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Community safety.There has been some vandalism in the community garden and on the S. End notice board. Garden security will be an issue at the next YPN meeting. There is a potential nuisance house near Milton. Cons. Dave Laberge reported that the nuisance property on Farquar has been cleaned up and that the police are working on the Princess St. nuisance property. There has been extensive renovation of the old Jolly Miner and so far there are no big issues with it.

A discussion was then initiated by Caroline Beecraft of the Hospital Area Neighbourhood Association about our experiences with the Balmoral and how her group could learn from us.

Nanaimo Centre Stage (NCS) – The Naniamo Fringe Festival starts this Friday. Movie Nights will also be starting this Tuesday. The Nanaimo Entertainment Centre has closed and the Western Edge Theatre which was located there will be moving to Centre Stage. Their first show will start Sept 21. The Rocky Horror Picture Show will also be at NCS and there will be an Open House. For more information go to www.nanaimocentrestage.org

South End Fitness was represented by Curtis Vizza and he will be providing a professional fitness training program. It will be a boot camp – but not like what you think boot camps are! And will be suited to your abilities. Maximum of twenty people. Curtis is getting a lot of support for his programs locally, including Tillicum Lelum.Open House will be this Saturday. For more info see www.overthehurdle.ca

Public Hearing – Height Restrictions – will be Friday. Developers wanted 9 meter maximum house height. There is an amendment to restrict R1, 2, 3 and 4 to 8.25 meters. SECA will send a letter of support for the amendment.

Best Neighbourhood ContestRoyal Lepage is sponsoring this contest with a first prize of $20,000. Contest can be entered until Oct 21. Larry and Rebecca will work on getting photos and a write up so the South End can enter. See www.mygreatneighnorhood.royallepage.ca

Blog Guidelines – need for clear guideline for editorial policies. Something should be in the “About” section of the blog. Next meeting will put something together. South End Votes will also be back for the forthcoming city election.

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Mad Hatters Tea Party – “Come as you aren’t!” is the slogan of this years crazy-fest. The organizers are ready for this Sunday 2-4 PM, though more volunteers would be nice. Not connected with the Tea Party is the possibility of another Tea Wagon painting party at a later date TBA.

SE Cob Coop Update – There will be three more cob building opportunities – Thurs. Aug 11 11AM-3PM, Wed Aug 17, 6-9PM, Sat Aug 20, 2-5PM. There will be an oven firing party Sunday Aug 21 after 5PM to celebrate the finished construction of the first cob oven. Bring something to bake. More info or to reserve a spot, – clauren1@gmail.com

Whats Up in the South End Blog – Douglas will be points person for the Executive to get materials cogent to SECA in the blog, though more discussion is needed. Board members encouraged to send material to Larry or Barbara

YPN Garden – What is our role in garden, other than supporting the idea? Should we have any other role? Hopefully people using the plots will take responsibility for it once the Young Professionals of Nanaimo leave.

Number One Mine Kiosk – Charles mentioned the possible installation of a sculpture at the site. Sydney said that a local artist has ideas on how to create some coal mining themes. One possibility may use the Buckerfield’s timber that we had originally wished to use for the bulletin board. We could also make people aware of and honour the miner’s cottages. A plaque or symbol to be placed on each miner’s cottage. Possibility of seed money for such projects.

Halliburton Traffic Light – Pat told us of her efforts to get a traffic light at the dangerous Haliburton, Old Highway, Victoria Road corner. A good way to get the Neighborhood Plan rolling. The Highway’s Ministry is talking of two years to install the light which is too long. Pat has talked to truck and taxi drivers as well as MLA Doug Routley who is on line with us. Needs to be more than a simple light but also a controlled pedestrian crossing.

Other Events and Happenings – August 6th is Hiroshima Day. Please show up after dark at the lagoon in Mafeo-Sutton Park for the floating lanterns. There will also be music. Pacific Gardens – the first baby born, Thursday morning, a six and a half pound girl. Congratulations to the parents! Women’s names for lanes. Almost none of the streets are named for women. “How about naming the lanes after important Nanaimo women?”, asks Pat. She has three suggested names but would like more.

