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The initial paint lines have been drawn for a water pipe upgrade project on Irwin Street between Farquhar and  Milton.  It’s still budget dependent and nothing will happen for certain until after Aug 10.  If it’s a go, plan for 4 weeks of construction.

At the same time, Parks and Rec have requested that the yellow concrete blocks at Irwin and Milton be removed and that a cul de sac bulb with grass and curb be installed…woo-hoo!

While the water main work is being carried out on Irwin, Parks is planning to work with Engineering to build a trail along the Deverill Square Park frontage on Irwin and to upgrade the parking along the Irwin Street park edge (including the creation of 4 universally accessible stalls).

If you want to see a copy of the plan, click here.


Deveril Park improvements are complete for this year and we hope that they have been enjoyed by the neighbourhood this summer.  However, parks is still considering small public art projects including  new murals on the washroom building murals.


Sunday Morning Soccer is one of Deveril Park’s newest additions. Last Sunday, the Gillespie Street Gang waged a mighty and valiant battle against the Irwin Street Eagles!!!  Fun was had by all!!!  Remember, we play the first and last Sunday of each month at Deverill Square Park at 10 am sharp!  We play for about 45 minutes.  All ages and skill levels are welcome.  We’re here for a good time!!  For more info or questions, contact Ed at fernville  [at]       telus.net

Expecting some burly bully footballers?   Remember, we're the South End...inclusive and we play well with others!
Expecting some burly bully footballers? Remember, we’re the South End…highly inclusive and we play well with others!


At the Balmoral Hotel, the old strip club bar has been done a total “about face” and now houses offices for Income Assistance and the Homeless programs, which are now operating.   Plans are now underway for the next phase of renovation–tenant suites.


Local sign guy James Younger recently headed to the corner of Bowen and Labeaux  to install a thermometer sign to track the funds donated to the Haven House Society. He’s one of the many workers, contractors and suppliers that have dug deep into their pockets to make this building happen.
James figures his volunteer efforts were worth about $100 and has invited others to  top his offering.  “If there is one cause we should all get behind and that is to end violence of all kind. The Haven House fund raising effort is almost 1/2 the way to it`s $1,000,000 goal. Let`s make it happen together.”

Robins Gardens engineers have contacted the city as they begin to work on drawings to ensure that the ultimate site (now 8 lots) has proper drainage so both the trees and buildings will be safe.  Still a long way to go, but in progress.


The condo development at 119 Haliburton is in the working drawing/pro forma financials/getting financing phase.  Baby steps, but heading forward.


Welcome to Matt Baker, who is our new resident RCMP bike cop.  And best wishes to Cam Thompson who is settling into his new position in Prince Rupert.  (And a “you’re not getting away from us even tho’ you’re in PR now” to Anne Thompson, our blogging expert who helps us out here when we trip over our own technology..:)


IPI is rumoured to be moving their glass operations to Duke Point, at least temporarily.  Click here to link to the article in the Aug 1 Nanaimo Daily News.



Thanks to our resources:  Park Planner Kirsty McDonald,  Heritage/Community Planner Chris Sholberg,  Development Approval Planner Gary Noble, Christina Martens from the CMHA, Norm Abbey from Nob Hill, James Younger, and Ed Chan.

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At the Miner’s Picnic June 20:


  • silver eagle bracelet
  • knife used to cut the cake
  • file folder full of newspaper clippings about the South End
  • a clear “one cup” plastic measuring cup
  • a bottle of liquid dish soap
  • a bottle of glycerine used for bubble making.


brown hoodie pullover with yellow inside hood

At the Lane Cleanup April 25


  • Black & Decker electric palm sander
  • an orange electric extension cord


At previous events:



  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Blue Plastic bowl
  • Clear plastic measuring cup (2 cup size)
  • Stainless steel travel mug with handle
  • Outdoor badminton set

Just contact us and we’ll connect you with the missing goods.

southendcommunityassociation   [at]       gmail.com

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Greetings from the neighbourhood plan steering committee with the first of a series of reports and updates as we embark on our neighbourhood planning process.  Hopefully you are all familiar with the concept of a neighbourhood plan and what it means to our south end neighbourhood. We have established our steering committee which is made up of a number of SECA members and other individuals from the community representing business, senior and youth interests.

(editor’s note:  just in case you haven’t noticed, if the steering committee wants to dance after a meeting, they will all have a partner…there’s an equal number of men and women…:)

SECA Members Douglas Hardie, Gord Fuller, Blake McGuffie, Pat Portsmouth, Pam James are joined by Ron Thomson (and daughter Amy), at large resident;  Charles Torhjelm, Seniors rep; Rebecca Chan, Youth rep;  Moni Murray, Nicol Street Hostel, Business rep, and our illustrious leader Chris Sholberg.  Missing from Picture:  Darren Moss, Tectonica, Business rep; Leanne Dawson, at large resident; and Carla Smith, industrial property owner rep.

