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Tree planting coming to the 600 block Haliburton St!

SECA is extending the Haliburton Street Tree Planting Project to the 600 block, Haliburton Street. Alan Kemp, the City’s Urban Forrester, has secured funding from BC Hydro and Trees Canada allowing the purchase of 30 cherry trees. We are planting the trees on Saturday April 10th and hoping that you can help out.

We also need to water the trees over the summer in order to help them get established. Our hope is to identify residents who can commit to caring for one or two nearby trees over the summer months.

When: 9am Saturday April 10th

Where: meeting mid block, West side, by lane access to Haliburton.

Bring: Shovels and work gloves

We are planning a bbq for lunch. Location to be announced.

For more info come to next SECA meeting on April 7th, 7pm at Princess Royal or call Douglas Hardie at 250 754 0677

* The Newcastle Neighbourhood Assocation were the other luck recipients of trees, and held their planting on  march 27.  To see photos, please click here.

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Missing - "Flaming Figgy"

Well, it’s finally happened…a bin-napping!  And not just a regular art-bin, but the Mother Bin!  Well, not exactly…the Original Art Bin has long since faded away, but its replacement at the corner of Irwin and Farquhar.

Flaming Figgy is the pride and joy of local artist Maggie Wouterloot, who planted the seed for the Art Bin idea.  You can see the amount of effort that went into painting her.

Apparently, there were no screams heard as she was dragged away, so our guess is that someone put the lid on her first…:)

No requests for ransom yet.  So we’re thinking this is either out-and-out theft or the mistaken belief that we paint free Art Bins to give away in the South End.

Either way, if Figgy manages to escape her captors and you see her wandering the streets, please take her in and e-mail us here.   We’ll arrange for a pick-up and a HUGE thank you…!


From the press. Click on the title to read the article.  Please note that we are posting links to articles that relate to the South End.  We have no opinion about them, simply for your interest.

An interesting comment about the ward system in the Go Nanaimo blog features the South End.  Thanks David Stanley.

Unions consider a new future for sawmill

Western Forest Products mill, closed since late 2008, could be moved to Harmac’s 500-hectare property

Robert Barron, The Daily News. Published: Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Click on the title to read the full article.

And an anonymous post in the March 11 News Bulletin “Beefs & Bouquets” section:

“A bouquet of blueprints to all the people involved in developing the neighbourhood plan for Nanaimo’s south end.  It’s nice to see people care about the future of our community and are willing to put their own time into it.”

Not sure if that refers to city staff, the NP planning team, the exceptional Chis Sholberg or even the bevvy of professionals who have joined in to volunteer their ideas.  Either way, Amen to the comment.

Crews disconnect natural gas at Irwin and Milton so house can be demolished. A sad ending for a once-proud home.

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Next SECA meeting will be Wed April 7 @ 7 PM.

Princess Royal Centre, corner of Irwin and Farquhar.

On the agenda:

A proposal has been made for a 7/11 convenience store at the corner of Nicol and Milton streets.  It’s a nice looking building with a caretaker’s suite.  The designer will make a presentation and ask for feedback.  Come and bring your opinions about this proposal.

We’ll plan for the tree planting event on April 10.

This month, we’re initiating a “Friend of the South End” recognition as a way to say thanks to the people who are helping to make this the best little neighbourhood in Nanaimo.  Our first recipient has played an unsung role for many years.

We’ll update the many projects in process:   IPI, Neighborhood Plan, Thrifty’s Smile Card fund raiser, Directors Liability Insurance, Chase River Estuary Day, Miners Picnic


Tree planting on Haliburton Street April 10 (Saturday)

If you read last month’s posts, you may remember that City Arborist Alan Kemp has been diligently working to help us add 30 more trees along Haliburton Street.  ( Click here to read the original post).

Our end of the bargain is the planting.  Not the dainty little bedding plant planting we did down at Maffeo Sutton last June.   This is good tree planting, with shovelling…the kind of shovelling that will pump up those abs and burn those calories.  At the end, you’ll be thankful for (at least) one of Gord Fuller’s famous marinated and BBQ’d hot dogs.

We’ll plan the final details at the SECA meeting on Wed April 7.  For now, mark off Saturday April 10 on your calendar.


Black Track Mining Tour, Sunday   May 16

Last fall we reserved 12 places with the Friends of the Morden Mine for Tom Paterson’s May 2010 Black Track Tour.  “Black Track” refers to those South Wellington area railway lines informally used by miners and residents as a “public thoroughfare” or walking track. Coal dust so thickly coated the lines that they became known locally as the “Black Track.”

These tours are wildly popular and the wait list is lengthy.  This eyar’s walking tour is about 4 hours long, and the itinerary includes:  Morden, S.W. #5, Alexandra-Fiddick-Richardson, PCCM, Fiddick’s Junction to S.W. #10 and wrap up at Granby.  Detailed descriptions of two previous tours can be found at the FMM website www.mordenmine.com, “Events/Meetings” at the end of the article,”Historic Walking Tour.”

Cost is $25 PP. We have a few spaces left, if you would like to attend, bring your cheque to the April meeting.  Or call Barbara at 740.0123 to book a space.

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Monthly Meeting March 3 Notes

Charles Thirlkill attended and talked about his proposal to adopt the Bog Birds-foot Trefoil as Nanaimo’s official flower.  (Scroll down to read more about the plan and his rationale.)  Apparently, there are 15 or 16 species of rare flowers on the Harewood Plains.  In the late spring, the Plains are a wonderful place to visit, and he’s hoping to organize some walking tours in late may or early June.  We’ll post more info as it becomes available.

We talked about the Open House for the Neighbourhood Plan held the previous evening.  For more info, read down to the next post.

That led into a discussion of planned developments, including a transportation hub mentioned in a newspaper article last month.  Is our neighbour, the Assembly Wharf lands, considered part of the South End?  Either way, do they know about the plans that are coming about (or the dreams we have) for the area surrounding them?  Is there a way we can work together?  We’ve invited the Port Authority CEO to attend the next meeting of the Neighbourhood Planning steering committee later this month.

We debriefed the Litter pickup on Feb 21 and heard the story about Wayne, who showed up 2 hours early and had a bulk of the clean-up completed by starting time.  Luckily, he was not at the meeting, otherwise he would have been recognized with a ridiculous book from the neighbourhood book shelf.

Next SECA meeting will be Wed April 7 @ 7 PM.  Princess Royal Centre, corner of Irwin and Farquhar.

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About 120 people showed up Tuesday March 2 to check out some of the ideas that sprang from the Neighbourhood Planning Charette in early January.  There were a variety of maps and options, all extremely detailed and well capturing of much of the input that has been received so far.

Can you imagine a vibrant village centre at Haliburton and Needham?  Small park areas in view and open spaces?  A Granville Island type of scenario near the Wharflands?  All pretty creative ideas, and all mapped out in living colour for discussion and feedback.

If you want to review those display boards and provide your input, you can do that on-line.

Click here to access the  display boards on the City of Nanaimo website.  Look under Step 3: Concepts and Options.  You’ll see 4 boards you can review.  There are 2 options for providing feedback:  1)  on-line  or 2) a downloaded option that you can hand write in responses.

Deadline for feedback is March 15.

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