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IPI Moves Glass Operations to Duke Point

We received an e-mail from Mayor John Ruttan on Dec 24, stating that IPI have chosen to move their glass-crushing operations from their South End location to Duke Point.

This is blissful news to the residents around the area.  We are grateful to both Mayor and Council, and to Randy Churchill, city and RDN staff for listening to and coming to the assistance of our neighbourhood

Developers to make Presentations at January SECA meeting

SECA has received notices about planned condo and apartment construction at:

  • 275 Nicol Street (40 unit apartment building)
  • The site of the MGM Restaurant  (4 storey condo)
  • 13 Haliburton Street (6-plex)

Developers are being asked to present their plans to the South End Community for input and feedback.  The bulk of the meeting will be focused on presentations and in discussion about these projects.  City staff will attend as well.

Next SECA Meeting Wed Jan 6 @ 7 PM

at Princess Royal Centre

corner of Milton and Farquhar

We’ll start on time, and plan to end the meeting around 8:30.

Neighbourhood Planning Charette Jan 8&9

We’re really excited about this event, which focuses on what we need to be/have/do to create the South End that we want.  It’s highly interactive…if you’ve got ideas, this is the place to bring them.

There’s a whole separate article that outlines the event below.  Seating is limited, so please book early if you want to attend.

Board Finalized for 2010

A few fresh new faces have joined the SECA board.  Paula Beltgens has lived in the South End for a little over a year; she has a background in facilitation and learning design and has worked with both local and international clients.  Rebecca Chan has joined to add a voice for youth in the community, she is also on the Neighbourhood Planning team.

Chair: Douglas Hardie

Vice-Chair: Gord Fuller

Treasurer: Sandra Zuccolini

Secretary: Sydney Robertson

Communications, Publicity, Marketing: Barbara Densmore


Charles Torhjelm

Pat Portsmoth

Larry Gambone

Paula Beltgens

Rebecca Chan

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August Meeting Notes

It’s always an interesting meeting when our neighbourhood resource folks show up and we’re very fortunate that it happens more often than not. Perhaps the highlight of the August meeting was Christina Martens’ update on the Balmoral.  She outlined the progress on the new offices in the old bar. She described the outside work plan, which includes some outside handi-planking until the final exterior is redone.

But perhaps of most interest to the people attending were her stories about CMHA’s efforts to both manage the change and support the tenants.

Out of the original 19 tenants, 6 are still living there.  Some haven’t been able to adjust to the transition and others have moved on to better things, according to Christina.  When someone leaves, there isn’t always another person who immediately takes their place…there often needs to be some settling time for the tenants.

While there are rules, the Balmoral is also focused on supporting their tenants, and to this end, they have developed a social committee and held a few events, implemented some support services i.e. grocery shopping day, and are looking at how they can support tenants’ talents (when Christina mentioned that there were some artists, we jumped to offer them some Art Bins..:)

The logic here is that if you feel like you belong somewhere, you treat it (and others in it) better. We’ve learned that lesson here in the South End big time.

Cpl Dave Laberge gave us an update of how they’ve been working with the Balmoral, what they’ve been seeing in the neighbourhood, and where RCMP are focusing their efforts.  We always learn a lot from him and are grateful for the time he gives us.

Our monthly meetings often have interesting visitors and thoughtful discussion.  Come and join us…you don’t have to be a member of SECA to attend!


The School Board wants to hear from you!!

How do you think the Board should decide about closing schools, renovating older buildings, and distributing resources?  How should they go about planning for the future?

We think it’s pretty important because we’ve been through the closing of Princess Royal school.  And so we`ll be making a presentation at their meeting on September 9th to say that we think neighbourhoods should be included in these decisions.

But if you agree with us, you can put your two cents in right now.

Go to http://www.sd68.bc.ca/News/Facilities2009.asp to take an online survey, or to get a paper copy.

~ Sydney Robertson


Nanaimo Estuary Management Plan

Established in 2004 the 20 year management plan for the Nanaimo Estuary is required to go through a review every 5 years and SECA has recently been asked to give input.

