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 Received this e-mail today:
My name is Arie Vander Reyden and I would like to introduce myself.
We have recently purchased 499 Albert with the intention to open a personal service business.
Our business is called LIVE FIT and we consult our clients in fitness and healthy nutrition.
We introduce a program that incorporates both ancient and modern exercise techniques as well as healthy eating habits.
As symbolic representation we have chosen the colors of the rainbow as well as the black and white banners of ancient Chinese Taoist health practice.
The rainbow is a spiritual and mythological symbol of hope and transformation and we chose these colors for our sign and decoration.
We have had many appreciative comments from our neighbors and people living in the immediate community.
They have expressed their gratitude for our efforts to assist this area to develop and improve.
We invite community members to come and visit us and see what we are doing .
Editor’s note:  fyi, this is one of the 2 little houses at the corner of Selby, across from the law Courts, that have been recently renovated.   Good luck to Arie and crew…nice to see new businesses springing up and reaching out to the community.

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Community Beat: Food-furniture combo making life a treat for south-end woman

Sandy Kosolowsky operates popular Ukrainian kitchen and second-hand shop

Krista Bryce, The Daily News

Published: Thursday, March 29, 2012

The sun seeps through the small windows at Sandy’s Ukrainian Kitchen and Deli on Nicol Street in the late morning, where owner Sandy Kosolowsky and work partner Colleen Vanwicklin sit in their matching black shirts and red aprons.

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A few South Enders have been on this tour. which is chock FULL of fascinating mining stories!  Check it out…..

Tom Paterson, well-known Vancouver Island historian, columnist, and writer, is noted for his hosting of “Black Track” tours of Morden Colliery, other area coal mining sites and rail lines. With his extensive knowledge of coal mining history and his engaging and dynamic delivery, he has a special ability to recreate the spirit of early coal mining days. Tom has just announced the date of his spring tour. It will be held on Sunday, May 6th. The itinerary will be similar to those of previous tours but this year will end between 2:00 pm to 3 pm at South Wellington Day, the bi-annual event hosted by the South Wellington community at its Cranberry Community Hall.

The tour’s first stop after Morden will be No. 5, South Wellington (Dunsmuir’s Canadian Colleries).  Other mine sites to be visited are Alexandra/Richardson/Fiddick (Pacific Coast Coal Mines Ltd.); Fiddick’s Junction; No. 10 South Wellington (Canadian Collieries); Granby (Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Co.) The tour will end this year at South Wellington Day, the bi-annual event hosted by the South Wellington community at its Cranberry Community Hall.

If you are interested in participating, please email cchristo@shaw.ca or phone 250-714-0377. Ticket prices remain $30.00 for one individual, $25.00 each for two or more in a party and now includes one year’s free membership in Friends of Morden Mine for each ticket holder.

Tom donates all tour proceeds to Friends of Morden Mine to support efforts to bring about preservation of the unique, nearly 100 year old, rapidly deteriorating headframe and tipple still standing at Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park.

Typically tours assemble at 10:00 a.m. at Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park in front of the head frame. Each participant is asked to bring water or juice, a packed lunch/snacks sufficient to sustain them for the length of the tour, typically about four hours. Hats, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, and clothing to protect from possible brambles or wayward branches, suitable for forecast weather, are also recommended. Transportation will be pooled to drive participants to various mine sites, but participants are asked to provide their own to and from the park. Participants are reminded that to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all tour members, they should refrain from wandering off by themselves or engaging in conversations that impede the ability of others to hear the commentary.  The walking tour is rated as moderate to easy. 

Notes: “Black Track” refers to those South Wellington area railway lines informally used by miners and residents as a “public thoroughfare” or walking track. Coal dust so thickly coated the lines that they became known locally as the “Black Track.”

Morden’s 1913 headframe and tipple were innovative in their use of reinforced concrete and are the only such remaining above-ground structures on Vancouver Island, and the earliest in North America we believe. Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park has been named as an Historic Place by Parks Canada.

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Controversial property now listed for sale

Asking price for Newport pub, apartments and liquor store in Nanaimo is $1.5 million

Matthew Gauk, Daily News

Published: Saturday, March 24, 2012

The controversial Newport property in Nanaimo’s south end has been listed for sale.

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Robert Barron, Daily News

Published: Friday, March 23, 2012

More than a dozen unique trees that were planted in the city’s early days on the corner of Milton and Fry streets won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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March 19-24 2012
Schmooze Producions presents
Talent-ed Teens Spring Break Theatre Intensive
classes run 9:00am-noon

Develop your talent, create an act, and show off your creativity in this week long intensive program designed for teens aged 13-18. For one week you will be part of the exclusive Schmooze collective working to create an original revue featuring you! Bring your passion for performing and join us during Spring Break to explore theatre, gain confidence, develop a show, and expand your skills in a fun, comfortable and creative environment.

