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David Livingston Food Forest is almost ready for planting, and you are invited to help with the next step of the project: building our garden beds and pathways, and maybe even planting our first trees and shrubs.

What: Garden bed installation, Mulching, Pathway building,
When: Saturday Mar 28th, 2015 10:00am- 4:00pm
Where: David Livingston Food Forest – Across from 345 Haliburton St. behind the Samaritan House;

Lunch is provided and you are welcome to bring some food to share.

Please bring:
-gloves, shovels, rakes, warm clothes, boots,
-extra plants that we can transplant in the forest! and to share with others.
– food (optional)

Sign up for the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/349635198575847/

For more information see the previous post:


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A special Thanks to Rose McCulley for her knowledgable and humorous talk on Mason Bees last Saturday. And for all the southenders (and beyond!) that came to build creative and attractive habitats. These homes and hotels support the amazing pollinators that ensure we have beautiful blossoms, diverse ecology and delicious food!

Some Fun Facts we now know:

  • Mason Bees are 75% MORE efficient pollinators than honeybees. Mason bees can carry pollen on their entire bellies and legs whereas the hairy surface area for the honeybee to carry pollen only exists on the backs of their “knees”
  • Mason bees will only fly 200-300 feet from its nest so once you establish a great home for them they will keep your and your neighbours gardens happy! And they don’t sting!
  • Take a look before you swat!
    Some mason bees have a greenish tinge and may appear to be house flies. Look for the hairy bodies and 4 wings (house flies have 2)
    Image result for Mason bee

Keep your eye out for some bee inspired art in the hood…there are rumours of some creative delights coming soon!

Click on the image below to see some of the houses and hotels that were created 🙂


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  1. SECA Insurance Review
  2. David Livingston Food Forest
  3. Community Gathering Place
  4. Litter
  5. Chase River Estuary Park
  6. Pollinator Workshop
  7. Other: Tea Wagon
  8. Other:Fuller Fund-raiser

1. SECA Insurance Review: Our insurance agent attended to background on our coverage, coverage options and litigation processes to help us most economically and adequately protect our Association.

Our present Commercial General Liability provides 1,000,000 coverage for bodily injury and property damage at a cost of $571.00 annually with a 1,000 deductible.

The Picnic is not covered and is insured separately. She noted that, though we require providers of high-­risk activities to provide proof of their own insurance, it is possible that lawyers could still instigate action against SECA if, in their determination, SECA was negligent.

We also presently carry coverage on the Director and Executive Board Members at a cost of $592.00. It covers such things as sexual harassment and failure to properly administer the financials of the Association. It is agreed that we will look into whether there is a need for this extended coverage.

We are cautioned not to post names, addresses or contact numbers on the web to avoid contravention of the Privacy Act/slander/etc.

2. David Livingston Food Forest: A work-party was held on Saturday and Ben and Mike G., together with volunteers, cleared a substantial portion of the lot of blackberry roots and debris. They also raked piles of leaves in preparation for mulching and enjoyed hot soup, buns and beverages to provide energy for their labours. The workday was a success but it was noted that advertising workdays more effectively might help attract needed volunteers.

A big push is needed for the next Work-party on Saturday, March 28 from 10-­4. The Goal: spread 25 yards of horse manure and, hopefully, plant some trees. Volunteers are needed! Many hands make light work! Come on out and enjoy the benefits of Community. Refreshment provided.

We were informed that ACT-­VIHA will do ongoing maintenance of the lot.

3. Community School: Representatives of the Community Space Committee met with the Principal of Bayview Elementary. Bayview is very Community-­oriented and may be designated as a Community School. This would allow use of their facilities by community members/organizations. Their facilities include space and kitchen facilities.

4. Litter: A Litter Pickup Group is being organized by B. Densmore for Saturday, March 14. Chair, D. Hardie will be in touch with her regarding any SECA volunteers for the effort. Collected litter can be disposed of in the McDonald’s bin.

