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During the election of 2008 the South End Community Association ventured into the political foray by creating a blog SOUTH END VOTES. The blog was set up to promote awareness and participation by south end residents in the election, questions were asked of candidates and their answers were published.  Over the period of the election well over 4000 hits were made to the blog.

In a reprise of the South End Community Association’s SOUTH END VOTES of 2008 we want your help in asking questions of the candidates in the by-election to elect one city councilor to replace the seat held by Larry McNabb who passed away December 24th 2010.

  • Please submit, by March 9th one question regarding the South End, which you would like answered by all of the candidates.
  • You can post below by clicking on this headline.
  • Or if you prefer, e-mail us directly at our gmail.com address:  southendcommunityassociation@

Political junkies Gord Fuller & Pat Portsmouth as well as intrepid blog maven Barbara Densmore will choose 3 or 4 of the very best which will be sent to all candidates.   Answers, or non-answers, to each question will be posted on the South End Votes blog.

If you’re curious about the candidates but unsure of their platform, this should help you make an informed decision.

Show your willingness to participate in this by-election by getting out and voting.  Show Nanaimo (and your neighbourhood) you care.

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South End Votes

Our election website, South End Votes, received 4,100 visits over the 4 week period before the local election.  Our goal was to both raise profile for the South End with local politicians and to give neighbours both the information and incentive to get out and vote.  How did we do?  Well, we know from the press received that we DID raise awareness.  Whether we managed to encourage voting is still unclear…the cancellation of the polling station at Bayview School was a disappointment, and we were unable to determine how many voters from the South End actually turned out.

If you want to see how the South End voted (compared to the city as a whole, click here.  You can also read comments.

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Our monthly mini-litter pick-up is THIS Saturday, November 1

We’ll meet at McDonald’s for breakfast/coffee at 9:00 AM, and then fan out around 9:30 to clean up for an hour. Bring gloves and extra plastic grocery bags.  By 10:30, you’re on your way, and you’ve been able to meet your neighbours, help the community and do bend-over exercises at the same time..:)

Trashy Art Day, Saturday Nov 8, &Loan Gallery, 33 Victoria Crescent

Click below for poster:


We’ll paint our next batch of Art Bins between 11 AM and 4 PM. We’re painting a little differently this time…come and paint as part of a team. Learn some painting techniques, meet some new folks.  No need for you to be a great artist….just inspired to leave your mark on the South End and happy to work with your neighbours.  Come when you can…for the whole time or for a few hours.   Call Yvonne Vander Kooi for more info:  250.754.0677

Then between 4 and 6 PM, we’ll show them off at a Trashy Art Show at the &Loan Gallery, 33 Victoria Crescent.  The gala-gala event of the season, and a place to bump into some of Nanaimo’s most fascinating folks! Don’t miss it!

New bins will be placed where they are most needed.  Adoption papers for potential foster bin parents will be at the event.  If you can’t come to the event, but are interested in fostering a bin, call Sandra Zuccolini at Sandra’s Head-to-Toe Salon, 753-1394

Thanks to the City of Nanaimo for helping to support this event.

The Southenders Tea Party November 8

When Laura Ann Ramsay asked folks who attended the Strawberry Social at the 2005 Miner’s Picnic to complete the sentence: “I remember when….” she had no idea what that it would lead to a book. Titled The Southenders, this book has been a labour of love for her, and for the almost 100 people who helped by writing stories or assisting with the book production.

Divided into decades, stories start in the 1800’s through today…memories of people, places and events, with photos and newspaper clippings.

The Southenders will be launched at a storytelling tea party at the new Nanaimo Museum (in the convention centre)  on Saturday Nov 8 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. You’ll hear stories from 2 generations: Ruth Hunter and Muriel McKay Ross, as well as Jim Brice and Jim Robertson, who would likely be delighted to be called youngsters again…!

The book will be available for sale at the Museum; 152 pages, $14.95.  If you want to attend, please RSVP the museum at 753.1821 so you’re not left without a chair!