Registation is available online at www.schmoozeproductions.com

March 22-24, March 30 – April 1 2012
Western Edge Theatre presents
Dry the Rain
March 22-31 doors open at 7:00pm, showtime at 7:30pm
April 1 doors open at 1:30pm, showtime at 2:00pm

Agnes and Clayton may be the liveliest couple in their economy retirement home, but that doesn’t make them adorable or, heaven help us, loveable. “Just because we shrink and we move slowly and you see us on TV handing out Werther’s originals,” Agnes tells David, their veryearnest caregiver, “doesn’t mean we are sweet. Old people are still people. We can still lie and cheat and hit you with our walkers.”

Still, you’ll be hard-pressed not to fall in love with them anyway, as Agnes and Clayton help David sort through his mixed-up marriage, and cling to their own 60-year love affair, even as age and time seem to want to take everything else away. Funny, clear-eyed, and with an ending that will make your heart race, Dry the Rain is the finest comedy-drama about “seniority” since The Gin Game.

for tickets, please contact Western Edge at http://westernedge.ning.com/

April 3, 2012
Award winning filmmaker Diane Whelan presents her new documentary
40 Days at Base Camp
doors open at 6:30pm, showtime at 7:00pm

“A must-see for anyone who couldn’t put down Into Thin Air ” -Georgia Straight

This compelling documentary captures a fascinating, intimate portrayal of life at the base of Mt. Everest, the ‘goddess’ to the local people and a place of staggering physical beauty. 40 Days at Base Camp sheds a provocative light on a community of people that are brought together in their quest to reach the top of the world and the challenges that journey brings.
The film just had its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival, with three sold out screenings and much critical acclaim.  40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP is set to tour Canada this April and May, with 35 screenings from BC to Newfoundland.
One of the main characters in the film is Nanaimo climber and resident, Robert Hill.

For tickets and more information, please visit http://www.40daysatbasecamp.com/

April 3 2012 (ongoing dates)
Schmooze Productions presents
Adults Acting Up
all classes run from 7:00-9:30pm

Schmooze Productions is proud to offer Adult’s Acting Up! Acting courses for beginner to intermediate level adult performers, designed to teach a variety of skills. Join our professional and fun teachers and Embrace The Exploration!

April 3: Acting 202. You know where stage left is. You know what it means to get “off book”. You know why we don’t whistle in the theatre. You’re a pro. Or are you? Looking for some more training? Then this is the class for you. Designed for those who have some experience and are looking to expand their repetoire. The professional teachers at Schmooze will guide you through more advanced text work, finding character, movement and voice. Get ready to get on stage and work it out!

May 8: Stage Fighting. Let’s get ready to rumble! This is one of our most exciting classes. Scuffle, slap, punch and kick your way through the evening as you learn the art of fighting realistically and safely on stage. With an emphasis on fun and safety this class promises to thrill. Pulling your punches doesn’t need to look silly, join us and learn how! En garde!

Registration is available online at www.schmoozeproductions.com

April 10 2012 (ongoing dates)
Schmooze Productions presents
New and Improv’d
all classes run from 7:00-9:30pm

Improv has thrilled audiences around the world with it’s daring material, spontaneity and hilarious antics. Schmooze Productions is proud to offer New and Improv’d, an 8 week improv course for beginner to intermediate level performers, designed to teach everything from basic warm-up to the full madness of a performance in front of a live and interactive audience. We recommend that you sign up for the full 8 week course but, in the spirit of Improv, drop-ins are also welcome. Join our professional and fun teachers and come ready to play!

– April 10 Improv 6: Yes let’s! Perfecting the “ask for”. Experience incorporating your audience into the show, for better or for worse!
– May 15 Improv 7: Practice makes perfect. Put into practice what we’ve learned so far. Accepting offers from the audience and starting to build in some basic show structure. This week will be a real workout.
– May 22 Improv 8: Put it all together and make a scene. This is your last class and your first time in front of a live audience. Ready or not, here we come!

Registration is available online at www.schmoozeproductions.com

April 19 – May 12, 2012
Schmooze Productions presents
The Full Monty
doors open at 7:30pm, showtime at 8:00pm

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Hey South Enders!

The Nanaimo Art Gallery has its annual banner design contest up and SECA would like to see our own South End community style beautifully hung in our neighbourhood. We are looking for community members of all ages to work with us on designs that will line Nicol St with colourful, engaging and story-filled banners.This years theme is Celebrating Creativity!

We are currently looking for interested South Enders who will come together to design and paint these submissions for our neighbourhood…How would you express our South End Neighbourhood?

Please email clauren1@gmail.com with your interest.

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