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A few months ago, we told you about the bold and daring Art Bins that had made it safely across Nicol Street to take up watch around Victoria Road.   Well, well, now we’re discoving that they are stud-ly as well..:)

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Lookie here, sprouting up in Nob Hill…a couple of real beauts….!

How sweet it is.

Welcome on board, Nob Hillers.  We neighbours might just be able to start a movement…if we haven’t already….:)


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On Aug 6, Social Planner John Horn attended the Nob Hill monthly meeting to present the 40-unit housing for the homeless project that’s slated to be built at 437-445 Wesley Street.

The Wesley site is one of 5 planned properties, which will yield an aggregate total of 160 units. The other sites include:

  • 1402-1590 Bowen Rd.,
  • 1598 Townsite Rd.,
  • 3515 Hillside Ave.,
  • 477 10th St.

The goal is to provide, through building and rent subsidies, homes for the 300+ homeless in Nanaimo.

The partnership between the City of Nanaimo and the Province of British Columbia  is based on a collaborative model:

  • the City of Nanaimo provides the land
  • the Province of BC provides Capital and Staffing,
  • a Non-Profit Society provides Management,
  • and the RCMP, the Non-Profit, Mental health, and VIHA provide tenant selection.

All are low barrier housing projects. That means, according to Social Planner John Horn: “There will be a clear expectation that residents of these projects will have respect for the neighbourhood and the building. There is not a requirement that tenants participate in a mental health or addiction treatment plan etc.”

Of the five properties,  three (Wesley, Bowen and Townsite) will provide supportive housing to the homeless. That means: “in all three projects the intent is always to move folks towards sobriety and health from whatever point they are starting at.”

In supportive housing, beyond regular staff,  an ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) team, comprised of highly skilled professionals i.e. psychologists, psychiatrists, addictions counsellors, mental health clinicians etc.  will carry a caseload of clients who live there.  Funding for and ACT team has been applied for from the BC government.

The Wesley and Bowen road projects are the same size (about 35-40 units), Townsite will have two 35-40 unit buildings; one that is low barrier and one that will be second stage housing for folks further down the sobriety road.

Much of the Nanaimo’s initiative is based on models that have been highly successful in cities like Portland and Toronto.  The models revolve around the idea that when people have a place to live and a sense of ownership, they are more able to make other changes in their lives.

Hmmmm…5 interesting points…..

  1. The city stated that they would move social housing initiatives to other parts of the city, not just the South End.   A great BIG THANKS for listening to us.
  2. The city donating land keeps costs down, moves the process along quicker, and guarantees to the province that Nanaimo is serious.  However, it limits sites to the city’s existing inventory of land.  The lack of wriggle room means the city as a whole benefits, while individual neighbourhoods may not.
  3. Interestingly, one of the largest projects is going to be right behind City Hall.
  4. The Balmoral project is not part of the city initiative, but it does mark the South End as an existing social housing provider
  5. While most people are squeamish about the fancy term “low barrier housing”, it really just describes how most of the rooming houses (including the pre-CHMA Balmoral) have been traditionally operated.

Thanks to contributors who provided the info for this article:  Gord Fuller, Jacquie Howardson and Norm Abbey from the Neighbours of Nob Hill, Social Planner John Horn.

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When we found out that Dufferin Lodge nursing home had no entertainment on Christmas Day, we figured that we had “nowhere to go but up.” So a small group went up from the South End, joined by Karen Hovestad and daughter Angie from the Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network and Barbara Henoch and daughter Clare from the Neighbours of Nob Hill. About 17 people sang, told stories and delivered jokes.

  • What do you get if you deep fry Santa Claus? Crisp Cringle!

  • What do you call a bunch of grand masters of chess bragging about their games in a hotel lobby? Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer!

Pat Squire from the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive dropped off stuffed toys, which were received with great delight by many of the 100 residents.

Special thanks to guitarist Sydney Robertson, pianist Michaela Chan, emcee Maggie Wouterloot and Nico, our jokester and official “little drummer boy”.



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New Condo Starts on Haliburton

CMC Engineering has received preliminary approval from the city for its five-storey condominium project, The Aurora, at 119 Haliburton St. Construction could begin after Christmas. The project, originally planned as a 24 unit building, was presented at a SECA meeting last fall as 30 units, and now adjusted to 35 units. You can read the Nanaimo Daily News articles by clicking on these links:

Condos could revitalize Haliburton Street

Tapping potential of south end has started


Deverill Park refit Underway


The washrooms in Deverill Park are lonely, now that all the playground equipment has been removed.   The new equipment is here and should be in place this fall.

The Gyro Club has generously donated $10,000 toward park development.  A huge THANK-YOU from all of us in the South End!


The Neighbours of Nob Hill installed their new playground equipment this past weekend, with 35 people showing up to help.  Well done!


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Welcome to the first edition of SECA Newsletter. We hope to keep you informed of news and events of importance to folks living in Nanaimo’s South End. Newsletters will be published on a monthly basis, with up-dates and informational postings as needed.


1. Christina Martens from the Canadian Mental Health Association will give us an update on their purchase of the Balmoral Hotel, including the progress and the planned use of the building. Come and get a better understanding of the adjusted plan.

2. Then we’ll “turn the tables” and get YOUR input and ideas on some of the projects that are either underway or planned as part of the South End’s improvement efforts.

Wednesday Sept 3 @ 7 PM. Princess Royal School. Irwin @ Farquhar


Perhaps a little short notice, but on Saturday August 30, there’s an old-fashioned painting bee at Fernville House, the heritage house now sitting at the corner of Irwin and Milton. Sydney and her family have put a lot of time and energy into the South End, and now they need our help. Bring painting tools and come any time between 10 and 6 PM. If you can help out, call Barbara Densmore at 740.0123 by Thursday evening so she can make food arrangements. If you’d like to know more about the project check out

http://nanaimo.shawtv.com/ then click on the Our Shows tab near the top of the page —  then click the Hidden Heroes logo– and select Sydney Robertson from the list of stories.

UPDATE: What fun that was!  34 people showed up over the day to help out.  Sydney and the girls laid down the rules, the first one being 1. Our motto is “perfection”...”Better than it was!”

Click on this link to see photos.

Painting Bee Photos

Want a photo of yourself?  If you aren’t computer savvy enough to download copies from Picasa, just e-mail Sydney… fernville@telus.net  and she can send the pics to you.  Or leave a comment below, and we can look after from here if she’s up to her armpits in drywall mud….:)

Thanks to Bill Robinson for featuring the Painting Bee in his Hidden Heroes column in the Harbour City Star…what a great article!  Sorry, it’s not on-line, so we can’t provide a link.

We’ll be resuming our monthly mini-litter pick ups in September. Always the last Saturday of the month, pencil in September 27 on your calendar. Meet at the MGM Restaurant for breakfast/coffee at 9:00 AM, then fan out with a partner to clean up for an hour. By 11:00, you’re on your way, and you’ve been able to meet your neighbours, help the community and do bend-over exercises at the same time..:)

If you missed the Miners Heritage Photo Display at the Miners Picnic, you can see it at the Labour Day Picnic held 11AM to 3PM at Transfer Beach, Ladysmith on Monday September 1.

If you’re feeling the slightest bit handy, the Neighbours of Nob Hill need some help with the assembly of the new playground equipment going into Nob Hill Park on the weekend of September 20 & 21. For further information call Barbara Henoch at 591.2444; she will be happy to provide details around what to bring and exactly when to meet.

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