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From small-scale projects to major real estate developments, community is gradually transforming

Krista Bryce, The Daily News,  Published: Monday, December 03, 2012

A ripple effect from two new developments in Nanaimo’s south end has the potential to eventually transform the community into a more alluring place to live, according to a developer and city planner.

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After intending to call for ages, I ran into Vlado Brcic, the President & CEO of Dakova Management Group, the developer of the new condo project down at Robins Gardens last week.  He happily provided an update on the project.

This project, which by the time it is complete, will be  a $30 Million project, will be a real game changer in the South End, IMHO.

If you drive by, you’ll see that the first building is well on its way.  Four stories tall, the construction quality is superb (he didn’t say that…I’ve been watching as I walk the dog past).  Concrete based, the building will have a stone and brick exterior, dormers on the top floor, and an elevator.  This building will have 14 suites,with ocean views from most suites.  The average suite size will be 800 SF on the main floor, and 1200 SF above.  So far, over 50% have been committed to a variety of buyers.

The next building will be started shortly, and will be similar.

Planned for later are the buildings toward the back of the property.  They will be smaller, around 800 SF, and more likely to appeal to a different type of buyer than these initial ones.

A professional arborist came and assessed the trees at the start of the project, and was able to determine which of the trees were originally planted by Mr. Robins, and which were local varieties, sprouting from windborne seeds.  Most of the original/rare ones will stay, and a tree service firm should be coming in shortly to trim them.  The ones at the Fry/Esplanade end will be part of a park on the property, which Vlado says should be started soon.

In the meantime, the sidewalks are mostly in place and a brick fence with lighting should be going up in front of the first building soon.

I’ll try to provide more regular details more regularly…:)

In the meantime, I have had a few people ask me how this project will be marketed.  For now, the best way is to call the developer directly.  I’ve added the phone number to the slide show, below.

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Robert Barron, Daily News

Published: Friday, March 23, 2012

More than a dozen unique trees that were planted in the city’s early days on the corner of Milton and Fry streets won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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Derek Spalding, Daily News

Published: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A new development planned for Milton and Esplanade streets gives promise that Nanaimo’s once-downtrodden south end may see some substantial improvements in the coming years.

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