5. Chase River Estuary ParkThe Chase River Park Ambassador, Thomas M., filled us in on the duties he regularly performs in the park on a volunteer basis. He walks all trails, collects litter and keeps pathways clear. For our information he informs us that the removed boardwalk will not likely be replaced.

6. Pollinator Workshop: Thomas will be holding a Bee Hotel Workshop at Princess Royal School on Saturday, March 21 from 10­-2. Participants are asked to bring scrap wood.

7. Tea Wagon: The Treasurer reports that cost to insure the Tea Wagon for 6 months is $300.00. A 6 month period would allow us to use the Tea Wagon for all of our events. Motion made to approve this purchase. Approved unanimously.

It was noted that funds from a Culture and Heritage Grant might be used to offset this and other costs incurred in the functioning of our Association.

The question was raised as to whether the acceptance of such funds would impact our autonomy.

8. Fuller Fund-raiser: We are reminded of the fundraiser for Gord being held at the Queens on Saturday.


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Bayview Mural Poster

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This is reminder, SECA’s  March general meeting will be held Wednesday March 4th , starting at 7:00 p.m., in our usual place, Princess Royal School.
Listed below are topics to be discussed.
SECA Insurance review
David Livingston gathering place
Neighborhood safety
Community hall update
Litter pick up
Chase river estuary park
Bee hive workshop
Happy March Southender’s, we hope to see you there.
Best Regards, Sandy McLellan, SECA Membership Secretary.

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Mason bees, and other pollinating insects will help your garden to flourish!
When helping these fantastic hefty workers, they will help us pollinate our flowers, fruit trees and berry bushes.
More pollination = more yummy food!
What: Mason Bee and Pollinator Q&A and Workshop – FREE!
When: Saturday March 21 – 10am Mason Bee 101 – 12pm build your own Mason Bee home or Pollinator Hotel!
Where: Princess Royal Family Center on 260 Irwin Street
Bring: tools and materials if you can – see below
Click on the poster below to see it large 🙂
PDF poster to print click this link: small – bee hotel workshop march 21 2015
Come learn all about the benefits of mason bees and other pollinators. Local expert Rose McCulley will answer all your questions about how to give mason bees the best possible start. Rose will bring a few ready-made mason bee houses for sale to get you started, if you don’t want to stay and build your own.
After noon, stay a bit longer if you wish to build your own pollinating insect house to take home. We will provide help and some equipment and materials, extra is greatly appreciated!
Bring your own tools: hammer, screwdriver and bits
Bring extra supplies (and clean out your shed in the process): bricks, broken bamboo stakes, and/or old plant pots (ceramic works best), old wood, pallets etc.
Sand or paint your pollinator house at home if you wish.

Confirm your attendance with Thomas Molineaux (that’s Moh-lee-noooh)
250 797 6055 (after 5pm on weekdays, or leave a voice message)
See you there, and spread the buzz!
Quick facts!
YES, you can host many different insects in one house
NO you don’t need a lot of space, just a bit of morning sunshine
NO you will not start attracting wasps!
NO, you will not need to start harvesting honey
NO, you don’t need safety clothing or to be weary around your pollinator house

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Dear South End residents. This is Thomas, your volunteer Park Ambassador inviting you to come and have a stroll at Chase River Estuary Park. As you may have noticed, part of the walkway has been removed, but there is something new that may catch your eye!

chase_river_owl (1)

An unknown artist has been blessing our park with three owls, made
with natural materials. They are a bit hidden, and finding them yourself is
twice the fun! Take a look at the pictures below to know what you are
looking for.

chase_river_owl (2)

On a side note, did you know that our beautiful park is home to some impressive Garry Oaks? There are not many places in Nanaimo left where
these beautiful native oaks grow, and we are happy to have a home for them at Chase River Estuary

If you have any questions or remarks about the park, drop me
a line at thomas_mol@yahoo.com and I will answer quickly!

See you on the trails!

chase_river_owl (3)

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