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Litter-picker wants to give back to his community

Gary Barnier is single-handedly cleaning streets of downtown and Old City Quarter

Lise Billingsley, The Daily News

Published: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gary Barnier is working to make Nanaimo’s streets cleaner and in the process he is carving a place for himself in a society that seldom embraces the poor.

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Here are four more fabulous photos taken at the August 7 Mad Hatters Tea Party. Thank you Pam for sending these to us.

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There were only four of us, but we had a fun time firing up the new cob oven at Chris and Micheal’s on Sunday.  Rosie provided a couple of pizzas (not those in photo) including a delicious thin crusted Sicilian  one.  It doesn’t take all that  long to get the oven hot enough and in the meantime you can sit around and chat and have a drink – remember this is a Slow Food movement!  Chris did a batch of her wonderful cookies for desert. Can’t wait try baking bread.  We will have to do another community firing and hopefully more folks will show up.

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Darrell Bellaart, Daily News, Published: Friday, August 19, 2011

Soil contamination from an old dry-cleaning plant set back completion and drove up costs for a major renovation underway at Port Place Shopping Centre.

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Derek Spalding, Daily News,Published: Friday, August 19, 2011

Owners of Port Place Shopping Centre have nearly completed the first phase of a massive redevelopment, which could take at least 10 years to fully complete. The project remains the largest development in Nanaimo currently under construction and will go a long way in the ongoing revitalization of the downtown. It is one of many mixed-use developments in the city.


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If you get some time, head over to Pawson Park in the Old City Quarter to see the  wonderful artwork created by South Ender Yvonne VanderKooi.  (It’s at Macleary and Franklyn Streets).

It’s all part of a bit of community resurgence for our neighbouring community (which even has its first Art Bin…:)

Lise Billingsley, The Daily News, Published: Thursday, August 18, 2011

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