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By Chris Hamlyn – Nanaimo News Bulletin
Published: November 17, 2011 7:00 AM
Updated: November 17, 2011 8:30 AM

In an attempt to encourage more involvement in the political process, a number of Nanaimo organizations are thinking outside the box to get voters to the polls for Saturday’s (Nov. 19) municipal election.

The South End Community Association compiled community input from a 2008 blog on neighbourhood concerns and posed the top three to this year’s candidates for mayor and council on an online forum.


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Historically, the South End has been 2 separate communities living in one neighbourhood.  Of course, there is a blurring of lines as many First Nations folks do live off reserve and in the South End, and there are support services for them in the neighbourhood.  We have been working over the past few years to build and strengthen our relationship with SFN; it has made us aware of some of the challenges that they face.

And so we asked this question:

3.  How would you support our First Nations population in Nanaimo?

Answers posted here.

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Answers to the second question posted to candidates is now up on the South End Votes blog.

A little framing fist:   We in the South End are absolutely ecstatic about our shiny new neighbourhood plan.  Yes, it’s ambitious…over 100 action items.  Capable Chris Sholberg and his team led us through the planning process, which they made very clear and easy.  And we want to work with the city to help execute it.   But the process toward that isn’t so clear. So the question we asked was:

2.    The South End recently completed its Official Neighbourhood Plan.  How do you see Council’s role in supporting its implementation?

For answers, click here.

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A coalition of Nanaimo neighbourhood and community groups is hosting an all-candidates’ meeting on November 10 at Beban Park from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m, with an informal canddiates’ meet and greet session followed by a structured discussion. CBC Radio host Mark Forsythe will be the moderator of the evening.

The groups’ agenda is to enable genuine dialogue between candidates and citizens about important issues facing the city, leading up to the Nov. 19 civic election.

Candidates and the general public will be asked to identify the major issues facing our community prior to the meeting by submitting their ideas online. This input will then shape the main themes of the evening’s discussion on November 10th.

The organizers hope that the extended opportunities for discussion before and after the Nov 10 event, and a more open format for the all-candidates’ meeting, will generate broadly-based, inclusive and thoughtful debates about governing the city for all its residents.

For further information, contact: Coalition for Democratic Nanaimo, CDNcity@shaw.ca  and visit our blog  http://democraticnanaimo.blogspot.com/

Helping Out

SECA has donated $50 to help support this forum.  If you are willing to help out, here’s how:

Hello all,
we have a few jobs yet to fill for the all candidates meeting;
I need one person who can supervise the storage room for both set up and take down. This will mean a couple of hours but from 2:30 to 3:30 and then from 8:30 to 9:30. We think it best if it is one person who is good at organizational tasks, no lifting involved.

We need just a couple of bodies for set up but quite a few more for the take down. Both jobs are basically just shuffling chairs off and on the trolleys.

I need people to sign up for various hosting jobs, basically ushering, manning the door, keeping folks circulating during the meet and greet, supervising the coffee/snack tables etc.

And I need commitments of donations for the meet and greet. We estimate 20 dozen cookies (or whatever baked goodies you wish to offer) disposable coffee cups, napkins, coffee, cream/milk and sugar.
PLEASE reply by email ASAP with what you are willing to do,

See e-mail address above.


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Our South End votes blog was launched in the 2008 municipal election, with the focus on asking candidates questions that matter to us as a neighbourhood.   So often in the past, the South End was overlooked by local politicians, partly due to the fact that there is little representation from anyone in our part of town on the city’s elected leadership team.  We received an amazing 4,000 page hits in the last election run-up.

This year, the torch has been passed to Ed Chan, who, as you read this is canvassing candidates to respond to these 3 questions:

1.    Should services and resources to the disadvantaged be spread throughout the city or concentrated in one part of the city?  What is your position regarding the Uplands Supportive Housing Project?

2.    The South End recently completed its Official Neighbourhood Plan.  How do you see Council’s role in supporting its implementation?

3.    How would you support our First Nations population in Nanaimo?

Ed will be assembling the answers and we will let you know when they are up on the blog.



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Well, we’ve finalized the questions that we will be asking potential council candidates in the upcoming by-election on March 26.  And we’ve posted them on the South End Votes blog. (we’re using that site rather than this one, because there is an election coming up later this year, and we want to keep all election stuff in one clean and tidy place….:)

Here they are, just in case you didn’t get the chance to review them before the by-election.

1.  The South End Community has a vision for Nicol Street outlined in their newly created Neighbourhood Plan.  If elected, what actions would you recommend to the city to transform Nicol Street from an outdated highway to a vibrant urban corridor?

2.  The South End Community has a vision of creating parks space that is sadly lacking in the area. If elected how would you support and initiate the possible acquisition by the City of Nanaimo of either the properties at 901 & 925 Harbourview St. or 101 South St. for use as public parklands in the South End Neighbourhood?

3.  The Port Authority has recently built a cruise ship terminal on their wharf lands. What would your vision for the neighbourhood abutting this property be?  How will that impact our neighbourhood?

4.  What are the ideas from the South End Neighbourhood Plan that are the most impressive to you and if elected how would you work towards their implementation?

Congratulations to Ted Greves, our new council member.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

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