The Civic Election is Saturday November 15

Click on the link below to discover the type of devastation that you may cause by NOT voting:  (sent to one of our board members. Not meant to be related any Nanaimo candidate)

So you won’t bother voting, eh?

Now here is a simple and easy way for you to make a difference.

South End Votes

Well, it’s becoming pretty obvious that this coming civic election is big news  for those of us in the South End.  Our on-line forum, South End Votes is now receiving up to 200 visits a day. AND…EVERY candidate for council and mayor has answered the 4 questions we asked about:

1. · How they see the South End changing

2. · The problems stemming from Nicol Street

3. · Their 3 top actions on homelessness and affordable housing

4. · The motion to locate a multiplex in OUR neighbourhood.

You can read ALL of the responses on line. You can even post a comment and read what your neighbours are saying. Plus you can download a score sheet to help you decide who DESERVES your vote.

Just click here.

or here:


If you’d like to leave a comment or ask a question, just click on the RED title of this section.  You’ll see the complete article along with a section to write or read posts left by others.

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Art Bin Painting Event and Art Show


Pencil in November 8 as the date for an amazing Art Bin painting event, followed by an Official Gallery Show at &Loan Gallery on Victoria Crescent!

If you would like to paint a bin on that date, or are willing to paint one in advance, please call Yvonne Vanderkooi at  754.0677 or Maggie Wouterloot at 754.2710.

Details on the event for attendees in next month’s newsletter!


Make your Vote Count on Nov 15



The recent series in the Nanaimo Daily News offered this food for thought on the upcoming Civic Election on November 15:

Nanaimo’s south-end community has seen the impact of its local government this past year: an increased police presence to control the illegal drug activity, funding to rejuvenate Deverill Square Park, and councillors defending residents who refused to accept a homeless drop-in centre at the Balmoral Hotel. These accomplishments are a result of organized petitioning by neighbours who were eager to make their streets safer. The movement could lead to an increase in south-end voters in the fall election, as residents want to take a more proactive approach to shaping their community.

The South End Community Association wants its members to keep up their end of the democratic bargain when it comes time to vote.

“We’ve been through so much in this neighbourhood, it’s making the election a very real concept for us,” said Barbara Densmore, who sits on the community association executive committee. “People have that tendency to complain so easily, but if you don’t vote, you don’t really have a right to complain. Voting is empowering and you get a chance once to do it every few years in November, so exercise your power.”

Getting involved in local government is a responsibility of every citizen, not just for her neighbours, according to south-end resident Patricia Portsmouth. The last civic election in Nanaimo brought out 35% of eligible voters, strikingly similar to the provincial average for civic elections. That rate is “disappointing” for Portsmouth, who has worked on campaign teams at several levels of government.

“I run into some people who say they vote federally, but not municipally, which always surprises me because it’s so close to us,” she said.

“The laws and bylaws have so much impact on us and people don’t realize that.”

Neighbourhoods start push for election involvement



Also from the Daily News:

Nanaimo regularly has a long list of candidates seeking public office, which has its advantages and disadvantages…… Eight Nanaimo candidates ran for mayor in 2005 and 38 vied for eight council seats. Many lack political experience, or a realistic understanding of what the job entails. They can take hundreds of votes away from more serious candidates, confusing voters and affecting the outcome on Election Day.


So HOW do you choose a solid candidate in a city that has no ward system or parties?  HOW can you ensure that the concerns of the South End will be addressed over the next three years?  HOW can you make an informed decision?


Enter the South End Votes Blog.


Here’s how it works:

  • Post any questions you have for potential councillors or mayor between now and October 10.  If you aren’t internet savvy, call 740.0120 and leave your question/s on the voice mail.
  • We’ll select 3-5 questions that best represent the issues of the South End and send them out to ALL potential council and mayoralty candidates.
  • We’ll have all answers posted by NEXT newsletter date (November 1), both in the web and print format newsletters.
  • You’ll be able to ask questions and make comments on the web version.



