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There’s so much happening in the South End, and sometimes as an association, we feel a little run off our feet.  So we spent part of the September meeting, stepping back and taking a look at what’s important and how we’re doing. Six categories of SECA activity were suggested and we all gave our opinions on a scale of one to ten on the importance of each activity and how well we thought we were accomplishing these tasks.

Here are the priorities (in order):

1.  Activities that shape our future

Rank:  9.5

Includes the upcoming Neighbourhood community plan, on-going relationship development with elected officials, city staff, RCMP, local groups, etc.

1.  Activities that beautify, and display the character of the South End

Rank:  9.5

Includes Art in the Park murals, heritage displays and efforts, Artbins, Deverill Square Park entranceways (upcoming)

2.  Activities that entertain

Rank:  9.25

Includes Miner’s Picnic, Estuary Day, Deverill Square Park playground (upcoming),

Community picnics, and Beer & Burger nights

3.  Activities that focus on neighbourhood improvement

Rank:  9.2

Includes the annual litter pick-up, monthly mini-litter pick-ups, Artbins, Deverill Square lighting/ usage by sports teams (new)

4.  Activities that inform and educate

Rank:  8.5

Includes the new newsletter & weblog, planned sessions/information on safety, nuisance properties etc, new civic election Q&A forum

5.  Activities that advocate

Rank: 8.3

Specific advocacy issues have included: public forums i.e. Safety Forum, Balmoral/Living Room issue, IPI noise problem, Coastland Hog Burner problems

Even the lowest priority still received a high ranking from an importance standpoint.

We’ll review how we’re doing in these areas as well as specific feedback comments at the next SECA meeting on October 1.

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Balmoral Update

It’s been almost 6 weeks since we received the good news that the plan to add a Living Room component to the Canadian Mental Health Association’s purchase of the Balmoral Hotel has been scrapped, and replaced with an appointment-only office. There are other components to the social housing plan. We’ve invited Christina Martens from the CMHA to attend our September SECA meeting, to update us on the process, the overall plan, and to answer questions. We’ll keep you updated here.

If you can’t make it to the meeting, this link will take you to Derek Spalding’s update in last Friday’s Daily News.

Rooming house residents’ eviction fears put at ease

Sept 9 update:  another link to a recent article in the Nanaimo Daily News:

Uncertainty causes stress for Balmoral Hotel occupants

Editor’s note: we wish we had the time and manpower to contact people individually, but we don’t, so this newsletter contains meeting notice information. It goes out to about 300 people by hand and e-mail, including Balmoral residents.

CMHA met with the Balmoral residents on Monday September 22, with what seems like a positive first step.  Although 3 residents must be moved because they are living in illegal rooms/suites, they will be placed:

Balmoral tenants search for new home

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