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Agency will help deal with nuisance properties

Tamara Cunningham, Daily News

Published: Monday, February 25, 2013

A new provincial agency targeting B.C.’s most troublesome properties could be a big help to Nanaimo city officials, who say it’s about time the government stepped in.

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Some discussion came up at last nite’s SECA meeting about how to complain about a nusiance property.

Here again, is the information that Madilynn dug up, which was originally posted on Feb 14, 2012:

As of Monday night, Feb 13th,  the Newport (aka Jolly Miner) has been deemed ‘nuisance”. As most of us down here are aware, this place has been a real detriment to our neighborhood and has been an on-going issue.

What ‘nuisance’ means to us is that every time someone ‘logs’ a complaint with the RCMP, Fire, or City it works against the owner of the ‘nuisance property’ and whenever a service is required there, such as the RCMP / Fire /City, the owner of the building gets billed by the city for the man hours and service of our civil servants.

What is deemed nuisance is :

  • garbage that does not get picked up,
  • hollering and swearing from within or outside the building,
  • street workers,
  • drug users /pushers,
  • any suspicious activity,
  • and anything that you believe to be a ‘nuisance’

(unfortunately complaining about the state of the building does not count).

The building also has a ‘no trespassing’ law against it so anyone that does not live there is not allowed in it. IF you see characters coming and going, call and log a ‘complaint on a nuisance property’.

IF you see any activity that you feel warrants a call, please call:

the By-Law office at the city:  250 -755-4422

and /or RCMP Non Emergency Line –  250-754-2345

and tell them you are ‘wanting to log a complaint on a nuisance property, being the Newport Hotel and that the complaint is this…. This way, they will ‘log the complaint’ and call the police out if necessary.  IF you just call the police without reporting you want to ‘log a complaint’ it may not get ‘logged’ and therefore will not billed to the owner.

IF we don’t stay active on this property, it will get taken out of Nuisance and we will be right back where we started from. This is the only way we can get our neighbourhood back and as the battle has been long and hard down here, we do all need to work together.

It also sends a message to others that are thinking they might want to do some such rentals – don’t’ mess with us! We love our neighbourhood!

Cheers, Madilynn

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