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7-Eleven receives positive feedback from RCMP, residents

Krista Bryce, Daily News.  Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The controversial development of a 7-Eleven store at Nicol and Milton streets in 2011 has proved to be a welcome addition to the south-end community.

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The Beer and Burger Fundraiser was a great success. Sixty six people attended and $2000 was raised. Thanks again to RU Computing for donating the computers for the raffle. Thanks also to Alice’s Restaurant and to all the volunteers.

Congratulations to all the winners:

The lap top: Stephano Monpetit

The computer: Anthony Jeffs

The Spa Day at Sandra’s Head to Toe Salon: Ronan McShane

The Number One Mine Heritage Kiosk. For those of you who don’t know this kiosk at the foot of Milton St. and Esplanade is the site of the former Number One Mine where one of the greatest mining disasters occurred in 1887. Charles Torhjelm was instrumental in getting this monument placed in 1999 but it had gotten a bit shabby over the years. A new roof has been put on and the kiosk refurbished.

There will be a celebration on May 7 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM to mark this event and remember the miners. More details coming as they unfold.

The Balmoral. Anne Hodge introduced herself to SECA as the new Director. Welcome aboard Anne! She has years of experience in social services in Ottawa and stressed the need for community feedback to the project. She told us that there were several new residents and that they were hoping to get a grant or funding to build a new entry way, replace carpets and create a storage area. They are also hoping to get two evening support workers so the Balmoral will have someone in attendance 24/7. There has been an additional grant for the successful Peppermill meals project and the Wesley Street low barrier housing project is now underway.

Tea Wagon, There was a pot luck on March 29 and on Saturday April 9, starting 10AM at the Irwin St, cul de sac, there will be a sanding party. Bring your sanders or sand blocks! At the end of the month there will be a Tea Wagon paining party which will be filmed.

The Miners Heritage Picnic will be Saturday June 25. All the rides, music and acts are on-board for this year. Volunteers wanted for the great event.

Social Media. Charles suggested the possibility of having a seminar on the use of social media. We decided that July might be a good time for this.

Zoning By-law. Gord spent quite a lot of time studying the zoning regulations and reported to us on the changes occurring. We are pleased to find that the changes are very close to the Neighborhood Plan. The new consolidated zoning is much less complicated and far more user-friendly than the old system. For links to the current zoning, the Neighborhood Plan and the new consolidated zoning see:

Zoning Links & Maps

Current Zoning Bylaw

Draft Revised Bylaw

Current Zoning Map

Draft Zoning Map

Nanaimo Map

= Launch Map

* Accept

* Using Tools on right, zoom in and find property

* Left click on property

* Right Click and when box appears click on property report for   information including zoning

Video Links to Council 7-11 Decision

Feb 28th 2011 – Click on 9:01pm

Recommendation to Staff Business License Amendment 9:01pm

March 14th 201 – Click on 10:43pm

Business License Bylaw turned down by council 10:43pm


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"Neighbours feel snubbed by 7-Eleven silence over proposed store" Residents seek shorter opening time as a means to avoid problems in neighborhood. See story here.

See also these articles from the Nanaimo News Bulletin:

South end unhappy with proposed 24-hour store

By Toby Gorman – Nanaimo News Bulletin
Published: March 01, 2011 1:00 PM

Debate over 24-hour openings in Nanaimo not new

Nanaimo News Bulletin

Published: March 02, 2011 11:00 AM

Restricted hours for opening work well elsewhere

Nanaimo News Bulletin,
Published: March 07, 2011 3:00 PM

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7-Eleven Update

New Business License Bylaw coming to Nicol St.

Despite threats, by the proponent for a new mixed use Commercial and Residential 7-Eleven at the corners of Nicol and Milton St’s., that the project would be abandoned if it was not allowed to operate 24/7, City Council has chosen to create a new Business License Bylaw for the area of Nicol St., possibly Haliburton St. and Victoria Rd. as well, designated Corridors in the Official Community Plan.

This bylaw would put a restriction on retail service hours and would not affect restaurants.  Presentations to council were made by SECA’s illustrious Chair Douglas Hardie and Vice Chair Gord Fuller.  Check out the video of the meeting here Council Meeting February 28, 2011

Near the beginning are the presentations made by developer Keith Brown, Douglas, Gord, and Marzana Banks, a long-time 7-Eleven employee and manager.  Council discussion is later…very interesting.

Our deepest appreciation and gratitude go to Mayor, Council members, and city staff.  With your help, we’re building a revitalized and safe neighbourhood.  And we couldn’t do it without you.

New 7-Eleven OK’d, but may not be able to open 24 hours

Residents fear all-night operation will bring return of crime, drugs

Derek Spalding, Daily News, Published: Tuesday, March 01, 2011

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