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Well the Ratatouille outdoor showing gathered a lovely group and was a delight to watch as the summer finale…until next year! Many apologies if there was confusion around the day (turns out our date corrections to the blog don’t send notifications – oops!).

Many thanks to Paula and Mike and Sandra for all the organizing of logistics and set up, and to all those who came out and helped to get the word out. Here’s to more wonderful movies, popcorn and gathering with community in summer 2015!

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Join us for another delightful family movie…

Movie Night in the Park
Saturday, Sept 20th in Deverill Square Park (Princess Royal School Park between Haliburton and Irwin Streets at Milton)
Come and bring your family, some blankets and chairs.
This evenings selection, Ratatouille, will have you getting fancy with the spices!
The movie will start at 7:30 p.m.

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Check out another fantastic clip of our community and why you should vote for us at: http://www.greatplacesincanada.ca/en/place.asp?id=1023

Vote for the South End Nanaimo everyday until Sept 25th


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  1. Financial Report
  2. Haliburton Street Garden
  3. Great Neighbourhoods
  4. Movie in the Park
  5. Community Yard Sale
  6. SECA Constitution
  7. Hilton Hotel
  8. Parade
  9. Derelict Building
  10. Robin’s Grove
  11. Other Business:

1. Financial Report: S. Larocque requests $432/+tax to purchase 24 Large and Xtra Large T­Shirts to complete our Inventory of Merchandise. To contribute to offsetting the cost of these shirts, Monet has donated her proceeds of $120 from the Community Yard Sale.

At today’s date there is $2,650.86 in the General Fund and $2,901.40 in the Picnic account.,

A motion to release $432/+tax to S. Larocque for the purchase of T­Shirts was made by Pat

Portsmouth and Seconded by Chris LoScerbo. Passed unanimously.

2. Haliburton Street Garden/Samaritan House – Update: Michael and Ben Geselbrecht attended to update us on the Haliburton Food Forest proposal for the City ROW behind Samaritan House. They presented the proposal that will be given to City and backgrounded us on the Site Plan. In finalizing the proposal, they fully considered the input received from Community Members around the following: Safety, lighting, parking at the top of the lot for use by Samaritan House, inclusiveness, creativity, food security, sustainibility, watering/drought tolerance/rainwater collection, cleaning of the site, social care and connection, visibility, types of plantings – nut/fruit/herb/bee/butterfly, open to all, potential use as gathering/shelter space. Slides were shown to orient people to the lot and Maps were provided to show the proposed composition of the space. This Map will go to City for approval of the Site Plan. It was determined that:

  • ­The space will need to be watered – a Rain Barrel is needed.
  • ­Sub­committees need to be created to handle signage, picnic table, bench/es, etc.
  • ­Assistance in acquiring the proposed plant material is needed
  • ­Jack Anderson of Samaritan House will be the interface between City and the Site Plan for the Garden.

Ben Geselbrecht requests that, if any Community Member has more input, he be contacted immediately as the proposal will be presented to City very soon.

3. Community Safety/D. LaBerge: Constable LaBerge reported that they have had a very busy summer and year and that calls have increased throughout the City. In regard to our Neighbourhood policing he reports that:

  • they feel they are stemming the flow of South Victoria/Milton St. Auto thefts.
  • that there has been a rise in the number of discarded needles and more drop boxes may be needed
  • there has been a rise in crime sources coming from the Lower Mainland to the Island
  • the Patricia has been leased to a third party. They are experiencing some ‘bumps’ but are trying to run the venue responsibly
  • the Newport owners are considering possible uses for the property. Foreign Student Housing is one of the uses under review.
  • if a property has been ‘designated’ nuisance calls to that property are billed to the owner

Discussion: P. Portsmouth brought up a concern regarding over­loud motorcycles speeding through the area.

4. Council Candidate: Karen Hovested, City Council Candidate, attended to background us on her qualifications and the basis of her campaign. She:

  • Has been a member of the Departure Bay Community Association for 12 years.
  • Has lived on the Island for 20 years
  • Owns and runs her own business
  • Is a Community­-minded, proactive decision-­maker

5. Great Neighbourhoods Contest: The Meeting was updated on our nomination to the Great Neighbourhoods Contest. The Contest, held annually by Planning Associations throughout Canada, provides national regcognition to neighbourhoods that work under Neighbourhood Plans and are actively engaged in providing safe, socially inclusive and attractive environs for the enjoyment of all residents and the benefit of the community at large.

  • The City of Nanaimo felt that our Neighbourhood was a good candidate and suggested we submit an entry.
  • Shaw Cable will interview D. Hardie or designated representatives of SECA in the park on Thursday, September 5.

Discussion: Many thanks to Kathryn Hazel and Joan Carruthers for their hard work in creating a great submission for the Contest.

Members are encouraged to vote often in support of our Neighbourhood.

