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…to see this querky installation built by local residents Chris and Michael.   You’ll be amazed by the imagination they have used to create:

  • a chair/loveseat totally made of bicycle parts
  • paintings on the fence made from woven bike inner tubes
  • a community bulletin board from old doors held together with old bike tires

Kind of gives the phrase “South End biker hangout” a whole new meaning…?!  (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the cheeky remark!)

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And…guarding it all, a colourful Art Bin they have christened “Hunderwaster”.  His words of wisdom are “One’s trash is another’s treasure“.   Ooooh, a wise bin…!

It’s fabulous, funky, and fun!  Strickland @ Robins.

Kudos to Chris and Michael both!

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Quirky People Get United

Quirk Works is a group of interested (and creative) South End folks who want to

  • further explore revitalization and enhancement projects for the neighbourhood,
  • and gather community interest and resources to implement the projects.

It’s so new that we haven’t even figured out how to spell it yet…Querk Werks?  Quirk Works?  Well, anyway, you get the point.  Either way, it functions under the umbrella of the South End Community Association.

While much of our work in the past has been working to solve neighbourhood problems, we have reached a pivotal point where we can now create the new, and put our energy into building not only a strong community, but a beautiful one, too.

Some of the ideas that have been bantered around include:

  • Regular and frequent social gatherings – drumming, art exhibits, dancing, outdoor movies, skits and spaghetti, games
  • Intersection modification, traffic calming.
  • Expanding the Art bins effort i.e. The Bin Reunion “Bin there done that”  (art bin facelifts)
  • Paint-in at Miners Picnic
  • Lantern making – solstice parade
  • Creation of gathering places (e.g. community centre, or small outdoor amphitheatre at Deverill Square Park)
  • Construction and addition of cob benches, neighbourhood “communication stations”
  • Tree planting and greening efforts
  • Community garden sites
  • Basketball or multi-use court at Deverill Square Park.
  • Expanded banner program along Nicol Street.
  • Interactive, public art in neighbourhood parks and open spaces that builds awareness of the neighbourhoods mining history.
  • Enhancement of heritage interpretation in neighbourhood with specific focus on existing heritage walk route.

Whatever projects we choose to work on, we want to raise neighbourhood pride, and build community by working together.

This is the "Before" picture

One of our biggest problems is that we have no home base, no regular office/meeting place that is open to community gatherings.  So we decided to take community out into the neighbourhood.  We’ve purchased a 1983 Grumman step van, which will become both an Art Car (hey, you wouldn’t expect less from the South End, would you?) and a tea wagon for community events.

We’ll be painting and decorating it over the summer…you’re invited to join in, too!  And watch this space for future events and happenings!

~ Thanks to David Scott


SECA meetings May and June

Much of the May SECA meeting was spent bringing people up to speed on “Quirk Works”, and getting approval to buy the van.  Members were given a full colour presentation on the past, present, and future of neighbourhood revitalization in the South End.

The next SECA meeting Is Wednesday June 2 @ 7 PM. Princess Royal Centre, corner of Irwin and Farquhar.  We’ll spend much of the meeting in last-minute planning for the Miner’s Picnic (see separate post.)  If you have some time to help at the South End’s big event of the year, please join us!

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