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Just got this comment from a reader….

I don’t know how to make a post here -so I will add that I was really discouraged to see a crisp new sign on Deverill Pk. announcing NO DOGS ALLOWED on the field. My dog and I have been going there regularly for years and I have never seen any poop. It is a great place for dogs to stretch their legs and romp around with other dogs. Now what? Where in the South End can a dog owner go to let their dog have a little freedom?

Sometimes the fervor of rule-making is worse than the minor annoyance it seeks to stamp out.

This is news to me, Justyna.  Let me ask Douglas what he knows.

In the meantime, if any of you dog owners have favourite dog walking places in the South End,  please share!






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Here’s what’s on the agenda for the next meeting:

Proposed Development, 55 Victoria Road

Herbert Kwan, architect is coming to make a presentation about a proposed Seniors Housing Development at 55 Victoria Road.  Nob Hill folks have been invited to attend.

Art Bin update and strategy

Looking at the issues around hosting Art Bins, and where to go from here.

Newport Hotel and White house

You may have seen the “For Sale” sign up in front of the White House.  And there has been quite a bit of activity around the Newport Hotel.  Updates on both.

Fund raising dance at Nanaimo Centre Stage

Some planning around the next SECA event.


Hope to see you there!


Corner of Irwin and Farquhar, Princess Royal Centre.

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Again, some amazing folks just took it upon themselves to decorate Gino’s tree for Christmas, and to leave it the gift of a new framed picture.  Hmm….

Do you have an inkling who that might have been?  There’s another jar of prized ginger pear chutney for the correct answer  (see post below for directions.)

I know!  I know!  But it’s for me to know and you to find out…:)



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Hi Everyone,

I’m a VIU student (Graphic Design) & home owner living in south Nanaimo. I’m researching ways to get people using active transportation (walk, ride bikes, anything but drive). I actually need to get stats from as many people as possible to gather info about how and when we use our cars and when we choose active transportation.

I’ve created a survey to find out how kids get to school in Nanaimo. I’m trying to put together stats to see to what extent active transportation (walk, bike) is used by Nanaimo families. The link is posted on my blog.

Can you help me?

One thing in my research so far that has surprised me. Apparently, parents will let children use active transportation to go to school and to go to community parks and other services only when they perceive a neighborhood to be safe. Organizations such as Block Parents function across the world, certainly in other provinces. I tried to find a link to Block Parents in Nanaimo and there is none.

Our Block Parents status in BC is listed as “Inactive.” Does anyone know why? Has there ever been a functioning Block Parents organization in Nanaimo? Isn’t that something that would help keep streets feeling safe so we could feel good about letting our kids, play, walk or ride bikes in our neighborhoods?

Terry Gaboury

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The South End is the kind of neighbourhood where folks naturally help out. Often without fanfare, without recognition.

And yup, this is one of them.

Now we’re going to have a little contest here.  The person who can correctly guess the identity of this hidden hero will win a  jar of the highly coveted ginger pear chutney made this fall by Madilynn Rotar (from R-U Computing) and me.

Just post your answer in the comments below (click “comments” and up pops the box).  When we get the right answer, we’ll post it.  If no one gueses correctly, well, then, it will remain one of life’s sweet mysteries…:)

I will give you ONE hint and that’s it.   Given all the talk about art bin garbage dumpers, this hero has access to industrial bin and helps out by taking extra garbage along with him/her, as needed.  As small an action as it may seem, s/he has made a BIG difference!

Barbara Densmore

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Hello friends of the North and South Community Gardens!

The sun is out today and, for a moment, we can think of Spring!  We are looking forward to our first full growing year, with the majority of the heavy-lifting work done, we’re gearing up for an excellent year.  Some site improvements will be underway the next couple of months, completion of the drip irrigation system (thank you to Kirk of Island Smart Irrigation Systems for donating the labour and know-how), building of a lean-to shelter in the North Site (thanks to the VIU carpentry department), signage, lighting improvements and various others.
We are now starting our campaign to fill all the community beds for March 1, 2012 – Feb 28, 2013.  Plots are available to all community members at $30 per year.  See attached agreement and info form, please complete and mail to the YPN at the address below.  If you have an existing plot, please note whether or not you’d like to keep the same plot# on the form.
Also if anyone needs some fresh-air or has been longing to help out, we are having a Volunteer Day Saturday Jan 28th 10am at the South End Garden (corner of Needham and Irwin Streets).  Please email Andre at andre.sullivan [at] integralwealth.com if you’re planning to attend or have any questions about what to bring.
As always, if you have any questions about the gardens, please email me at gardens [at] ypnanaimo.com
Take care,

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More on Art Bins

Special ‘art bins’ help deal with litter woes in south-end neighbourhood

Abuse threatens the innovative community-led solution that has helped brighten up neighbourhoods

Robert Barron, The Daily News

Published: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Click on title to read the whole article.

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