The Nanaimo River estuary is the largest estuary on Vancouver Island and when the existing head lease for log storage expired in 2002 an integrated process, never done prior to this, was initiated to consider all resources and involve all interests.

The Nanaimo Estuary Management Plan as well as some background and other reports can be found at the following website link, http://www.ilmb.gov.bc.ca/slrp/marine/nanaimo/index.html .

Another very interesting link http://www.projectwatershed.bc.ca/documents/Rob_Lawrence_Nanaimo_River_Estuary_symposium_PP.pdf

with lots of visuals will give the reader an even greater understanding of a resource that borders the area of the South End.

You can access the estuary at Chase River Park off Raines Rd. Follow the Highway South and take a left at Cedar Rd., follow Cedar Rd and take a left across the bridge at Raines Rd. following it to the end and the entrance to the Nanaimo River Estuary Conservation Area.

SECA hopes to have one of the consultants for the review at its October meeting and we will keep you informed of any other opportunities to give input.

~Gord Fuller

Coal Town Festival muse3

SECA took its place along side the Friends of Morden Mine, Ladysmith Historical Society and the Nanaimo Community Heritage inside the Nanaimo Museum on Saturday September 29 for the Coal Town Festival. We displayed several of the panels of the SECA Miner’s Heritage Photo Collection. Many interesting conversations about the history of coal mining and the South End ensued and new contacts were made.

~ Larry Gambone

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SECA T-shirts – this year’s fashion choice…!


SECA t-shirt - the designer choice of local celebrities

Of course, we’re talking about the tank top version….the stylish way to expose yourself in this hot weather.

Our next order will go in on Aug 10.  If there’s something you want, and it’s not on the list below, call Sandra at Sandra’s Head-to-Toe Salon (753-1394) to order.  All shirts cost $20.

Tank Tops

size LARGE:  pink, white, black in stock


Size 2XL –  Black in stock

Size  XL:  Black, lime green, blue in stock

Size Med: Yellow, blue, red in stock

Youth: 1 med yellow, 1 large blue in stock

Note: if you want to place the logo on your own shirt or sweater, that can be done.  Just ask Sandra (contact info above.)


Wednesday August 5 @  7 PM

Princess Royal Centre

Irwin at Farquhar

Mark off these dates on your calendar so you don’t miss any meetings!

  • Wed Sept 2
  • Wed Oct 7
  • Wed Nov 4
  • Wed Dec 2 (AGM)

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Neighbourhood Plan Delayed

In light of the current economic situation, city officials have been pouring over their budgets, trying to get as much for their dollar as possible.  One of the possible budget lines on the chopping block was the 2 neighbourhood plans slated for this year.

Now we’re not really sure about those other guys, but we believe that there is NO neighbourhood in the city undergoing as much change as the South End right now.  A neighbourhood plan will:

  • Allow us to plan for less light industrial and more residential.
  • Give us the clarity to get involved in issues like wharf lands development.
  • Help us better partner with downtown to deal with safety issues and Nicol Street improvements.
  • Ensure that if/when the Sandstone and Cable Bay developments south of town ramp up, we won’t become the default high-traffic corridor to downtown.

So we sprung..er, sprang to action (dictionary.com says both words are good, so we did both..:)  SECA board member Pat Portsmouth presented our case to City Council on March 16, and our board members attended council meeting on March 23.   Pat reminded them that: 1) we’ve been very busy since we applied for the plan back in September 2007,  2) that we’re ready to go and that 3) we’re a thrifty bunch of volunteers.  She and board Vice Chair Gord Fuller have been lobbying to get the votes we need from council to stay on the budget for this year.  We’re optimistic…as usual…!

News coverage:

South-End Residents Want Promised Plan

Thanks to Matt Hussman at the Downtown Nanaimo Partnership for writing a letter of support for our plan.


Deverill Square Park Improvements


You may have noticed some upgrades to the washroom building at Deverill Square Park.  The Parks Recreation and Culture Department has been working to make them safer and universally accessible. The upgrades are nearing completion.

