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Come one come all, come large and small, come old and young come have some fun! We are having a Fundraiser this coming Saturday and we’d love to have you join us in the festivities of foolery while we fund-raise for our association events for families, neighbours and friends in and around the south end of Nanaimo.

Buy your ticket and tell your friends!SECA Silly Soiree Poster4

If you’d like to help out with setup on Friday, donations of appies and desserts, or other supportful on-goings contact fernville@shaw.ca

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  1. Financial Report
  2. Safe SECA meetings – Vote to ban/decline membership
    > Guests from Neighbours of Nob Hill Society
  3. 13 Gillespie
  4. Safety Update
  5. Deverill Park Improvements
  6. Silly Soiree
  7. Food forest update
  8. Barsby Wellness Centre
  9. Strengthening relations with Bayview and Barsby


Acknowledgement that we meet on traditional Snuneymuxw territory


1. Financial Report

2. Safe SECA meetings – Vote to ban/decline membership: Recent events within and surrounding our neighbourhood have created a rift between some individuals/members/groups. In some cases illegal submissions on behalf of SECA have been filed by certain individuals and personal safety threatened within these disagreements and in the February SECA General Meeting by one individual. It was decided by SECA Executive to have a discussion around ensuring safety, make clear that our constitution states that SECA reserves the right to decline membership when we see fit and to consider a vote to reflect such in regards to one individual and others associated with them.  Note:  In error, an Agenda was published containing the names of this and other individuals who were expelled or suspended from The Neighbours of Nob Hill Society by vote of their own Membership.  SECA sincerely apologizes for this oversight and directs the public to disregard the erroneous naming of individuals who were not involved in the threatening behaviour.

Discussion around the proposed action entailed a review of the circumstances surrounding the expulsion of several individuals by the Neighbours of Nob Hill.  Questions were raised by an attendee who is not a member of SECA as regards the public naming of individuals affected by the Nob Hill expulsion in the Agenda for our March General Meeting.  The discussion continued to focus on ensuring safety and supportive discussions at all SECA meetings and all other names in association with previously stated issues were removed from discussion. As stated, SECA apologizes for this error of public naming and removed such names from the Agenda at the meeting.  The only named individual was now the subject of the proposed motion where any individual that threatens the safety of SECA members will be removed from meetings and/or not permitted in. In the case of this individual, a motion was put forward by E. Chan to vote by paper ballot in response to that individual’s threats to an Executive Member at the February General Meeting.

Motion by E. Chan that D. Hiltz be banned indefinitely from attendance at SECA meetings.  Seconded : L.Gambone.  Vote by paper ballot 22 members present  19 yes / 3 disqualified.

3. 13 Gillespie St: This structure was scheduled for demolition and work seems to have stopped.  The owners of the property were to attend Council to state their intentions regarding rebuilding.  According to City bylaws the cost to bring to code is a factor.  Hopefully a resolution will be reached soon.

4. Safety: Constable Laberge attended with updates.
In regard to derelict properties he points out that they provide a challenge both to owners who may wish to rehabilitate them, but are facing prohibitive costs and to residents nearby them who suffer from their use as squats, garbage dumping, etc.

He spoke to the new Marijuana Store that has opened at the Jolly Miner building.  These shops are problematic and the one at the Jolly Miner has now been vacated in response to RCMP intervention.

As regards Cobra Lounge (former Patricia), the owners have been asked to join BarWatch.  Recently, they have amended their hours of operation to be from 4pm on.  Exotic dancers are not presently being featured.

Monitoring of problematic individuals in our area has resulted in the arrest of one individual for theft of approx. $50,000.00 worth of goods. Surveillance of casual drug trades in our area will be increased during the coming months.  It was pointed out that intake has been centralized to Courtenay and so response times for complaints are no longer timely.  Constable LaBerge indicated that RCMP reorganization has resulted in some “growing pains” and he expressed the hope that these would be minimized as the new systems are integrated .

He spoke to the current Homeless Identification initiative supported by the Federal Government to assess numbers of homeless in communities across Canada.  In the past numbers were averaging 150 in winter, and up to 300 in summer, but these numbers do not accurately reflect actual numbers as many effectively homeless individuals are partially housed or do not identify as homeless.  Conservatively, numbers are rising in our community with estimates of 175 in winter and up to 500 in summer, not reflecting the numbers of the partially housed.

On the illegal substances front: Fentanyl overdoses are increasing, the Narcan protocol is being used 2-3 times a day, for overdoses of heroin, meth, etc. Use of potentially fatal drugs is on the increase and associated violence is also increasing.  RCMP is overloaded and finds that many formerly predictable street drugs are now cut with Fentanyl and are causing overdoses and deaths.  Bicycle and unmarked car patrols continue in our area and will be increased in the coming months.  He urged people to continue reporting through channels, though it is acknowledged that this is more difficult due to the reorganization and newly centralized reporting center in Courtenay.  Apparently, you can’t leave a message when trying to report.  Constable LaBerge will flag this concern at the next assessment meeting on the reorganization and problems which  have emerged as a result.

Concern was expressed regarding tents, squatting on property next to old Hells Angels property which is in litigation.  We are assured that RCMP is aware of the situation and is taking appropriate actions.

5. Improvements to Deverill Park: Thomas reported  on research for park improvements.  Some funds still remain for improvements and  costs were researched for installation of concrete game facilities.  Projected costs are:  $1,750 for a chess table /seating and  $1,085 for a ping-pong table with further cost for  installations of $470.

The $3,804 total for these installations would then leave approx. $4,000 remaining less any charges pending from SECA’s Food Forest initiative.  Current spending on Food Forest is approximately $1,100.

Thomas requests that any community individuals interested in working to further explore this initiative could contact him via the South End blog.  Deverill Square  park is under-utilized at present so these type of initiatives could increase use.  The view was expressed that a ping-pong table could serve also for other games.  To be brought back for further discussion.


6. Silly Soiree: April 2 at the Nanaimo Entertainment Centre.  Silly formal dress, fund raising games,  Planning meeting March 13, 10:30 am.  Some live music may be provided through an “open mike” segment and there will be dancing to music provided by DJ Mike.

Volunteers are needed urgently for providing appetizers and desserts.  Sandra is co-ordinating appetizers and Petra will co-ordinate desserts.  Volunteers are also needed to sell tickets for the event.

Tickets available at Iron Oxide, RU Computing and at Sandra’s Head to Toe Salon.  A sign-up sheet was circulated at the meeting for volunteers.  Members of the community wishing to volunteer to contribute can contact S. Larocque or S. Robertson through the South End blog.

7. Food Forest Update: The Committee is organizing for a future work party at the end of April, beginning of May.  Signage committee is working to determine suggestions for signage to inform the public about the history of the site itself and the newly installed plantings and their uses.

8. Barsby Wellness Centre: Kathryn attended the opening of the centre, which provides contact with services such as birth control, health concerns and mental health for students at Barsby.  This initiative by local resident E. Hemmings in conjunction with Barsby Secondary and VIHA is a timely and much needed service to the youth of our community.

9. Strengthening relations with Bayview and Barsby: Due to the lateness of the hour, this agenda item was tabled/postponed to the April General Meeting.

Adjourned 9:20

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