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To see the 2015 Chair’s Address in full, follow this link: HardieAGM15

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*Guests: D. Laberge, L. Krog, MP


  1. Introductions
  2. Financial Report
  3. D. Laberge Report
  4. SECA Constitution
  5. Address from the Chair
  6. Presentation
  7. Elections
    Other Business:
  8. Thanks to D. Routley
  9. Congratulations to L. Gambone
  10. Video Presentation


Call to Order by Chair who reminds us that the land on which we meet is traditionally that of the Snuneymuxw people.

2. Financial Report: The Treasurer’s year­-end report was presented and copies distributed to membership. The un­-audited report was generated by our Accounting firm, Esplanade Tax.
Motion by S. Robertson: To Approve the Year-­end Financial Report. Second: K. Hazel. Carried.
Chair took this opportunity to extend thanks and recognition to Sandra Zuccolini­Larocque for her hard work and dedication in all our SECA initiatives. Members applauded and rose in recognition of her contributions to our neighbourhood.

3. D. Laberge Report: Const. LaBerge informed us that the Patricia Hotel will reopen sometime in December. Due to changes in City Liquor Permit regulations, the Patricia will now offer live entertainment in the form of Exotic Dancers on Thursday and Friday afternoons as well as live bands on Friday and Saturday evenings. Police will be monitoring the establishment.
A member questioned if action was pending on nuisance properties near the 7/11 and behind the Jolly Miner on Nicol Street. Const. LaBerge reports that the offending residents near 7/11 have been removed from that property and that the properties on Nicol Street have not generated complaints at present. He also reports that our area is in fair shape, with current property crime increases primarily occurring in other areas of the city.
Thanks to Const. LaBerge for his continuing updates and concern for our Community.

4. SECA Constitution: Copies of proposed changes to our Constitution have been available for review on our Blog and at meetings for several months. A vote was held to ratify the changes. Motion by C. LoScerbo: To approve changes to the SECA Constitution. Second: K. Hazel. Carried.
Thanks was extended to C. Torjhelm and K.n Hazel for their thorough approach to these revisions.

5. Address from the Chair: In keeping with Association requirements, Chair gave the Annual Review of SECA activity.
Thanks was expressed to many individuals for their contributions to our various events and to our community partners. In particular, Const. LaBerge, our MP Leonard Krog and MLA Doug Routley were thanked for their support. C. Torjhelm, founder of the Miner’s Heritage Picnic and past Chair was praised for his outstanding contributions over the years. P. Portsmouth was noted for her many contributions, most recently her tireless work in getting a traffic light for the dangerous intersection of Hwy 1, Haliburton and Victoria Streets. Organizers S. Robertson, P. James and J. Carruthers were applauded for their work with the City, the DNIBA, and engineers on the MyStreet event; an outstanding initiative to revitalize Nicol Street. Also highlighted was our commitment to developing a cooperative relationship with the Snuneymuxw First Nation, whose traditional lands we live on. The full text of the Address is available on the Blog or at the next General meeting.

MP Leonard Krog took the opportunity to speak to the high regard in which Douglas is viewed by those who have worked with him on SECA concerns and on the Waterfront Development Committee on which he serves. His thoughful voice, integrity and insight is valued by all.

6. Presentation to the Chair: To honor his many years of service to our Association, members presented Douglas with a ‘Citizen of the South End’ certificate and a Gift Certificate to the Bold Knight. A heartfelt Tribute Song was performed by Members.

7. Elections: Elections were invigilated by L. Krog, MP. In keeping with procedures outlined in our Constitution, 8 or more Directors are to be elected and positions on the Executive decided at the first Executive meeting following the AGM.
Nominated: C. LoScerbo, S. ­Larocque, K. Hazel, S. Robertson, S. McLellan, P. Sochor, B. McGuffie, M. Carpenter, B. Geselbracht, S. Faux.
All Nominees elected by unanimous show of hands.

8. Thanks to D. Routley: P. Portsmouth commends Doug Routley for his support and dedication to our Traffic Light initiative which resulted in a Traffic Light installation at the juncture of Hwy 1, Haliburton and Victoria Streets. She suggested that a letter be sent to Mr. Routley acknowledging his efforts and that the letter also be published in area newspapers.

9. Congratulations to L. Gambone: L. Gambone has been nominated for the George Ryga Social­Awareness Award for his memoir of the 1960’s.

10. Video Presentations: VIU student Doug Wortley presented videos of the My Street event and the most recent workparty at the Livingston Food Forest site. Wonderful images and reportage of South End projects! Thanks, Doug! We are glad you have expressed interest in continuing to be involved!


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