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  1. Financial Report
  2. New Executive
  3. Neighbourhood Safety
  4. Needle Box Location
  5. Waterfront Update
  6. SECA Soiree’
  7. Brochures
  8. Chase River Estuary Park
  9. SECA potential Grant Recipient


Acknowledgement that we meet on traditional Snuneymuxw territory


1. Financial Report

2. New Executive: Positions held on the new Executive are as follows:

  • Chrys LoScerbo – Chair
  • Kathryn Hazel – Vice-­Chair
  • Sandra Larocque – Treasurer
  • Starr Faux – Recording Secretary
  • Sandy McLellan – Membership Secretary

Members At Large:

  • Mike Carpenter,
  • Petra DeGroot,
  • Blake McGuffie,
  • Sydney Robertson,
  • Ben Gelselbracht

3. Neighbourhood Safety: Constable LaBerge and colleague attended to report on developments in the neighbourhood. He informed us that the Patricia’s opening has been delayed, but will occur soon.

Several Members brought forward ongoing concerns with drug activity, prostitution, garbage and other illegal activities in our area. Constable LaBerge explained RCMP procedures regarding these concerns and encouraged residents to continue to monitor and report to the appropriate agencies, in most cases the RCMP or City department. He indicated that these problems are City­wide and that the RCMP works to balance interventions within the legal constraints of policing activity.

In regard to current and on­-going complaints in our neighbourhood he informs that residences at 33 and 25 Haliburton are currently designated for action and that they are aware of concerns regarding number 21 also. He also told us that active participation of residents by attending Court proceedings on actionable cases they have flagged and by reporting frequently are helpful in resolving issues., (follow the procedures outlined in our Brochure available at all SECA General Meetings or from any Board Member)

In discussion the following points emerged:

  • Social problems are endemic and on-­going in all areas of our City, and cannot be totally eradicated
  • The active participation by residents in improving the environment with projects such as our Food Forest initiative and community events goes a long way toward building an environment which discourages undesirable activities. These are welcomed and supported by both City and the RCMP.
  • Consistent, frequent and mindful reporting of bylaw violations and criminal activity helps agencies respond appropriately. Document occurrences.
  • Several suggestions regarding affordable social housing and programming for the addicted and disadvantaged were also brought forward by concerned residents

4. Needle Box Location: John Horn, City Parks/Recreation attended to discuss concerns around the placement of the sharps disposal box at Deverill Park. After thorough discussion they determined the current placement of the box as a ‘best fit’ as placing the box on/in the washroom building was not an option. He stated that City would be willing to relocate the box further down the fence line if SECA requests it. New boxes are being installed throughout City neighbourhoods with 10 new boxes currently placed, bringing the total to 14. They are well­-used and are moved to keep pace with areas of high drug use, which change in response to enforcement, etc. Private citizens may request a box, but are responsible for the cost, disposal, etc. A map of box locations is available at the City website.

5. Port Drive Waterfront Masterplan Update: C. LoScerbo and K. Hazel represented SECA at the most recent workshop, held by City with the participation of BC Ferries, the Port Authority, and Port Place Mall (First Capital Investment). The process of determining how best to utilize/revitalize the waterfront is complex due to the many stakeholders involved. General conclusions were that site development should incorporate more residential use rather than a focus on Commercial/Transport usage. There will be another workshop in January which they will attend. Execution of the Waterfront Plan is at least 10 years in the future.

Concern was expressed that the Snuneymuxw Nation did not have a representative present, as portions of the waterfront are part of their traditional lands. It was pointed out that every stakeholder (including SECA) needs to build a long-term relationship of trust with the Band so that they are further supported to participate and direct these processes.

SECA has concerns with waterfront access and views as well as maintaining a positive and respected relationship with the Snuneymuxw Nation. Additional information was given about the push to expand Front Street and the deteriorated trestle currently abutting it. General consensus was that it was impractical to fix the trestle, but that it should be maintained for basic safety. Construction of a road extension, avoiding the trestle, is a more practical and cheaper alternative.

6. SECA Silly Soiree’: Our Spring Fundraiser will be held on Saturday, April 2 at the Nanaimo Entertainment. Cost will be $20 per person or a flat rate of $50 for a household family. Games such as ‘Toonie Toss’, 50/50, raffles, etc. will be featured. Food will be delicious and simple finger foods and applies. Volunteers, donors are needed so please consider giving of your time/effort.

The Event Poster and tickets for sale will be available at the next General meeting. Please consider taking extra to put up/sell outside in your own time.

7. Brochures: SECA partners with the City to provide a half-page Safe Neighbourhood Guide to support and remind anyone on “who-to-call” and tips we’ve learned over the years when dealing with nuisance behavious or other concerns. Pick one or many up at any of our meetings or consider passing them out to your neighbours!

8. Chase River Estuary Park: Thomas encouraged residents to take advantage of the Chase River Estuary Park, a great place for hiking. He welcomes comments from users on suggested improvements, safety issues, etc.

9. SECA potential Grant Recipient: S. Larocque requests SECA members to attend the next City Council meeting, January 18. Culture & Heritage will be awarding Grants in response to submissions from neighbourhoods around the City. Thanks to S. and K. Hazel for their work on our submission, which we are hopeful will be approved.

Adjourned: 9:10 pm

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