:

  • the opportunity to promote local food security
  • to share knowledge among members
  • to foster community/ very relaxed, welcoming, volunteers encouraged
  • provide Organic produce with raised beds/watering system

They organize on a “work party” model with sessions on Tuesdays from 5:30 – 8:30 and Sundays from 11-2. Membership Fees as affordable. A formal transfer of the project from the Young Professionals to the Garden Society will be held on May 17 at 11a.m. On site.
Discussion: It was asked ifRU Computing had been consulted regarding the change-over. They had and are in agreement.

3. Traffic Light/CouncilS. Larocque attended Council’s Committee of the Whole to present concerns regarding the dangerous triple intersection. Also presented to the Committee were letters from AC Taxi and Coastland. P. Portsmouth spoke to the group indicating that Sandra’s excellent presentation can be viewed on the Council website under “Committe of the Whole”. P. Portsmouth also requests that the incorrect date of the original Traffic Light commitment as reported in minutes be corrected to reflect the proper date. L. Gambone will post it on the Blog. G. Fuller clarifies that the Highway at that point is Hwy 1, not Hwy 19 and is therefore technically under Federal jurisdiction.

4. SECA Tent – Purchase: Discussion was held regarding the purchase of a new SECA Event Tent to replace the one damaged while on loan. It was generally expressed that a borrower assumes responsibility for repair or replacement. It was pointed out that, in the event of fmancial inconvenience, a payment schedule could be adopted. S. Larocque reported that an equivalent tent is presently on sale for $239 at Costco. Motion: G. Fuller moved that we purchase this tent and bill the person responsible. P. Portsmouth seconded. Carried. Doug Hardie will sign a check. S. Larocque will purchase.

5. Miner’s Heritage Picnic: S. Larocque reports: reminds the group that, as the Ladies of the Moose Lodge will be tillable to provide their usual servers for the Pancake Breakfast, an additional 6-7 volunteers are needed to staff the event. She has 4 committed volunteers at present. Charles and Kathy’Ijorhelm have obtained the Toyota Tent for the Childrens Art Area. Volunteers are required for Set-up, Clean-up, Popcorn Stand (2-3), to pick up/return the BBQ and general assistance on the day L.I.T.s are expected to serve at the Memorial Tea, Valentina Cardinali offered to supervise child-child face painting if materials are funded. Paula Beltgen and David will again provide ‘pot-stickers’. N.R.E. Will again provide containers but a volunteer is needed to pick up/return them. G. Fuller suggests that a list of needed volunteers be put on the Blog.

6. Daily News Column: Doug Hardie indicates that, while he and Paula Beltgens have provided weekly column material in the past, fresh ideas and contributors are needed.
Discussion: Several members, including Kathryn Hazel, Valentina Cardinali, Wm. Ferris and P. Portsmouth, expressed their interest and ideas for contributions. D. Hardie will happily receive and vet submissions via e-mail to keep top-of-mind the difference between personal opinions/SECA positions.

7. Chalk-Walk: P. Beltgens updated the group on the proposed Spring Chalk-Walk. Bayview School would like to be involved in a Chalk-Walk Event but, rather than holding it now, they prefer to have a Fall Event at the start of the school year on September 5. They want to have a bouncy castle and make a fun welcome back event for the students. P. Beltgens and S. Robertson would still like to see a Spring Chalk-Walk also held and it was suggested that a “Random Acts of Chalking” Event for the May Long Weekend be promoted on Facebook.

8. Mad Hatters Tea Party: P. Beltgens also updated everyone on this event which will be held on August 3 from 2-4p.m. At Deverill Park and will again be scripted. Parts are still open. It was intimated that visiting dignitaries such as Toad of Toad Hall may be present. A video of last years presentation can be viewed on the Blog.

9. Happiness Video: P. Beltgens also suggested that the South End could make a “Happiness Video” to include on the YouTube site. And that Happiness Flash Mobs could be held at the Miners Heritage Picnic.

10. Nanaimo Centre Stage: The management situation was discussed briefly and it was expressed that possible solutions were being considered.

11. “Stand Up for the Veterans” Event: P. Portsmouth told the group the event will be held at the Coast Bastion on Thursday, May 22 at 12:00 p.m. It will be hosted by Peter Stoffer, Tom Mulcair and Jean Crowder.

12. Patricia Pub under new ownership: It was pointed out that the Patricia will reopen under new management on May 16. Renovations are currently underway. Their stated goal is the be a “neighborhood pub”. Kathy Tjorhelm requests that the new owners be asked to present to us.

8:15 pm – Adjourned

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Nanaimo Community Gardens Society
271 Pine Street Nanaimo B.C


My Name is Glenda Stroomer. I work for the Nanaimo Community Gardens Society. Our Society is taking over the YPN garden on Irwin Street. We will run it as a community garden not an allotment garden, we will be having 2 organized work parties a week starting on Tuesday May 13th. Everyone is welcome to come and share in the weeding, planting and most importantly the harvest!

The work parties will be:
Tuesday evenings 5:30-8:30
Sunday’s from 11:00-2:00

Also we will be having an event there on the 17th of May from 11:00- 3:00 where the YPN will officially be handing over the garden to us, we will have an info booth for anyone who has any questions and we will also be selling some of our organic plants.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.


Thanks Glenda Stroomer

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