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This is the third year that a few South End residents (and their friends) have provided an informal Christmas afternoon show at Dufferin Place, the extended care facility beside the hospital.

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This year we had some terrific music!  Michaela Chan played the piano, and Dave Hart joined Sydney Robertson on guitar.  Ed Poli told a few of his famous Christmas stories.  Maggie Wouterloot got us all organized, and Valorie (Claus) Lennox added a touch of elegance.  Thanks to Annemarie Poli, Nico Gregoire, Linda Stedfield, and Belinda Chan for bringing up the chorus and taking part in a very interactive “Twelve Days of Christmas” routine.

Santa (Bill Robinson) and Miz Claus (Barbara Densmore) showed up this year, along with Myrtle Claus, and a bunch of bags full of stuffed toys for the residents, thanks to the Nanaimo Toy Drive Folks.

It was a wonderful afternoon!  Thanks everyone for your generous hearts…!

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We sing with gusto!

On Christmas eve, a group of about 15 carollers braved the cold to sing around the South End.  A highlight of the evening was our stop at the Balmoral, where we got a warm reception from the catering staff and some of the residents, who came out and sang along with us.

And on Christmas afternoon, we entertained at Dufferin Lodge, the extended care facility beside the hospital.  We told stories and jokes, like this one:

Turkey Trouble: It was Christmas Eve in at the supermarket and a woman was anxiously picking over the last few remaining turkeys in the hope of finding a large one.

In desperation she called over the meat manager and said, ‘Excuse me. Do these turkeys get any bigger?’

‘No, madam, ‘he replied, ‘they’re all dead.’

This year (our second one), we got bolder and invited audience participation (we had a BIG audience.)  The “12 Days of Christmas” turned out to be a lively song with wild & crazy headgear, and singers reinacted “I want a Hippopotamus from Christmas” with a bunch of placards.  And we handed out stuffed toys, thanks to the Nanaimo Toy Drive, to both residents in the audience and also those who were bed-ridden and unable to attend.

Soon these volunteers were all wearing silly hats.

Thanks to Pat Squire for linking us together with the Toy Drive folks, to Sydney Robertson, Rebecca and Michaela Chan for pulling together the entertainment, and to Ed Chan, for goodnaturedly holding up the male voice section…:)

In the News….

More on the Value Lodge’s nuisance property designation from the Nanaimo Daily News’ Dec. 1 edition.  Click here.

Merchants bail out as Port Place mall gets ready to renovate from Dec 5 Nanaimo Daily news article.

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Christmas, of course!

Last year, a group of us went to Dufferin Lodge to entertain the shut-in residents on Christmas Day.  It was a real treat for them (hey, we were better than the alternative, which was nothing…:))

Here’s the article.

You don’t have to be a South Ender to join in, and you certainly don’t need talent, just a little holiday spirit and a big heart.

If you’re interested at all, call Barbara at 740 0123 over the next few days.  If there’s enough interest, we’ll do it again this year.

All there in great spirit, with our delightful head cheerleader directing us front and centre..:)

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When we found out that Dufferin Lodge nursing home had no entertainment on Christmas Day, we figured that we had “nowhere to go but up.” So a small group went up from the South End, joined by Karen Hovestad and daughter Angie from the Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network and Barbara Henoch and daughter Clare from the Neighbours of Nob Hill. About 17 people sang, told stories and delivered jokes.

  • What do you get if you deep fry Santa Claus? Crisp Cringle!

  • What do you call a bunch of grand masters of chess bragging about their games in a hotel lobby? Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer!

Pat Squire from the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive dropped off stuffed toys, which were received with great delight by many of the 100 residents.

Special thanks to guitarist Sydney Robertson, pianist Michaela Chan, emcee Maggie Wouterloot and Nico, our jokester and official “little drummer boy”.



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