In addition, families in the South End can look forward to a new tricycle trail and spray park for summer 2009.   Underground works will begin this April while paving and above ground work will be completed by June 15th (in time for the warm weather and Miner’s Picnic).  The conceptual water park design and elements are pictured below.

Parking and road end upgrades along Irwin Street are also planned for fall 2009.

~Kirsty MacDonald
Parks and Recreation


Omni Foods Moves To South End

Omni Building

The building at 106 Fry Street has been spiffed up and now houses Omni Foods.  Omni Foods warehouses and distributes a wide variety of food items to convenience stores including Shell, Husky, Esso, Gas n Go, and the General Stores and Markets.

Originally located on Boban Road, they outgrew their former location and moved to the South End in December.  Welcome to Barry, Donna, Dave and the rest of your staff, and thanks for the great reno job!


Nanaimo VIPs attend SECA Meetings

We’ve been really fortunate over the past few months to have some great resource folks attend our meetings and give us updates.  We’d like to say “thanks” to:

  • Chris Sholberg, who is our neighbourhood plan expert
  • Dave Laberge and Cameron Thompson from the RCMP, who have attended the past 2 meetings to give us updates on their efforts
  • Matt Hussman from the Downtown Nanaimo Partnership, who has been keeping us abreast of their activities
  • MLA Doug Routley, who dropped in in February
  • Councillors Fred Pattje and Jim Kipp, who were great resources at our March meeting.

We know it takes extra time for you to come and attend, and we are really grateful for your ongoing support in the South End!


Haliburton Loses a Bit of Traffic

Two houses containing illegal suites at 45 & 47 Haliburton Street were the source of inspection by the fire department, leading to tenant evictions.  As well, the RCMP executed a search warrant at 47 Haliburton St on March 18, resulting in the arrest of numerous individuals and the seizure of drugs, money and weapons.

Links to news articles:

From the Nanaimo Daily News:

Hazards prompt fire chief to evict downtown tenants

Evicted tenants scramble to move :Fire department orders occupants to vacate dangerous illegal suites in downtown home

From the Nanaimo News Bulletin:

Tenants forced out of unsafe Nanaimo rental suites



Fencing Guys Not Impacted by Recession!

Once upon a time this whole part of Esplanade had shrubs and was a problem area that attracted litter and vagrancy.

This fence has been recently installed; going all the way from the harbour truck entrance at Crace and Esplanade around the corner at Front Street.

Dog inspecting new fence just before christening it (if you know what I mean!)


Laneway Clean-up Started

A small, creative group of folks met a few weeks ago to talk about the problems in the lane between Nicol and Haliburton Streets (200 block.) Five property owners took up our invitation to meet with a few SECA Board members, our Bylaw officer, Bill Kiselbach, and Chris Sholberg and John Horn from the City Planning Department.

As happens so often here in the South End, the discussion dealt with a very tough issue with loads of cooperation, good sense, empathy, creativity, and even a measure of fun!  The group will begin forming a more detailed plan in the next few weeks, including both short- and long-term ways to deter drug-related activity in the lane.  Look for some aesthetic improvement very soon!

Thanks to John Cross for providing the meeting space!

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Monthly Mini-Litter pickup Saturday March 28

Well, the snow is gone and we can get back to work!  Let’s check out the new renovations at McDonald’s.  Meet for breakfast/coffee anytime after 8:45. We’ll fan out around 9:30 to clean up for an hour and then deposit our litter in McDonald’s bin.  Bring gloves and extra plastic grocery bags. By 10:30, you’re on your way, and will have done your bend-and-stretch exercises for the day!


SECA meeting: Wednesday April 1 @ 7 PM

Princess Royal Family Centre, corner of Irwin and Farquhar

Planned Agenda:

We’ve started working on the laneway between Nicol and Haliburton, and will update on the initial meeting and the plans/feedback so far.  We’re planning a lane makeover party as a part of the process, so we’ll do some brainstorming around that.

Matt Hussman from the Downtown Nanaimo Partnership will give us an update of the safety survey results so far.  If you haven’t participated, there should be more copies at the meeting.