We will NOT be recommending or supporting any particular candidate…that’s not our role. Our hope is simply to provide you with the information to compare candidates related to specific South End issues.



And from Pat Portsmouth, some interesting thoughts on the voting process:



When you reach the age of 18 you have the privilege of the vote.

  • So if you never want to have a pension or regulate the banks or the big oil companies, don’t accept this privilege, take no responsibility – don’t vote in the Federal Election.
  • And if you never intend using our medical services, or schools, don’t accept this privilege take no responsibility – don’t vote in the Provincial Election.
  • And if you don’t think any of the following are important – traffic lights, street lights, parks, recycling, fire and emergency services, sidewalks, water, sewerage, garbage, sports fields/ arenas, boat ramps….and on and on, don’t accept the privilege, take no responsibility – don’t vote in the Municipal Election.

Regardless of your political stripe, you may enjoy this animated version of Tommy Douglas’ Mouseland speech:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC1GtIhwpSk



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There’s so much happening in the South End, and sometimes as an association, we feel a little run off our feet.  So we spent part of the September meeting, stepping back and taking a look at what’s important and how we’re doing. Six categories of SECA activity were suggested and we all gave our opinions on a scale of one to ten on the importance of each activity and how well we thought we were accomplishing these tasks.

Here are the priorities (in order):

1.  Activities that shape our future

Rank:  9.5

Includes the upcoming Neighbourhood community plan, on-going relationship development with elected officials, city staff, RCMP, local groups, etc.

1.  Activities that beautify, and display the character of the South End

Rank:  9.5

Includes Art in the Park murals, heritage displays and efforts, Artbins, Deverill Square Park entranceways (upcoming)

2.  Activities that entertain

Rank:  9.25

Includes Miner’s Picnic, Estuary Day, Deverill Square Park playground (upcoming),

Community picnics, and Beer & Burger nights

3.  Activities that focus on neighbourhood improvement

Rank:  9.2

Includes the annual litter pick-up, monthly mini-litter pick-ups, Artbins, Deverill Square lighting/ usage by sports teams (new)

4.  Activities that inform and educate

Rank:  8.5

Includes the new newsletter & weblog, planned sessions/information on safety, nuisance properties etc, new civic election Q&A forum

5.  Activities that advocate

Rank: 8.3

Specific advocacy issues have included: public forums i.e. Safety Forum, Balmoral/Living Room issue, IPI noise problem, Coastland Hog Burner problems

Even the lowest priority still received a high ranking from an importance standpoint.

We’ll review how we’re doing in these areas as well as specific feedback comments at the next SECA meeting on October 1.

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If you ordered one of those colourful artsy SECA T-shirts, it’s in. And there are an extra 15 available, assorted colours (red, green. yellow. blue, black) and sizes (med to XL). Cost $20 each. To order, call Sandra at Sandra’s Head to Toe Salon 753.1394. She will be at the September meeting and can bring yours to the meeting if you wish.

Thanks to Gord Nixon from the city and his team for initiating the clean-up of lots on Haliburton Street. And to McDonald’s for fencing the lot next to their building.

We’ve been notified that the proposed multi-family project at 1150 Milton Street (old Robins’ Gardens site) is moving forward and the Development Permit application went to the Design Advisory Panel on Thursday, July 24 for review. The plan is for 6 buildings with 10 units each. The developer plans to keep as many trees as possible, focusing on the more mature ones.


You’ve heard people talking a lot about the Official Community Plan for the city of Nanaimo. We’ve been invited to create a Neighbourhood Plan for the South End, with a probable start date of early next year. With light industrial, retail, multi-unit and residential zoning in our area, it’s critical that we are able to plan for growth that works for the community. If you’d like to get more info about this project, please call Douglas Hardie at 754.0677.

There’s a civic election coming up in November, and given everything that we’ve been going through in the South End over the past few years, it would make sense to get out and VOTE and to VOTE for candidates who will help us gain more of the positives and reduce more of the negatives that are particular to this area. More coming on that in next month’s newsletter.

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