6.  Movie in the Park: Our first family “Movie in the Park” was held on September 5 with the showing of Mrs. Doubtfire in tribute to Robin Williams. It was a lovely evening and a great success, with 50­60 attendees. Thanks to P. Beltgens and S. Larocque for their work in organizing the event and making popcorn for the masses. In view of the response to this event, another movie night is being considered – September 13 has been suggested as a possible date, with ‘Ratatouille’ considered as a possible movie.

7. Community Yard Sale: The Community Yard Sale, held on Saturday, September 6, was successful and brought $120 in donations to SECA made by Monet , her entire proceeds from the event. Thanks, Monet! Other donations are still coming in.

8. SECA Constitution: 

  • ­Kathryn Hazel and Cathy Torjhelm have completed their review of our Constitution.
  • They have remediated some outdated language and made other minor changes.
  • ­The revised Constitution will be brought to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  • ­Doug Hardie is looking into the mechanics of the change.

9. Hilton Hotel: Gord Fuller spoke regarding the project, outlining the developers requests for increased density by allowing greater height and their desire to lease a portion of Georgia Park to accommodate their vehicle access needs, stairways and possible outdoor cafe/seating area. He states the following:

  • ­A public referendum should be held on this proposal. Referendum rules require 10% of those responding to successfully oppose a variance.
  • ­The height variance may be being requested so the developers can include Strata Suites
  • ­The proposal is going before Council too quickly to allow for adequate understanding of the ramifications.

­He requests that we write a letter to slow down the process by stating SECA’s opposition to the leasing of public parklands.

Discussion: P. Portsmouth informed that she objects to the leasing of public parklands by private interests and has written a Letter to the Editor expressing her viewpoint. Her Letter was read to the group by C. LoScerbo. It was pointed out that a Public Information Session was held on this proposal at the Convention Centre back in May, so this proposal has been on the radar for a significant amount of time.

­G. Fuller points out he wants a Letter to stop the process, not a referendum at this point. The issue was raised that the developer’s request concerns parkland that is not in our Neighbourhood. In keeping with SECA’s policy of a neutral, non­political stance on issues not directly affecting our Neighbourhood, it is questioned whether the requested Letter to Council falls within our Mandate.

Pat Portsmouth moved that D. Hardie send a Letter to Council on behalf of SECA, objecting to the leasing of public parkland for private purposes; to be read at the 3rd Reading of the Hilton proposal which will be heard at the Council Meeting, tomorrow, September 4, 2014. Seconded by Gord Fuller.

Passed by vote of 8 aye, 4 nay by Members present.

D. Hardie, Chair, stated that the proposed variance concerns parkland not in our Neighbourhood, and that, in view of the Associations’ Mandate and historically neutral position, a Letter to Council is inappropriate in his view and he would not author it.

It was then moved by (?) and seconded by Larry Gambone that C. LoScerbo, Vice­Chair, send a Letter to Council on behalf of SECA, opposing Leases of Public Parklands to private enterprise; to be read at the 3rd Reading of the Hilton proposal on September 4, 2014. Passed 8 aye, 4 nay, by Members present.

10. Bathtub Parade: The participation by our Tea Wagon and Wonderland Characters in the Bathtub Parade was successful, fun and brought attention to our Association in the public eye.

11. Derelict Houses: 

  • Derelict properties on Gillespie, Strickland and Haliburton Streets have be demolished in recent days.
  • ? , private citizen, asked the group for input on his plan to build a second house on his Irwin Street property. Rezoning would be required, so he requests feedback from the Community.

12. Robin’s Grove – update: Chris LoScerbo contacted the developers of the Condo being constructed at the site for status regarding the Stop Work order issued by the City. She was informed that it had been issued in response to a paperwork issue that would hopefully be speedily resolved. They hope to finish construction this Fall.

13. Bee Hotel: Thomas ? attended to inform the group regarding ‘Bee Hotels’ and their beneficial role in pollination. He is interested in making a Bee Hotel himself and would do a workshop on their construction if there are parties interested.

Discussion: Interest was shown by some present. Concerns were aired regarding the possible attraction of hornets and wasps. Information on Bee Hotels will possibly be posted on the Blog.

14. South Downtown Waterfront Committee: Doug Hardie was appointed by SECA to represent us on this Committee. The City has indicated an interest in continuing the work of the Committee to oversee implementation of the Waterfront Plan.

Doug seeks the approval of SECA for his continuing presence on the Committee. Approved.

14. Southend Citizen Award: It was suggested that Jill Stanner be presented a ‘Southend Citizen Award’ such as that presented posthumously to David Livingston.

14. Joy Leach Memorial: Pat Portsmouth informed the group that a Memorial will be held at Beban Park in honor of JoyLeach.

Joy Leach was the first and only female Mayor of Nanaimo, she brought in the first Community Plan for Nanaimo. Information regarding the Memorial will be posted on the Blog.

9:15 pm – Adjourned

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Joy Leach’s funeral location has been moved to  Friday (Sept. 12), 3:30 p.m., at Beban Park Social Centre. see http://www.nanaimobulletin.com/news/274369361.html

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