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Despite riding restructuring, both MLA Leonard Krog and MLA Doug Routley managed to be the hands-down winners in the provincial election on May 12.  We won’t go into details here, but asked both for a comment for South End residents.

MLA cleans up in lane April 25, cleans up in riding May 12.

MLA Leonard Krog cleans up in lane April 25, cleans up in riding May 12.

“I would very much like to appreciate the support of the people who came out to vote, and especially the South End for your tremendous support.

I wish every success to the members of the South End Community Association and the residents they serve.

I look forward to working with at least some of you in my next term as  your MLA.”


Leonard Krog, MLA

“I would like to thank the people of the South End for the support we saw at the polls.
I am inspired by the energy and determination of the South End Community Association. Your commitment to community and nieghbourhood is an example for everyone to follow.

I am very eager to continue, over these four years, to work with all of you toward an improved and better community. The tools of democracy are hand tools. Its up to us to pick them up and use them to shape our own future.”

In the spirit of
Nuts’a’maat Shqualuwun
Working together as one

Doug Routley
MLA Cowichan-Ladysmith

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In the next provincial election, which is 12 May 2009, the South End has been split into two different ridings, based on this dividing line:

– east along 5th

– south down View to Needham

– east along Needham to Centre

North of this line is the new Nanaimo riding, which is currently represented by Leonard Krog MLA. However, if you live south of this line, you’ll now be in the constituency of Nanaimo Cowichan, currently represented by Doug Routley MLA. First Nations will be included Nanaimo Cowichan.

Unfortunately we were not successful in our appeal for all the South End to be included in the Nanaimo Constituency, even though we have more historical connections than the area around Rutherford!!

For more information, call Pat Portsmouth at 753.9772

To see actual riding boundaries, click here:



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