SECA Members Douglas Hardie, Gord Fuller, Blake McGuffie, Pat Portsmouth, Pam James are joined by Ron Thomson (and daughter Amy), at large resident; Charles Torhjelm, Seniors rep; Rebecca Chan, Youth rep; Moni Murray, Nicol Street Hostel, Business rep, and our illustrious leader Chris Sholberg. Missing from Picture: Darren Moss, Tectonica, Business rep; Leanne Dawson, at large resident; and Carla Smith, industrial property owner rep.

Chris Sholberg from the City is leading the process and we met with him on Wed July 22 to embark on a walkabout of the neighbourhood.  The intent was to begin a process of identifying key themes and issues that we might want to address through the neighbourhood planning process.

It was fascinating to look at the neighbourhood that we are all so familiar with, through the neighbourhood planning lens.

  • We started off with an appreciation for the wonderful park and the trees that surround Deveril Square Park.  Is there a finer stand of Maple trees in the city?  We thought about trees again when we looked at Haliburton street, and wondered how the street would look if trees were planted along its entire length.
  • We paused on Esplanade beside Robins Gardens and considered the potential impact of the planned residential development there.
  • From there we looked across the reclaimed land that hosts the railway tracks, mill and deep water docks and wondered about development possibilities, public access to the water, public access sea wall and possible park land bordering the No 1 reserve to the North.
  • Then we walked over to Nicol St. and experienced the oppressive noise and pollution of this car focused highway that cuts through the centre of our neighbourhood.  What measures might calm the traffic and noise pollution?  What kind of residential and commercial mix would rejuvenate the street and make it a place for people not cars.
  • Finally we stopped by the old Balmoral and talked about  a vision for our neighbourhood that is inclusive and diverse and addresses complex social issues in a creative and balanced way.

One thing we learned from the exercise is that we all have ideas and thoughts about how we would like to see things develop in the south end.   What did team members find most surprising or intriguing?

CharlesThe most surprising thing for me was that across the road from Robins Gardens (where the rail tracks are) used to be sea and sand and the tides would come and go there. That is why it was an attractive Motel at the time. Somehow or other the beach got filled in and that is what you see today. ~ Charles Torhjelm


Gord Fuller

For me the most notable thing was the huge potential for the Port, Rail & Industrial Lands.  If all the stakeholders can come together on this one the benefit to the South End as well as the whole of Nanaimo would be phenomenal. ~ Gord Fuller


“It is over 42 years since I came to this beautiful country which has given me so many opportunities and now I am retired I have time to give something back. The South End neighbourhood has so much potential and the people are lovely.

PatI believe that someone, somewhere has to start the ball rolling  to stop the urban sprawl of Nanaimo; that creating more density in our neighbourhoods will help keep taxes down; improve our environment in many ways.

Not gentrification but comfortable homes for working people with maybe little infill cottages for the elders and well planned low rise apartments.  But all this will need plenty of open spaces so that people can walk and children can skip.

My impression on our first walkabout?  How hard some business and people have worked to improve their effect on the neighbourhood.   How unattractive some of the light industrial areas are.

The worst is what a negative effect Nicol Street has on the whole community.”   ~Pat Portsmouth

It’s going to be a fascinating conversation and it’s only just beginning.

Will YOU get the Chance to give your input too?

Phase 1 (out of 5), is really about creating the starting point:  assembling all the info that we already have about the South End in one place.  Part of that process will include a Public Open House, anticipated for mid to late September.  If you come, you’ll learn how we’re creating the plan, what we know so far about our neighbourhood (i.e. zoning, the official city plan, census, etc.)  From that will come a community wide survey for residents to complete, so we get a clearer sense of Who/What the South End is at this snapshot in time.

All that will prepare us for the next step, Step 2 (out of 5).   That’s where we’ll dig deeper into issues and opportunities in the South End, and start to figure out what/who we want to be in the future.  Between October and December, there will be various open houses and other opportunities to gather input from all who are interested.  Watch this space!

Thanks to SECA Chair Douglas Hardie and Community Planner Chris Sholberg, both for their leadership in this project and for writing this post.

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Sunday Morning Soccer

The FIRST and LAST Sundays of the month.

So Sunday July 26, and Sunday August 2.

10:00 am @Deverill Park

Everyone welcome!  You don’t need to be talented…just enthusiastic……..!



On SATURDAY August 1st, 2009

Organized by the 100 Block of Victoria Rd.

Sale takes place in the back lane off Finlayson near the Money Mart (you’ll find it)

Sellers Be Ready at 8:00 a.m.

Buyers Be Ready Any Time After That!

The Good Stuff Goes Early!

Come for a visit and hang out with the neighbours

Phone Norm at 250-753-7963

For more information on selling or buying at this exciting Nob Hill Event!


You’re Invited to Attend the Next Meeting

Of the Neighbours of Nob Hill on

Thursday August 6th at 7:00 p.m.

GUEST SPEAKER:  John Horn, Social Planner,City of Nanaimo

TOPIC: 40 Unit Supportive Housing Proposal located just behind the Franklyn Street Gym (formerly John Howard Society Bldg)

Please meet at the Traffic Circle on Prideaux St. and bring your lawn chair

It’s our annual “meet in the street”

Hope to see many of you there!