There’s been a lot of activity around the neighbourhood, if they are not run off their feet, we’re hoping that one our finest (RCMP) will attend.  March 27: Confimed Dave Laberge will be coming to check in.

You may have read or heard rumblings about VIHA budget cuts to the intially planned 24 hour support component at the Balmoral.  We’ve invited Christina Martens to discuss how CMHA is dealing with the news.


APRIL 4th – “Voices from the Street”

Let’s take action in 2009 – Province-wide Stands lead up to provincial election

On April 4 2009, thousands of people throughout B.C. will march to demand that the government in Victoria build enough affordable rental housing to meet urgent B.C. needs. Together we can make affordable housing a key issue in the election.

Local Social Activists Gordon Fuller and Katie Durvin have been making the community aware, on a monthly basis through STANDS, of the need for HOMES For All since may of 2008.  With an upcoming Provincial Election the two are working to put together a Rally & STAND on April 4th.  Called “Voices From the Street” Gord and Katie are arranging to have a number of STREET PERSONS talk about their experiences.  They will also invite the candidates for the Nanaimo ridings to come out and have a say.  5 minutes per person and three questions to each by the audience.  Following the rally people will be invited to march down to the Highway with signs in support of HOMES FOR ALL where we will line the Street and STAND in an effort to create awareness about the need for housing.

The event, music & speakers, will be from 11:00 to 1:00 with the rallying point at Dianna Krall Plaza, on Commercial St. beside the downtown Library.

People are encouraged to bring signs ie: HOMES FOR ALL, HOUSE THE HOMELESS, AFFORDABLE MEANS AFFORDABLE TO ALL, POVERTY SUCKS, END LEGISLATED POVERTY etc., short catchy slogans regarding poverty and housing.


Robbery Prevention” Workshop April 17

Friday, April 17, 2009: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm

Nanaimo Harbourfront Library, 90 Commercial St.

Cost:  FREE !

The CPSO is pleased to present three robbery prevention workshops featuring Gord Nixon and Cst. Wally Taylor. These workshops will educate people and businesses on what to do during a robbery, what to do after a robbery, and preventative measures to take to avoid becoming the victim of a robbery.

In addition, Cst. Taylor and Sharon Welch will introduce Nanaimo’s Retail C.O.P. (Cameras on Patrol) Program, available free of charge to all business owners, managers, and Loss Prevention Officers. The program allows access to a secured website with pictures and descriptions of previous offenders and other subjects of concern, and outstanding warrants.

Limited seating available. Please reserve your seats by calling Sharon Welch at the Community Policing & Services Office (250-753-3777).


Lane Makeover Day Saturday April 25

Stemming from the work we’ve started to do in the infamous lane between Nicol and Haliburton, we’ve planned a community work party to get going on all the things on the “to-do” list.  They’ll be simple and easy.  And of course, in true SECA spirit, we’ll finish with a lane party with music and food.  We’ll begin planning at our meeting April 1 and will post details as they unfold.


The Miners Heritage Picnic  June 20

Mark off June 20th on your calendar for our 17th “Picnic”.  Thanks to our generous corporate and individual donors, and we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary as an association.

Some of the highlights planned so far:

  • a free pancake breakfast, courtesy the Women of the Moose.
  • lots of musical entertainment, headlined by Shawn Phillips (sp?)
  • B.C. Hydro Power Smart Team will supply a large tent, under which a soccer like game will be played.
  • some very interesting activities courtesy the Nanaimo District Museum.
  • kids will look forward pony rides and petting farm.
  • the Guided Heritage Walk with focus on the tragedy at the Number 1 Mine and heritage houses. There will be related displays.
  • for kids of all ages, the enormous 25 ft. Inflated Slide and Castle Bouncer plus the El Paso Train Adventure.
    fun at the 2008 picnic

    fun at the 2008 picnic

    Don’t forget the Pet Parade, Silent Auction and the famous Reunion Strawberry Social for past and present Seniors of the South End.  And these are only the events confirmed so far!

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