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The Great Gatsby. By Hamish Hardie

The Great Gatsby, directed by Baz Lurhmann, is a new adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel. When the movie started I felt like I was taking a break from my dull, modern day life and shown a glimpse into the colourful, care-free, exiting, glamorous, rambunctious and sometimes erotic world of the 1920s. Other wise known as the Jazz Period. Explosive colours and style coupled with dazzling camera work and pounding music left you gobsmacked as you watched uncontrollable parties rage through the night. Simply put, it seemed evident that the people of the 1920s were much, much cooler than us.

I felt a strong desire for days afterward to party with Jay Gatsby in his exquisite mansion. The storyline was intriguing, told from the point of view of Nick Calloway, (Tobey Maguire) a bond man working in New York, and living on Long Island, adjacent to the mysterious Jay Gatsby (Leonardo Dicaprio). He soon is sucked into the wild parties of New York and a complex love story involving Gatsby and Nick’s married cousin Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan). I was relieved to find that the love story was not mopey nor tacky, but in fact was suspenseful, dynamic and interesting.

Having read the original novel I thought that the movie missed some finer points that could have made the story clearer. At the time, of course, I was to distracted by all the party scenes and Leonardo Dicaprio saying “old sport” to notice such trivial matters. In conclusion I think it was well worth one overpriced movie ticket and that it captured moderately well the flashy sophistication of the novel. I give it a rating of three and a half out of five.

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See editorial for Thursday May 16th HERE

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For News Bulletin article on possible civil disobedience by Veterans of Clayoqout Sound to save dams click HERE

For Save the Colliery Dams Facebook page –


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"Know your neighbour: Lavender Lane proves to be a huge success"  Click 
below for story


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The White House – Steve Arnett, executive Director of Nanaimo Youth Services spoke about the up-coming youth housing opening at the White House. They are two months ahead on the project. Reason behind house is hidden youth homelessness. Hundreds of young people have had their lives improved by these and similar programs. The project is for working youth, age 19-24. Rents will be in the $450 range. The debt will be serviced by the rent and total cost, including purchase will be in the $600,000 range. The whole house has been gutted and the wood floors restored. Five of the fruit trees have been saved. There will be 15 units with three kitchens. Each unit is furnished and has a sink and fridge. A resident care-taker will be provided. Residents will live, like other renters, under the Landlord-tenant Act. Membership will be staggered as to create a community.  Our dream is to change the image of the “White House” from the problem place that it was. The Snuneymuxw performed a cermeony to rid the building of negative energy. . There will soon be a grand opening with a picnic and tour for the neighborhood.

 Community Safety issues – Newport Hotel taken off nuisance list. Dominique is really engaged as manager and is putting things in order. Increasing axctivity on Victoria Road as usual in spring, but not the same level as two years ago, but there is still a gap in services for women, increasing these would take even more pressure off the neighborhood. As far as the problem of derelict buildings, the City is looking at what other municipalities do with this problem.

 Water Front Planning Committee – As a result of our Neighborhood Plan and the work SECA has done, we are a member of the Committee. Decision as to which SECA member is to be appointed will be deferred to Executive. There are also community member seats as well. Someone from neighborhood could represent both Neighborhood Plan and SECA as such.

 Events Up-date Coffee House went very well for a non-publicized event. The studio was a very good space and all the musicians want to come back and all the participants want to do another coffee house. About $270 was raised. A check list was created for ease in doing another similar event. Another possibility is a morning event at Alice’s.

David Livingston Memorial – Very moving send-off with music and memories. David’s passing a big loss to our neighborhood and to Nanaimo.

Litter Pick-up – a small but dedicated group. An attempt to recycle garbage, for the first time.

Tree Planting along street – not this year. Memorial trees a possibility and also a plaque to put on the bench at David Livingston Park

Charles and Cathy Patron of City Award – be at City Council 700 PM Monday 13 for the presentation

 Miner’s Heritage Picnic – Someone needs to take on Strawberry Tea. Most other things done. Trinitude will be playing and Irish and Scottish dancers. Need people for early-morning set-up

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Click here for the list SECA-implementation-plan-GRID-just-SECA(2)

If individuals are interested in particular action items, they can email Micheal  at mikecarp@gmail.com and he will get in touch with them.

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