Lantern Ceremony for  Hiroshima Day

Thursday August  6th
9:00 PM
Sway- A- Lana Lagoon
Nanaimo Waterfront

The eighth annual Lanterns for Peace Ceremony takes place  on August  6th  at Sway-a-Lana Lagoon on our Nanaimo waterfront.  The ceremony begins at 9 pm culminating in the launching of the lanterns at dusk.
August  6th has been declared Hiroshima Day in Nanaimo by City Council to commemorate the anniversary of the first use of the atomic bomb when the city of Hiroshima was reduced to ashes in 1945.
People around the world gather on August  6th in their communities to remember the  victims of  this nuclear attack and  to express the  hope that nuclear weapons will never be used again.
Guest speaker is storyteller Margaret Murphy and music will be provided by Everybody Sings Choir.
This is an event for everyone including families and children who can bring their own lanterns to float.
For information contact Grace Stevens 250 741 7411.
Submitted by Dyane Brown, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Nanaimo Chapter.

Looking for Folks with Connections to Extension Mine

On Oct.4, 2009 at 2pm in Extension Village we are opening a small park at the entrance site of the Extension #1 Mine to commemorate all the workers in the Extension Mines over the years.  This will be followed by a tea, display of pictures and artifacts, and slide show in the Extension Community Hall.
100 years ago, on Oct.5, 1909, 32 miners were killed in an explosion.  About 104 miners died in the Extension Mines over the years.
If you are a descendant of individuals who worked in the Extension Mines or know of anyone please contact Sharon at the Nanaimo Family History Society: 250-754-5900.

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SECA T-shirts – this year’s fashion choice…!


SECA t-shirt - the designer choice of local celebrities

Of course, we’re talking about the tank top version….the stylish way to expose yourself in this hot weather.

Our next order will go in on Aug 10.  If there’s something you want, and it’s not on the list below, call Sandra at Sandra’s Head-to-Toe Salon (753-1394) to order.  All shirts cost $20.

Tank Tops

size LARGE:  pink, white, black in stock


Size 2XL –  Black in stock

Size  XL:  Black, lime green, blue in stock

Size Med: Yellow, blue, red in stock

Youth: 1 med yellow, 1 large blue in stock

Note: if you want to place the logo on your own shirt or sweater, that can be done.  Just ask Sandra (contact info above.)


Wednesday August 5 @  7 PM

Princess Royal Centre

Irwin at Farquhar

Mark off these dates on your calendar so you don’t miss any meetings!

  • Wed Sept 2
  • Wed Oct 7
  • Wed Nov 4
  • Wed Dec 2 (AGM)

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The really neat thing about living in a neighbourhood like ours is that there’s LOTS of creativity and pretty good energy too.  Over the past few years, we’ve managed to spring some projects that have allowed us to express the more colourful side of the South End and spruce up the neighbourhood at the same time.

Where do ideas like this come from?  Well, I’ve always been a proponent of stealing….good ideas, that is….why reinvent the wheel?   And there are some grass-roots initiatives that are REALLY cool (or hot, depending upon the slang your age bracket uses…:) Closer to home, Victoria’s Fernwood Neighbourhood is doing some amazing stuff (more on them in a few months).  But the heart of creative urban renewal is Portland, whose City Repair initiative aims to get neighbours working together in uber-creative ways to make their little corners of the world more vibrant in every possible way.

Click here to see a few of Portland’s fabulous neighbourhood projects.

p.s.  we can now lay claim in Nanaimo to a cob bench! Good on Ilan Goldenblatt at the Thirsty Camel for his creativity.  We hereby declare you an honourary South Ender….!    Click here for the story from the Harbour City Star or here for the Nanaimo News Bulletin feature.

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Also just in (Aug 4) :  a Tyee article on Vancouver vs Portland quotes Frommer’s travel guide as saying: “Most of Vancouver’s other attributes, meanwhile, are seen in better form in either Portland, Seattle, or San Francisco. Spend your time in Victoria instead, or Whistler, or, heck, Nanaimo.” Author uses term  “Blandcouver.”

Is that a compliment to Nanaimo? Hmmm, well, we got mentioned in the guide.

Click here to read the Tyee article, which compares zoning and liquor licensing differences, among other differences.   The comments after are often as colourful as the articles.

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This just in from Ed Chan (think kilt and Hawaiian shirt.)

I’m going to start Sunday Morning Soccer at Deverill Square Park, starting this Sunday, July 5th, at 11 am-12:15pm.

We will play twice a month, on the 1st and last Sunday morning of each month.

Who’s welcome? Everybody, young & old, children & adults!! The object is fun!!!!!

Thanks, Ed


And the results……

This just in!

In the debut South End Sunday Soccer Extravaganza, over a half dozen players played a sterling footie match.

Six young women handily beat an overmatched men’s squad by a tally of 6-3.

Rumours have it that SECA may once again throw out the gauntlet  for a bit of competition…watch here to find out WHO will rise to the challenge!!!

See you all for the next match, to take place on the last Sunday of July, the 26th, at 11am!!


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